Bracelet styles that are in trend

Bracelets can be described as dainty pieces of adornments worn around a wrist. Although some people wear a bracelet by thinking of it as a statement piece of an accessory and complement it accordingly with their outfits on some rare occasions, there are some others who consider a single bracelet as an integral and auspicious part of their jewellery collection and not wearing it daily would make them feel as if they would attract some sort of negative emotions or that they had committed an offence.

History tells us that different races wore bracelets of varied materials and designs that were a reflection of their way of thinking and beliefs. Moreover, with time, bracelet styles and designs also became a significant aspect of a particular race with which their identification, status, religious and cultural beliefs were associated.

Bracelets are worn by every person irrespective of gender, caste, creed or religion. With ‘Trending’ becoming the smashing word of our times and almost all sectors following this word religiously to suit customer demands in the market, bracelets are also not left far behind. Many designers and manufacturers are coming up with varying bracelets to satisfy the needs and demands of their different types of customers.

Some of the popular bracelet styles which are trending now are-

Bangle Bracelet

Source : Indiamart

In India, bangles are not only one of the most common forms of bracelet seen on the hands of a married woman but are also a must-have item a lady , especially a wedded one, must possess in her jewellery collection. This is because a bangle, in addition to sindoor and mangalsutra, is considered to be of religious significance by a married lady. With India being a diverse country, bangles made of different kinds of metals can be seen adorning the hands of women in different states of the country. However, bangles made of gold and silver metals are always in fashion are termed as classic and elegant in the Indian society.

Wristwatch Bracelet

Source : JShopping

The bracelet that has two huge advantages- allowing us to know the time and inducing a formal fashion sense in a casual outfit,  wristwatch are also one of the many kinds of bracelet that is owned by every person. Wristwatches are worn everyday mostly to keep track of the time and not many persons wear it as a statement accessory piece. However, those who loves to deck up with the latest fashionable trends also consider wristwatches to be a classy and unique piece of accessory and teams it up accordingly with their outfits.

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Beaded Bracelet

Source : Amazon

One of the trendiest forms of bracelets of our times, beaded bracelets are favoured by almost everyone around the world. The price of a beaded bracelet depends upon the type of beads used in its manufacturing. In India, bracelets made of rudraksh beads are in huge demand among some men and they use it to sport a bohemian look as well as during rituals to give themselves a traditional appearance. Among women, bracelets made of pearl beads are also in rage as it looks pretty with all kinds of ladies’ outfits. Nowadays, most people make creative beaded bracelets by themselves to gift it to their loved ones during special occasions as it can be made quite easily with cheap beads.

Charm Bracelet

Source : Flipkart

A bracelet which accurately describes personality, charm bracelets, as the name goes, never loses its appeal. As it is one of the most customizable forms of bracelet, and can carry trinkets of various shapes and sizes in addition to some beads, it is mostly favoured than the beaded bracelet which is made up of only beads. Another kind of Do It Yourself (DIY) bracelet, charm bracelets are also a popular gift item. Charm bracelets also comprises of trinkets of various religious symbols in addition to star, flower and other types of trinkets because this kind of bracelets are also worn to ward off bad luck. Charm bracelets are choosen by a person as per the shapes of trinkets and beads found in it.

Cuff Bracelet

With its tight and inflexible structure, a cuff bracelet can smoothly stay in place in a wrist even when its wearer is rapidly moving his/her hand. Moreover, cuff bracelets can also be put in easily as it only have an opening through which the wrist of a person must go in. As cuff bracelets do not have any hooks or any type of clasp, no fiddling is required to hold a cuff bracelet in its place. One of the huge advantages of this bracelet is that it requires less maintenance when wearing it. However, it might be uncomfortable for some persons to wear a cuff bracelet as it encloses a wrist tightly and one might find some irritation marks on the wrist area after removing the bracelet.

Tennis Bracelet

A highly elegant and expensive form of bracelet for ladies, tennis bracelets actually comprises of diamonds of similar small sizes strung together in a pretty line. Originally known as diamond line bracelets, tennis bracelets have been so named after eminent tennis player Chris Evert cried out that she has lost her ‘tennis bracelet’ during the 1987 US Open tennis tournament. The game had to be halted to find the bracelet. After Evert had named her diamond line bracelet as the tennis bracelet, the name stuck in. Tennis bracelets are worn mostly during formal occasions and sometimes this kind of bracelets is also passed down the ladies in a family as a heirloom piece of jewellery.

Slider Bracelet

Source : ShopStyle

As the name suggests, slider bracelets can be easily slide over the hand and fix in place in the wrist with the clasp present in it. Although slider bracelets are pretty, it can stay in place only when you can clasp it properly and it can be lost easily if not maintain properly as rigorous movement of a hand can loosen the clasp of a slider bracelet. However, as the saying goes, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,’ slider bracelets appeals with its designs and styles to a majority of persons.

Steel bracelet

Source : Amazon

Locally called as Kara, steel bracelets are mostly worn by persons following the Sikh religion. According to the Sikhs, Kara is a symbol of religious significance as it denotes the sign of unbreakable attachment and commitment to God. However, the Kara with its hard and glazy structure are considered as one of the statement pieces of accessory by many Indians irrespective of their religion. Although some wore Kara as it is in high trend, others wear it mostly due to its deep religious significance.

Multi strand bracelet

Source : Pinterest

As the name suggests, multi strand bracelets consists of a series of strands with different designs. This kind of bracelet can comprise two to three strands of beaded bracelets strung together or can even have different kinds of trinkets such that it looks like a combination of beaded and charm bracelets. A highly versatile bracelet style, multi strand bracelets are quite a rage nowadays due to its many layered attractiveness in one single piece.

Link Bracelet

Source : Ippolita

Due to the metal links or chains joined together in a uniform and repeating pattern, link bracelets never goes out of fashion and enhances the style quotient of a person irrespective of their gender. With link bracelets of various geometric designs available nowadays, this kind of bracelets can make a dull outfit appear classy and formal.

Friendship bracelet

Source : Momtastic

Featuring intricate patterns of various threads, friendship bracelets are so named as it is mostly gifted to friends during Friendship Day. Friendship bracelets are also quite colourful due to the multiple strands of threads that goes behind the making of the bracelet. These types of bracelets emits a bright and cheery vibe due to its contrasting colours of threads and is mostly gifted among friends with an aim of spreading love, joy and positivity in their bonds of friendship.

Affirmation bracelet

Source : Soul Analyse

A new form of bracelet that has recently emerged in the fashion circuit, affirmation bracelets are mostly customizable due to different kinds of messages printed in it. Made with rubber, steel or plastic, affirmation bracelets are mostly gifted among near and dear ones to wish them luck or spread positivity among them.