Weird beauty secrets of celebrities around the world

victoria bekham's weird beauty secrets

Being a celebrity sure doesn’t come easy! Weirdest of beauty regimens and the most thunderous of fitness regimes make celebrities the exalted Gods and Goddesses that they are. Of course, you can’t even expect to be in the limelight as a star if you do things the normal way. And with massive wealths amassed, these celebrities indeed can go to the ends of fancying weird desires. Here are some ridiculously weird beauty secrets of celebrities from around the world that will make you believe ‘Normal is boring’-

Tomato Ketchup

If you though ketchup was only meant to be devoured by dipping those crunchy fries into it, you were only partially right! There’s something else that goes particularly well dipped in tomato ketchup. And well, that something is called hair, blonde hair!

Think you are being bamboozled? Not if you know that’s exactly what Sienna Miller has been doing all along. Miller has been rejuvenating her blonde locks by subjecting them to ketchup deliciousness.

Ketchup even helps to set off the green tint in hair that takes on from spending way too much time in chlorine infested pools. And the best thing is that the ‘treatment’ isn’t even very fussy. You just need to apply on the ketchup and let it on for about 20 minutes or so before washing your locks to golden glory once again!

Cat poop

So we have already termed tomato for beauty as blasphemy. Wait till you have heard about cat litter being the latest fad in beauty treatments!

Kitty litter being a cheap alternative to face exfoliant has found favor with celebrities like Snooki. As if celebrities really consciously care about going cheap. And anyway, experts don’t advocate cat excreta as being particularly effective, let alone appealing, as a beauty product.

Spooning eyelashes

Model Miranda Kerr draws her weird beauty inspiration from the traditions of Mexico. The pretty woman would rather rely on a spoon instead of an eyelash curler to create a fluttering, wide-eyed look. Supermodel Karlie Kloss also relies on teaspoons to do up her eyelashes and also to de- puff her eyes.

The procedure is pretty simple, though it requires a bit of technique. But going by how celebs swear about this one beauty ‘device’ over the more mishap prone proper curlers, we sure think this one would be worth it.

Cello tape

As stand out as Lady Gaga has always been with her sartorial choices, it’s quite expected of her to root for some equally weird beauty regimen. And you can bet she sure does!

The pop star relies on cello tape to remove her eye make up! Though tape can be helpful in ‘peeling’ off stubborn makeup, sticking it on too much can actually peel off the skin as well.

Leech therapy

While beauty sure is aesthetic, making all those efforts at being beautiful throughout is an inconvenience that can suck the blood out of you. No wonder then that there indeed exists a beauty therapy that literally lets leeches feed on your blood!

Leech therapy, as it is known is supposed to have detoxifying effects on the body. Actress Demi Moore swears by this bizarre mode of enhancing beauty as she happily let those leeches, in fact,”highly trained medical leeches” suck out the blood from her body while releasing enzymes that drain all toxins as well.

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Gold facial

A gold facial to let your beauty shine in gilded glory! Sounds exotic and oh- so- celeb like. That’s exactly what model Bar Refaeli counts on to shine with that eternal glow with her 24k liquid gold facial indulgence. For us lesser mortals though, the bucks matter much more that the beauty!

Fish pedicure

Now this one is cute! Letting a horde of tiny fishes feast on your toes as they nibble off all your dead skin is the way to go pedicuring for celebrities. Jessica Simpson, Kendall Jenner and quite some other celebrities are a fan of this unconventional beauty treatment, the fish spa pedicure.

Bee venom therapy

Bee venom therapy or apitherapy is another weird beauty treatment that finds favour with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Middleton. Apitherapy lets bees sting you with their venom that has the potential of reversing ageing symptoms by masking, lifting and firming up the skin. This thousand years old beauty therapy though comes with incredible amounts of pain.

Snail slime

Celebrity beauty wonders are abundant not just in buzz and bucks, most of them are also steeped in disgust. One such beauty regimen for celebrities has snail slime as the agent for skin smoothening and regeneration. Katie Holmes likes to smear her skin with the eclectic mix of elastin, glycolic acid and protein that snail slime is rich in. You now know from where Holmes gets that resplendent young girl like glow by continuously regenerating skin tissues.

Bird poo facial

Fashionista Victoria Beckham might be the timeless beauty you look up to but the diva boasts of a beauty regime that isn’t very diva like. Bird poo facials aren’t the kind of thing you would associated with a woman like Victoria, yet here we are, feeding on facts that exactly validate that!

