5 Problems faced when you wear a Saree for the first time

wearing a saree

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you lay your eyes on a saree? Oomph, maybe? It does, for sure. The saree being the most versatile attire, when it comes to dressing up for the modern Indian woman, sways pictorially like in a dream. But your maiden try with this 8 yard wonder, and you are left wondering as to how your mother or aunts or granny managed to so effortlessly slip into this gorge attire, while performing chores with elan.

The obstacles in your way of draping a saree might be numerous, but for the first timers, the following are likely nightmares-



saree pleats

Your first try with the Indian saree might as well mock your comfort, what with all those pleats and pins holding it in place threatening to come loose with every ‘improper’ twist and turn of yours. Scary, right?



saree worries
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Hey! Before you slay it in a saree, wait till you have mastered keeping your bladder in check. Washroom intricacies can be too delicate to handle under all the oomph you were planning to exude.



Tripping in saree
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Tripping in a saree is super easy, so if you haven’t got the right length and flow hugging your body in the right places, you might as well end up in some deep ditch, far from the ladylike grace your saree was designed to bless you with.



Wearing saree in bad weather
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Lucky are those who can strut along in a jumper in winter, but if your first- time rendezvous with the saree happens to be on an icy- cold day, brace yourself for all the additional wind bites that will greet you, through every nook of your open- ended fabric.



saree hangovers
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Yeah, you read that right! While wearing a saree might be a one- day affair, the ordeal of having to deal with the rashes of  a super tight petticoat and a figure hugging (read, figure digging) blouse might take days to overcome.