Discovering the enduring appeal of the classic black saree

appeal of the classic black saree

In its totality, fashion is a conspicuous manifestation of trends and fads. And yet there exist certain elements so basic to fashion, or rather to lifestyle choices across the ages that a reverting to these essentials does not in any way dampen your sensibilities in style or your consciousness of couture. Be it in hues or styles, prints and patterns or even in matters diverse of the sartorial, fashion continues to be a hive of the have beens. Trends return and styles see a rerun season after season, because ultimately it’s about what pleases the aesthetics that make fashion so vibrant the phenomenon that it is.

The Indian craze for fashion is all the more exciting a proposition to witness. Not just because in its vibrancy, wardrobe staples in the country are dominated by a wide range of color. But also because in its vast amalgamative diversity as a nation of myriad tribes and races and cultures, fashion in India can never get boring. From traditional pieces of clothing to contemporary wearables and modern attires, India sees a fusion of fashion that is seldom encountered in other parts of the world. The mainstay of the fashion circuit in the country being an attire so enduring in its elegance and so graceful in its gregarious applause, it’s of course worthwhile the fashion here should be so celebrated and exalted as it is.

Versatile in its essence- as contemporarily chic as traditionally demure, the saree is a classic pick of any Indian wardrobe. From embellished party ones to colorful festive ones, from sober simple ones to occasional ochre ones, from flamboyant designer ones to exclusive grand ones, sarees weft of such appeal that sits in tandem with your every reason to dress up or dress down in one. And it perhaps is this universality of the saree within the fashion empire that renders it so much a coveted attire among women of all ages and sizes and also of diverse nationalities.

The timeless appeal of the saree stated and established, it requires no further hearsay as to what particular style of the saree garners all the love. But there perhaps would not exist a pair in the fashion world as iconic as what the mere mention of a black saree brings unto us. Unconventional yet mainstream, bold yet sombre, intense yet mellow, daring yet coy- a black saree conjures up a plethora of opposites. Whether you are dressed to slay or want to keep it low key, there’s quite no standing up for you like what your black saree can do to you.

What makes the black saree such a riveting escapade into surreality is that it encompasses the coming together of two such fashion elements that are classics in and of themselves. Just as the saree holds enduring grace in the ambit of Indian fashion, so too the exploration of the black facade of style will reveal an unambiguous universal inclination to its surreptitious stupor. And that’s exactly what makes the juxtaposition of these two versatile strands such a fascinating style to wrap yourself in all the wizardry charms of fashion. Deliberately standout yet delicately blending in with all requirements of what can make divas out of the common (wo)man, a black saree is your classic entree into the entourage of the who’s who of the fashion world.

Simple and striking in equal measure, a black saree will instantly give you away to whatever you desire to express. In its dark expanse, the yards of black elegance dresses you up sensuously, rendering you all the more attractive and endearing. The perfect pick for a cocktail or farewell party or of late, even for weddings, a gorgeous black saree is all it takes for you to be the showstopper.

And what’s even more comforting about a black saree look for a party is that you do not even have to opt for embellished extravagance. An elegant black saree with a stunning border is all you need to rev up the drama on your fresher’s night. Of course there could be picks in net and chiffon and georgette and silk to mind your musings with. The choice of fabric indeed has a dramatic effect on the overall look you intend to create. For, while black by itself is a phenomenal marker of the slimming effect, it tends to get enhanced by lighter fabrics that drapes perfectly snug and fitting around your silhouette. And of course, who would squander the chance of looking their slimmest and sexiest best ever?

Why just occasions though? Even in your everyday roundabouts, black is as natural a color to ensure that you stand out or sit in only when you please. Whether you are ravaged after a day’s work or are making your way straight out of the spa, doing grocery shopping or hanging out with your folks, the black saree will let you be your classic best. Overpowering you just right so that you don’t stray away with all that attention while at the same time giving you absolute authority to stun, you wouldn’t ever find a friend better than your yards of swaying black.

Not to forget that black is perhaps one of the most beautiful of colors. The way your black saree will give in to even everyday objects of your style is what makes it all the more timeless a pick. Sporting some oxidised or metallic jewelry with your black saree will ensure that you stand out or even seamlessly seep in, if you so wish. It’s all about how you style your black saree look to create everything that you desire out of it. Adding some pop of color with your accessories will make you all the more bolder a style connoisseur. If however you want to de- glam and keep it sweet and simple, black even has a way for it!

For a color so connected with inauspiciousness, it’s quite remarkable that a black saree can be your best bet even during festivals. For such occasions that call for a joyous look and a cheerful style, try complimenting your black saree with some dramatic makeup for added effect. Smokey eyes of course are a no brainer, but there’s no reason why you should not experiment with colors that are as dramatically different from black as can be. And that indeed is one of the mightiest plus of donning a black saree. No matter on what end of the color spectrum you lend up on, black will forever offer you the ideal ground for you to shine in your own style.

While black sarees are impeccable in all their style and grace, they also go well with any other color. So whether it’s the motifs on your saree or the border itself, the makeup or the accessories, you can always safely go diametrically diverse with the blacks. And why just contrast, every single shade of black shines at par with even numerous manifestations of a whole palette of hues, its magic working its way through in its radiance and appeal. It indeed is another of the versatilities woven out of a black saree that it ceases to stun you with its camaraderie with just about every other color on earth.

Think black and white for instance. Even as colors that do not have a single speck in common, the monochromes complement each other as well as they offset themselves. In fact in rendering itself to the contrasting allure of just about every color in the universe, a black saree lends to make you look more radiant and desirable even sans any accessories.

floral black saree
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Which means whatever your skin tone, you can still wear a pretty black saree and look as pretty as you have always envisioned yourself to be. For fair skinned ladies, a black saree only enhances the brightness of their complexon. For darker skinned ones, the dark texture of the saree helps in rendering the lustre of their lovely duskiness all the more elegant and sexy. While for those with a wheatish skin tone, the black tone elevates further the sensuous appeal of their person. With such intense effects at beautifying every one who embraces the timeless aura of the black saree, it’s impossible to not yield in to its many gratifying attributes.

Perhaps what makes a black saree the most enigmatic pick of all is how well it gives itself to contrasts even outside of the color code. In being a shade party to the darks, a black saree stands out as a barely there presence. And yet in its sequined sheer and shimmery lustre that which is only natural an accompaniment to its multifaceted vibrosity, the black shines through, across all its gracious sheen.

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Adventurous and yet safe a color to dress yourself in, particularly when it comes to a saree, the black camouflages all the body projections that the loved Indian attire loves to bare. There is no way you wouldn’t look good in a saree ever. And there’s absolutely no way you won’t ace it with a black one wrapping itself around your body as if it were some mystic magic making its way over your curves and oozing oodles of charisma and confidence to your style.

Whether you are a belle just trailing her way into the enchanting world of sarees or a pro at handling the many saree fails and perfecting its many pleats, a black saree would evolve to be your best friend over the years. And not just for its beauty. For a black saree is not only about restraining the fads of fashion and standing up to it. It also is as much about upping your ante- in terms of beauty that thereby translates effectively into beautifying your personality as well. Whoever knew that a black saree would embody so well the vast importance of fashion across all your hankerings of style and fashion? It’s time for you to find out for yourself!