Beckham relies on sanitized and dehydrated nightingale poop to reverse the effects of ageing. The urea rich poop locks in moisture and uplifts and brightens the skin. And Mrs Beckham has absolutely no problem in smothering a generous amount of the ‘cleansing shit’ on her face!

Eating Clay

While cat poop and bird poop as means of beauty treatment are at least party to a larger fan base, there’s another bizarre celebrity beauty hack that isn’t even advocated by many. Model and actress Shailene Woodley religiously drinks 8 ounces of clay laden water every single morning because she ‘discovered’ that it promotes her beauty!

Sweat bed

Celebrities Selena Gomez and Demi Moore are fans of what is called the Sweat bed. All Gomez needs to do is get wrapped up like a burrito and stay in the bed for 45 minutes to help her body get rid of the toxins. And voila, she wakes up all fit and glowing!

Ruby and diamond facial

Mila Kunis takes the gold facial a notch further up to be resplendent in her youthful skin with that ‘lustrous sheen’. Kunis sucks on an ice cube while letting the antioxidant laden precious stones act wonders on her skin and that is as expensive as it sounds. At 7000 dollars per session, Kunis sure is wearing a precious mask all up her face!

Vodka mouthwash

This might be weird but this sure sounds like nonsense. I mean mouthwashes aren’t even that pricy and since alcohol dries out the mouth leaving you with a foul smelling breath, why do the Victoria’s Secret models rely on this home made mix of vodka, mint and cinnamon to breathe out some freshness?

Fish egg extracts

Another celebrity trendsetter when it comes to beauty and fashion, Angelina Jolie’s beauty regimen is as weird as we can expect from a non- commoner. Jolie lets fish egg extract be smeared over her entire body as she settles down for a session of caviar body treatment. Yet to be born fishes are apparently the reason behind Jolie’s firm and moisturised skin.

Blood treatments

Be it Kim Kardashian’s vampire facelift or Hailey Baldwin’s blood moisturizer, celebrity beauty secrets get as weird as they can. Using and reusing their own blood to further enhance their beauty by offsetting wrinkles and other signs of ageing is the way to go for celebrities enticed by their own beauty.

Snake venom

There really isn’t something ‘natural’ that beauty doesn’t find inspiration in. Snake venom for instance is one such celebrity fad that is coveted for its Botox like properties.

Actress Debra Messing and Katie Holmes is totally in favour of dabbing snake venom on their faces to smoothen out wrinkles and relax facial muscles. The muscle shocking effect of the venom sure can relax muscles as long as it is synthesised into some cream. Otherwise we rather stay ugly.


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This is more of a fitness regime that has celebrity enthusiasts within its fold. Lily Allen credits hypnotherapy for all her weight loss achievements. This particular treatment has therapists program the brains of their clients to suppress appetites and ditch those cravings. Interesting but sad.


There has been ketchup and now there’s mayonnaise. I mean, wouldn’t we rather be game for dipping fingers in those sinful bottles of deliciousness and lick them off?

But seems like whatever tastes like good food also makes you look good. Actress Blake Lively’s secret to amazing looking hair is mayonnaise. But this is not just another weirdo celebrity knack. Lively had her mother making her ‘mayonnaise’ the lower ends of her hair so that they wouldn’t brittle out under the effect of shampoo.

Burning off split ends

Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio goes split lengths to nurture her hair and put it as one. The model has her split hair ends burnt off using an open flame.

Earthworm Poop

Since we are done with cat poop and bird poop, we have now dug out earthworm poop! And it isn’t just any celebrity wanting to try on new things that had them get, set, going on this weirdity. There in fact exists a earthworm poop based cream called the Wrinkle Butter which apparently a lot of celebrities are too smitten to slather themselves with it. Earthworm poop apparently can reverse the aging process and cure eczema. So much for beauty. Whew!

Glue sticks

Glue sticks for eyebrow gels? Well, we aren’t quite sure even many non celebrities will be rooting for this because going too far with the eyes would be risky. But not Beyonce. Trust the star singer to replace proper eyebrow gels with glue sticks to draw on those lit eyebrows. I sure am a lot more skeptical than Queen Bey!


Quite a few celebrities like Will Smith, Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan and others like our very own Ranbir Kapoor have absolutely no qualms in letting their bodies freeze at sub zero temperatures all to lose weight and look fit and good. While cryotherapy is also touted to have other benefits like helping with relaxation and reducing stress, we still don’t see a point in letting yourself face potential death.