2018 trendy haircuts that will blow your mind away

2018 trendy haircuts

2018 is merely two months away from completion. And like any other day on the fashion circuit, this year too has been resplendent in its offerings of numerous style breakthroughs and fashion trends. Interestingly, this year saw the emergence of quite many hair trends and styles. Below we list our top 10 picks of 2018 trendy haircuts that you need to try on before the year races away. So go on and sprint ahead of time as you make these last days of 2018 matter for each of your hair strands!

Angular Bobs

nina dobrev
Source: Reddit
Bobs and bangs are maybe two of the most loved hair cuts you will never regret donning. So what if you combine the two and arrive at a hair do that is super cute and so very funky? You would be acing it in style! Nina Dobrev did just that when she sported what has now come to be known as the angular bob. Pretty clear why it’s trending on the list of 2018 trendy haircuts!

Finger Waves

Source: Beautyheaven

Soft waves, tight curls are all fun and stylish but aren’t they a bit too laidback now? I mean, curls are indefinite love but then, you always need variety to spruce things up. So here you are- with finger waves, you can go soft yet experimentative, subtly making your presence felt as the true hair icon. Cheers!

Banana Buns

Source: Byrdie
Elegance does not always come wrapped in sophistication. True, a neat bun would be forever classy but don’t we all like to be a little more fun? Last year’s hottest hair trend had been the banana buns and we aren’t letting this romantic style slip away so soon.
This particular style is super chic and perhaps one of the easiest to don, while also lending a particularly dreamy aura to your look. All it takes is twisting and turning your hair and pinning it up right to get this pretty style.

Bed Head Waves

priyanka chopra
Source: Pinterest
Tousled, right out of the bed waves look so very fabulous! The somewhere in between curls and waves hair strands truly stood out when Priyanka Chopra chose to don her ‘somewhat natural’ locks on the red carpet at Clive Davis’ Pre- Grammy Gala in January this year.
If you want to achieve this look, try creating loose waves by slightly smoothening out half curls. And voila, you would be ready to turn heads as you step out in your pretty morning hair!

Wash-And-Wear Long

wash and wear hair
Source: SistaCafe

No matter how chic and high end of a fashionista you might be, going natural is the ultimate style goals for any style icon. Long, silky locks let loose in their natural waves and bends prove to be perfect look accentuaters and definitely make up one of the 2018 trendy haircuts to try out.

Wash and wear hair styles are convenient not only because you don’t have to fuss about getting the look but also because it sets you up on course for fewer hair worries and maintenance in the years to come. And obviously, being natural is your best bet at being charming.

The No Part

Source: Hair World Magazine
It’s no secret that the perfect hair cut can do wonders at redefining your entire look. And if there’s one hair do that incorporates all tactics at highlighting your favorite features, then just sweeping back your mass of tresses will do the trick. Plus it’s relatively low maintenance- all you have to do is brush back your hair and dab it with some hair gel and there you are, shining away as you sport another one of the 2018 trendy haircuts.

Center Part

Source: Glamour UK
The center hair part has always been one of the classiest and sassiest of all hair trends. This one look has been aced by celebrities since forever, whether it be red carpet appearance or formal meets, center parting has its distinctive appeal. No wonder then that this particular hair do features as one among 2018 trendy haircuts. And we don’t even need to say how to don this one! Everyone gets it just right on their own.

Two toned Blonde

selena gomez
Source: Emirates Woman
Coloring and highlighting has always been one of the hottest hair trends. But 2018’s trendy haircuts offers you a different approach to going bold. You can go for some complementary shade for your hair to overhaul your natural shade while letting the roots underneath retain their natural glory. Selena Gomez ushered in this new trend in the hair circuit when she celebrated 2018 with newly blonde locks, while letting her roots retain their natural black hue.
While hair cuts and hair treatments can completely change your overall appearance and charm, redoing your hair color can also dramatically alter your regular look. And when you dye your tresses in just the right hue and tone, the results can well be stunning.

Ash Brown toned

Ash Brown toned hair
Source: fox&bow
Blacks are too conventional, while blondes are maybe too commonplace for you? Go for ash brown then, and let your hair sweep through the meanderings of deep, chocolate brown and muted, slate-gray.

Vanilla Lilac heads

Vanilla Lilac hair
Source: Epic Hair Designs
But if you are someone who likes to go a little offbeat when it comes to style and fashion, then even ash brown may not be of particular appeal to you. In that case, you can try flirting with a rich shade of pink, namely the Vanilla Lilac that is undoubtedly the 2018 trendy haircuts top statement pick.