8 hair clip styles for women

hair clips types

Wear them as fashion, sport them as style or cling on to them for needed functionality, hair clips have to be one of woman’s many best friends. The styles and designs and shapes and sizes of these accessories cum essentials of hair vary widely but they still lay claim to a certain some types in their ultimate basis. Here’s 10 such types of hair clips that the manes and tufts and lengths and volumes and heads of women’s hair recognise as their partner for (hairy) life-

Claw Clip/ Butterfly Clip

The most popular types of hair clips that any woman vouches for mainly in the convenience of them have to be the ever versatile claw clips. A definite phenomenon of the 90s during which time they saw immense fame dominate their place between the two rows of pronged teeth necessarily making up this particular clip, the claw moniker is an obvious reference also to this very feature.

Firm in their clasping around the hair like a claw indeed but striking also in their symmetric manifestation much like butterflies indeed, these are some of the most handy hair clips to have on oneself. Available in a range of different shapes and sizes and colors and designs, claw clips also make themselves equally ‘available’ to attending to different ways of hair tying. Whether you want to gather all your hair together and have them stay secured at one place or choose to sport instead a style that plays with only some segments of your hair, claw clips can do it all. As dramatic is the range of their appearance as well with the classic black and basic style dominating its spectrum of immense functionality even as options abound from muted to striking to standout to outlandish even for those letting their accessories make the effort.


Perhaps the most distinctive type of hair clip as far as the definite identity of them is concerned, barrettes or French barrettes more appropriately tend to be as different also in the way of their working. Work they indeed to that same effect in hair securing and gathering but through a mechanism exclusive only to their signature style. With a practical click closing mode of closing and opening, barrettes tend to be quite efficient in their functionality. Sport them however for the sheer aesthetic feel and they are no less effective a way to make a style statement.

Barrettes also are particularly popular among women in that they tend to look not so girly, even when they are all sleek and pretty and feminine. In also their generally elongated shapes than most other hair clips, barrettes can indeed be a great option to wear your hair in if you want to stand out from the rest of the hairy crowd.

Banana Clip

banana clip
Source: Today

A very distinctive hair clip most prominent in the mechanism of its locking as well as in the manifestation of its look is what emerges as the rather amusingly named banana clip. Their identity though draws entirely from their oblong and curved shaped, much like bananas indeed and make for an interesting option to wear one’s hair in. Despite the quirky and contemporary look of them, banana clips are actually a ’80’s craze, preceding even the universal choice of the claw clip and as such is an established phenomenon indeed.

There however is valid basis as to why the banana clip has continued to dominate hair clipping trends for decades now. In their very structure that affords a greater scope for fully securing the whole volume of one’s hair, these are one of the most ‘complete’ hair clips that one can opt for. But it also is the elegant way in presentation of the hair itself that donning a banana clip endows that only further explains the craze that it has been. Creating a visage of the hair in some additional length is what banana clips are exceptionally good at that coupled with their dramatic design makes for very stylish a pick to go bananas over.

Bobby Pins

bobby pins
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Bobby pin is a type of hair pin which again is a type almost of hair clip but they are in themselves iconic almost pieces in purpose even when revealing as not something of very prominent proportions. Rather unmissable in their characteristic black length that sits silently upon the hair to hold it in proper place, bobby pins though are not clips per se as in the specific allusion of it. But while these very common picks in hair clipping cannot be used in ‘tying’ hair as such, they aid however that all important purpose in hair styling and gathering and securing for an overall desirable look.

Outside this premise in just functionality and occurring as objects of embellishment are such bobby pins that are elaborately decorated and jeweled or excitingly colored as well. Very often sported on the sides with no particular thrust on keeping hair in place even when they might be performing the function alongside as well would be such pretty specimens of the bobby pin that is what makes them another versatile type of hair clip.

Snap Clip

When it comes to purpose, snap clips embody exactly what bobby pins do in their individual capacity. But compare and contrast the look of one with the other and snap clips definitely play it in more fun of the appearance. More girly in their aesthetic and asserting as a carefree, happy sight along the vibe that it definite carries through itself, every snap clip commands for itself an attention dwelling vociferously on the range of its cuteness.

Indeed, black and basic snap clips exist as well that do their task in taming flyaways and preventing hair from straying as isolated anomalies and in much common wearing. But the variety of design and size and color that manifests within this zone of hair clipping is one of an inexplicably immense delight. Definite in their triangular almost shape, though not so geometrically accurate in rendition and named after the sound that they most decipherably make in their closing and opening but identifying also as contour clips, this is another item of the nostalgic 90’s that even the 21st century fashion freaks cannot have enough of.

Spin Clip

spin hair clip
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By far the most fun clip to use on one’s hair irrespective of the essence of what it identifies as has to be the spiral obviously assertion of the spin pins. But even in our non consideration of its functioning, the spin clip still is defiant enough a way in hair doing in all practicality. In fact spin clips are even more effective than bobby pins in that they are often equated to a score of those classics in exacting the same results in hair holding. But unlike bobby pins that rest closer to the head as more utilised a ploy in ensuring that the strands stay in their place as intended, spin clips are definite utilities of the popular style of gathering up hair in buns.

Elegant looking but presenting somewhat perplexing a vision in that coil of the metal making them up, spin pin hair clips are relatively less explored an option in this realm but they aren’t novelties really of the hairy countenance. Wearing them however is far more easy that what might be apprehended since they have to be just twisted clockwise for them to stay put in your hair and your hair to stay intact in them with absolutely no additional accessory deemed necessary even as a sidestay for this working up of neatly pulled up hair.

Comb Clip

Comb Clip
Source: zoodmall.kz

No prizes for guessing which type it is that exactly fits into the comb clip description of this hair accessory. Comb clips or hair combs are comb shaped clips that you do not brush your hair with- you in fact wear them! The set of teeth that characterise these hair clips in their very comb identity also means that one can indeed ‘deploy’ them as a quick run through hair without however having to let them slip out from there. Standout in the sheer look of them, these are clips meant to go through the sides of your hair even when sporting them on top of buns or other hair updos are equally common.

Even as tools to create different hairstyles, hair combs come across as really versatile hair clips even when they are markedly different from the rest. As effortless statement making pieces of hair style, these are quite standout necessities that hold the hair thoroughly in place as well as help adorn it smoothly, all through the thoughtful design of them. Available to suit a range of classification from plain to stylish to embellished, these are very prominent picks in hair clipping for every season and reason and occasion and event and even when there isn’t some scope for any!

Minimalist Clip

minimalist geometric hair clip
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This one might not be a type of clip to be exact but so distinctive is this style even in its minimalist proclaiming that makes it a mainstay in this dimension. More stylish, more modern, more classy are the comparatives that minimalist clips rest in along with a parallel seating in their mostly geometric assertion of design.

Exquisite even in their simplicity and incorporating in their scheme of working out things, appearing along the lines of bobby pins on their back but operating through the barrette specific way in opening and closing, minimalist clips are a dressier way in wearing one’s hair that might be a surprise in their otherwise alluding minimalist description. Designed to hold smaller sections of hair, securely though, these striking signums in generally ‘royal’ tones of gold or silver or such other muted but opulent hues make for really aesthetic pieces to let one’s hair unveil as the crowning glory that it is.