10 dapper ways to suit it up the ‘Itali-man’ way!


Do you ever get bored of keeping it bland just because you are a man? No, I mean, you aren’t expected to but you do, very often than not. So if you are someone who really wants to jazz it up in the next party or play it cool the next time you step out to make an impression, we have got you covered with our feature on Italian suits exclusively for men that will do wonders to upheave your overall look and infuse with a dose of fresh fashion!


Soft Italian wool dyed in classic, neutral colors for that perfect corporate feel to the luxuriously modern suits is what Italian brand Zegna specialises in. With a variety of options to choose from in terms of look and the texture, you can’t ever go wrong with a Zegna in your wardrobe.

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The Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke, with a crafting of over 700 different fabrics individually draped for a perfect fit comes for a whopping $22000 that especially spells luxury with its unique craftsmanship to make up for one of the most expensively tailored suits.


If you want a suit that defines beauty in its every form, then Brunello might just be the choice for you. Classy and stylish, these Italian wonders spells luxury in its every fiber and particularly its extensive use of the cashmere fabric.

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Traditional style merged with placid colors while being infused in natural fabrics, these suits are for anyone and everyone wanting to ace the good look and the good life.


Evolving in its over 70 years of existence, Brioni, the the hit brand for celebs in the mid 50’s and the 60’s continues to incorporate traditional tailoring techniques with contemporary style, while still being rooted in the elegance of its earlier creations.

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Rome being one of the style cities of the world, this clothing brand from the city is anyway known for its specific style statement.


Premier Italian fashion gets a lift with D&G clothing (and accessories) in every form. And when it comes to suits, you would be flooded with choices, with exquisite tailorings and classy detailing striving to make it count every time you set your eyes on one of those beauties.

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Be it formals or a bit outlandish style, this designer duo never fails to surprise with their exquisite crafting.


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With its signature style and structure, Italian major Boglioli specialises in suits that stuns with their strikingly simple yet breathtaking offerings. Essentially lightweight with clean edges and a style that borders on the realm of the commonplace and the remarkable, Boglioli suits indeed make for a highly refined style statement.


Canadian designer duo Dan and Dean Caten offers Made in Italy suits that are as quirky in design and looks as the brand name itself. Unmatched Italian quality paired with stunningly diverse and unconventional designs come together to style up your special occasions with the extraordinaire suits on offer from their catalog.

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If you want to make it funky and unconventional, then suits from Dsquared2 would be your best pick.


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Gucci has always been synonymous with style and its distinctive approach to fashion. No wonder then that Gucci suits are as iconic as the brand itself- from demure, plaid hues to funky, patterned cuts and unbelievably creative designs, Gucci just about sums up everything on offer in the segment of Italian suits.

L.B.M. 1911

With the focus on effortless style that is impeccable as well, Italian brand LBM delights with its nonchalant attitude in designing the most significant outfit for men.

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Though lesser known, LBM’s suits are particularly defined by their easy, laid back styling in colors that can be pleasantly surprising to the eyes.


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This Italian brand has always been synonymous with innovation and experimentation in fashion. Even then, Prada suits stand out for their demure and statemanship inspired feel and looks. With constant mixing and matching with fabrics as well as in show, Prada suits are forever iconic and celebrate the nostalgia associated with its exquisite mastery in crafting glory.


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Tailor-made to enhance the elegance and perfection of men’s dressing, Italian brand Canali offers suits for formal and casual occasions. A perfect blend of classic with the contemporary, Canali strives to enhance and promote the unique craftsmanship of Italian artists through its luxurious ensembles.