9 ways to style up the classic white shirt

You can’t ever go wrong with the classic white shirt. Whether you choose to wear it over a pair of jeans or formal trousers, skirts or harem pants, tucked in or let loose, with a blue or black contrast or any other way you might deem worthy, you will always end up playing the sport. But move over conventional, and go all unique and stylish as you flaunt the best 9 looks from our style wardrobe!


White shirt
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Give that edge to your classic white shirt with a style that lets the fall flow as you keep the blouse in place with just one button up to achieve the sexy appeal!


Deepika Padukone in white shirt
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Deepika just about manages to teach us every fashion trick to do up our look in every conceivable avatar. Like this experimental white shirt with the sporty twist. We always thought the white classic would be all chic, but tracks can make even this corporate outfit all fun!


White shirt
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All whites may not be favored traditionally. But new age fashionistas swear by the white down look that can seriously revamp your style quotient while making you look all ethereal! And this shining in the white can be attempted by men as well, a la Saif Ali Khan.


White shirt
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White shirt
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Now this is the quintessential Indian twist to the white shirt which you can of course use as a blouse to pair any vibrant sari with. Why hadn’t we thought of it earlier?


White shirt
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Slip on the white essential over a dress to achieve a look that is somewhat deceptive. You look like you are pairing with a skirt while in reality, it’s essentially a one piece wonder. Or even an off shoulder dress worn over the shirt can totally transform the attire and rock your show!



White shirt
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A dungaree or a jumpsuit over your achromatic top can do wonders to your regular nonchalance and add a certain class that will totally transform the feel of your everyday outfit.


White shirt
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Who said that fits are everything? Check out this Sonam Kapoor adaptation of the white shirt with all the excess flair adding layers to the look that makes for a flirty and comfortable wear. Though it is advisable that men steer clear of all that bulk. This is strictly ladies’ stuff.



White shirt
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And it’s not that the whole piece is to be left in full public view. Throw a sweater over the whites to achieve that hint of sophistication in your casual day out look, besides also beating the chill with oomph!


White shirt
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Tie a statement neck piece over your dress or just add a bow for that dash of elegance and grace to your outfit of the day. And the bonus, this is one look that either sex can sport with ease.



White shirt
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