Tips to stay ahead in the fashion game with the clothes we wear in rainy season

clothes to wear in rainy season

Monsoons are all about splashes. Be it the child frolicking about in the puddles or some fashionista making it matter with insane splashes of color, monsoon is all fun and done. But not when we have to fret over the clothes we wear in rainy season.

Even in all the romance and magic it seemingly encompasses, the pitter- patter of rains really start getting to you once you have to venture outdoors. Not only because you have to maneuver your way through countless ditches and inches of muddy deterrations but also because your style game and pro comfort level is in for a disastrous disappointment.


But for those who love the rain more than enough to venture even into the chills it brings along, with ease and in style, you need to know exactly how to make the best out of your wardrobe.

The clothes we wear in rainy season can set the mood for an entire drenched day out in the drizzle. Here are some tips to look your stylish best while being comfortable enough even as you sing your heart out along with the streaks of the silvery rain pouring through!

Stay away from full length jeans


However versatile denims might be, they still aren’t ones to wear in the rain. Both because they tend to get heavier when wet and particularly because getting your poor legs out from that drenched pair is a struggle you wouldn’t want to endure!

Things are not so complicated with denim shorts though


Because they are shorts, they are very much meant to tide over the discomfort of the heat and the rain. And with their more than ideal placing, some inches up from the knee, you ca easily slip out of those even after you have emerged from a torrential downpour, unprotected and unumbrellaed!

Anything liberally above ankle length should be fine


For those who perceive shorts to be too short or for those occasions and situations where a light length would be socially and appropriately required, you can add on some length. Capris and knee length pants work more than well enough to emerge as monsoon favourites. Don’t go too long though and flaunt those sassy legs with pride this rainy season!

Go loose with the tops and tunics


Because fitting tees and tops tend to get more uncomfortable when they stick to you after a good drench up in the rain. Also, they take longer to dry up which means that you have a pretty good chance of picking up a cold.

Ditch long, flowing dresses and/ or kurtis


Anything glamourously flowing and delightfully lengthy is strictly not the clothes we wear in rainy season. Keep your long, elegant kurtis out of bounds for these couple of months. Even maxi dresses and breezier gowns are best kept tucked up high in the wardrobe during those days of rain and grime.


Go sleek


Voluminous skirts and flared palazzos are not the way to go about the clothes we wear in rainy season. Patialas and salwars need to be ditched for the more functional leggings and churidaars. Even stretchable skinny jeans can be preferred over the bit too spacy and airy voluptuous trousers.

White isn’t always right!


Whites might be the embodiment of all things romantic as Bollywood movies has led us to fantasise. But wearing whites while braving the rains isn’t a particularly good idea. Whether it be white pants or white tops, we reiterate the need to avoid them.

Whites even in all their ethereality are nasty to return to once they get stained. And also because they tend to be see- throughs on the slightest hint of water, it’s best to let the white rest their way this monsoon.

Instead, make a mark with the dark


Dark colors are the safest bet to make an impression through the clothes we wear in rainy season. They don’t show off water marks and also aren’t much of a bother even when you are completely drenched. And anyway with their reputation of being ‘warmer’ than the lighter lot, dark colored fabrics will let you have the most out of monsoons.

Equivalently, your lighter hues can go take a sabbatical while you are out there, stamping and romping about in the rain.

Sort out your fabrics


Like denims, other heavy materials like cotton aren’t very much of a handy option to swear by during the rains. Because obviously they tend to get weighed down by the water they soak. Go instead for synthetic and polyester clothes that are light weight and also has a reputation for drying off rather fast.

Trench coats can be a carefully chosen option


They tend to be heavy and warmer and not so much for the Indian monsoons which also generally overlap with the heat of summer. But even then for days of intermittent rain when the chill tends to set in, trench coats can be a very viable option to turn to. Because they are also waterproof and are just the perfect length, trench coats let you go about your business with minimum hassle.


While sorting your clothing needs can be tricky during the rainy season, they aren’t anything very frustrating. It’s always possible to keep your fashion game on point even as you wade through flooded streets. But also because monsoons tend to be typically dark and dreary, you need to make that extra effort to glam yourself up so that the lack of gleam does not really get into you.


Bright and beautiful accessories and jewelry helps you to keep your gloomy monsoon woes at bay. However, as pretty and somewhat essential they might be, monsoons are more about convenience than the look. Slipping on the perfect footwear is more than essential to help tide over the messiness caused by rains.

The perfect footwear

While shoes might be necessary for those who are into corporates and formal office settings, conventional, closed shoes are not a great yay during monsoons. Because they don’t dry off easily which means you have to stay put in dirt all day long. Rubber soles though are safe bets to avert any chances of slips and falls while maintaining the look. Also if you need to wear socks, go for waterproof ones.

Boots are more feasible and efficient at helping you not give a damn about the rains. Ankle length boots should work just fine, but if you want to amp up the glamour, knee length boots are also a fair option.


It’s better to keep things casual though when the clouds are pouring in full swing. Open sandals, floaters and crocs are the way to go while splashing about in the rains.

Unless you want to slip and fall, or twist and sprain an ankle or leg, stay away from stilettos and sneakers, leather shoes and canvas shoes.

Make up, accessorising and stuff

Make up needs to be waterproof if you would prefer to wear it during the monsoons. Also, light make up goes best with the tediousness of the rains.


Jewelry needs to be light as well. Also avoid metal that can get ruined by the rains and also cause irritation to your skin.

Try preferring a shoulder bag over hand bags that you can flung over your shoulder for added convenience. A spacious bag works good for carrying about monsoon essentials like a scarf or an umbrella.


Umbrellas are the hottest trend during monsoons. Try picking up a quirky one or one that is particularly vibrant, if you want to stand out in the crowd. Transparent and glittery umbrellas are the ones for you if you are fascinated by all things shimmery and shiny.

Fashion needs sorted, go ahead, and fall in love with the rains!