9 accessories for men to step up the fashion game

Fashion accessories for man

Accessorising is as vital for fashion as the perfect choice of attire along with that impeccably stylish attitude to carry it all off. And when it comes to devising ways and means to complement a man and his outfit the options might be limited but the experimentations can be numerous. Indeed, the world of sprucing up the overall look of menswear can be a fun exploration and a highly interesting case in point. Check out our pick of 9 fashion accessories that are a must feature in every man’s style list.


Watches are forever your best bet when it comes to style. A classy watch does all it takes to transform your overall look and endows you with a kinda charm and sophistication.

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Be it as a stylish fashion accessory or a more sartorial dress up staple, watches are perhaps the most timeless of all fashion adornments, like obviously. This is the most versatile unisex style statement anyone can pull off with ease.


A more formal dress up tactic for men can be the introduction of cuff links to bind those sleeves of yours together. This is one seriously captivating style choice that lends an altogether different feel to your everyday dressing.

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So if you are planning to don it up for some special occasion, don’t forget to suit up with a pair of elegant cuff links holding up your entire look.


Sunglasses are more of a necessity than an accessory now, but nevertheless, they do more than enough to enhance your style quotient. Nothing revs up your look more than a pair of shades that sits in perfect harmony with your face.

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Be sure to go for a pair of evergreen sunglasses that complements your face type and is just the right size and be prepared to kill as you make heads turn even in your everyday avatar.


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When it comes to accessorising for men, the options aren’t as wide which means that you have to do your best with whatever styling adornments come your way. Wallets aren’t just essential, they are inseparable too. A classy leather wallet in exquisite carvings and striking hues is a must have that features as one of the most handy style accessories ever for men.


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Rings may be a bit offbeat when it comes to accessorising for the common man but you can always slip one onto your fingers for a touch of unorthodox fashion vibe.

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Be it to hold your pants in place or just as a way to don up your look, belts are vital accessories for men to achieve that add on to their look. Whether you are fully suited up or are keeping it a little dressed down, the right belt can do wonders to your fashionitive demeanor while going about the functionality with minimum fuss.


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Though unconventional, bracelets are a more preferred style choice among men. A style statement as laid back as this one is a subtle but highly effective means of infusing a fresh fashion quotient into your everyday dressing ritual.

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Footwear is perhaps the most vital fashion indulgence after your apparel. A well groomed man is anyway a style icon and a delight to the eyes. And the way you choose to style up your feet says a lot about your overall personality and style choices. A pair of light patterned socks underneath a sturdy pair of shoes enhances your regular look and endows you with your own characteristic style statement.


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Ties are the look enhancer when you have to go all formal. But you can also opt for a knot down look in a semi casual dressing setup. A perfectly knotted tie that sits daintily at the base of your neck in just the perfectly stressed taut will do wonders to upheave your appearance with a dash of pure manly charisma!