Biggest fashion houses in the world whose presence can never be missed

fashion houses in the world

When it comes to the prim and proper fashion manifestations of the elite world, it is undoubtedly the biggest names in the industry that hold centerstage. A host of remarkable brands have forever been evolving with the times to emerge as quintessential elements to the perpetuation and persistence of haute couture fashion. Here’s enumerating 10 of the biggest fashion houses in the world whose presence can never be missed-

Louis Vuitton

Consistently among the world’s most valuable luxury brands, French name Louis Vuitton has been an iconic presence in the list of biggest fashion houses ever since its inception in 1854. Founded eponymously by creative designer Louis Vuitton, the trademark LV monogram enjoys an esteemed place in the fashion world, being flaunted with panache by supermodels and actors, business magnates and influencers alike.

Be it their swanky bags and belts, the classy suits and dresses, accessory perfect jewelry and sunglasses as well as perfumes and shoes and even stationery, the array of Louis Vuitton products spell lavishness in all its offerings. Also one of the most profitable among leading fashion houses in the world, Louis Vuitton stands pretty at the top with a net worth of $39.3 billion in 2019.


While NIKE has forever been a brand that has been doing fashion right, you might not regard it a a fashion house luxurious enough to be among the biggest of the world. But the American apparel giant with its cumulative brand worth of $36.8 billion is next to LV only by some few billions to emerge as the second most valuable brand.

Essentially a sports brand, NIKE however also encompasses the essence of America’s urban streetwear style. Only a new entrant in the luxury fashion niche, NIKE indeed has done commendable lots to emerge so swiftly and so close to the top in so short a time.


Gucci is not just the highest selling Italian brand in the world, it is also the third biggest and most valuable of the fashion houses worldwide. Boding well the legacy of the exquisite Italian craftsmanship, the almost a century old brand was founded in Florence, Tuscany by Guccio Gucci. With a current brand value of $18.6 billion however, Gucci continues with its remarkable legacy and even commands adulation as the world’s most sought after millennial brand. In fact the iconic Gucci GG visible logo belt had been the world’s most popular women’s fashion product in 2018.


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Another French name in the top five of the list and you don’t need any further explanation why France happens to be the indubitable style capital of the world. Hermes or Hermes International S.A. with its current net worth of 16.4 billion in US dollars sits pretty among the leaders after 100 years of expertise in the world of fashion.

Boasting the manufacture and marketing of the most expensive and exclusive bag in the world courtesy the iconic Birkin collection, Hermes’ products also spans out luxurious clothing and accessories including footwear, jewelry, watches, fragrances and even stationery and homeware. The French brand is also noted for its silk scarves, exclusively known in fashion jargon as the carre.


Like many of its counterparts, ZARA might not be exclusively encompassing of just high end fashion but this does not stop this Spanish company from being one among the biggest and most valuable fashion houses in the world. A cumulative net worth of $13.5 billion points to this Amancio Ortega venture as one that has indeed cashed in on its immense fast fashion sensibilities to emerge as one of the leaders in the world fashion scenario. Also the world’s largest apparel retailer, ZARA offers it all from clothing and accessories to swimwear and beauty products to consistently be among the most preferred names in the fashion industry.


When you think of high end fashion, one of the names that instantly make its presence felt with its legions old iconic offerings is the French luxury brand Chanel. Even more than a century after it came into existence, Chanel remains one of the most coveted brands by the fashion conscious of the world.

Founded by couturier Gabrielle Coco Chanel, Chanel has grown massively over the years to command a present net worth of a whopping 9 billion in US dollars. Most famous for the forever trendy Little Black Dress that it helped popularise immensely, Chanel has massively influenced haute couture fashion over time to emerge as a leading fashion brand.


Britain’s best known luxury fashion house Burberry stands true to its iconic legacy dating back to 1856 to still hold ground as one of the leading fashion houses in the world. Founded by Thomas Burberry, the brand is known for its distinctive tartan pattern-based scarves, trench coats, and other fashion accessories with the famous Burberry coat made of peacock feathers one of its most unique offerings.


Another French luxury brand that makes its presence felt as one of the biggest fashion houses in the world is the Christian Dior founded Dior. Exclusively female centric with only a ‘male diversion’, Dior had been iconic ever since its beginnings as it catered exclusively to the royalty of that time. Even today, Dior continues to be as relevant as ever in the high end fashion market with its many products that include clothing and accessories like footwear and jewelry, sunglasses and handbags, fragrances and beauty products.


Italian luxury fashion house Prada might have been founded by Mario Prada as early as in 1913 but it wasn’t until the 1970s that this little leather goods store would turn into something iconic. With Mario’s granddaughter Miuccia Prada at the helm of affairs, this specialist in leather goods emerged to be at par with the market leaders with its extension of offerings to clothing and beauty.

Yves Saint Laurent

You would expect nothing but the best from a brand that stems from the vision of someone who had been among the foremost fashion designers in the twentieth century. No wonder then that the high end name Yves Saint Laurent or Saint Laurent counts once again on the French legacy to be one of the leading fashion houses ruling style sensibilities in the world at the moment. Founded by Yves Saint Laurent who is known for his daring to embark upon the path carved by Chanel (in better measure), the luxury brand dishes out haute couture fashion in its many clothing and accessories including the remarkably iconic vertiginous YSL Opyum heel which has the instantly recognisable brand logo for the stiletto point.