Symmetry in style, courtesy co-ords


There sure is a different quirk to mixing and matching a range of styles and an array of clothing options as well as ‘contrast’ it out with accessories when it comes to fashion. The standout feature of this particular way of styling is what makes it such a striking look to sport indeed. With diversely dramatic takes upon different genres of style altogether and ones that even pair up the prominent elements of the traditional with statement making allures of the contemporary, mix and match fashion is one of the most fun ways of getting into the groove of garbing.

For all its brilliance though, mix and match still dwells on the basic principle of pairing things up. And curated by the conventional understanding of what we refer to as a pair, think shoes and socks most naturally that we dare not wear one of one and the other of another, is one of the most basic experiences in fashion that we all have essentially been partaking of all through our life. So commonly in fact do we chart out this specific sculpting in style that is also one of the most natural of encounters in just about every aspect of the world that every taking to this enduring trend in remarkable unremarkability does not feel like trying out any trend at all. But a trend it has been all right, and a roaring one at that as well specially during the times of the ’70s and that which like every other trend has seen a resurgence in popularity in current times.

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Call it plain and pure and simple and sweet, and this panache for pairing up things as the exact match of one another presenting such impeccable sights of the perfect fit is undoubtedly one making for the most classic of ways in fashion representation. In fact so distinctive is this allure of the original way in pairing that finds expression in fashion jargon as something particularly catchy and fun as the essential play of the co-ords.

Versatile indeed has been the co-ord throughout its stylish presence across the sartorial but the extent of its all roundedness goes way past this acceptance in universality. Easily acquired in already paired packings of them or else allowing for the convenience of pairing instead one with the other, while interestingly allowing also for the scope of the mixes and matches to be pursued, co-ords make for an ensemble in dressing that encompasses within itself a variety of fashion styles and style trends into one.

To counter however our own seemingly contrasting claims in the vs and akiness of the co-ords and the mix and the matches, it would be apt to endorse the latter as a style and the co-ord as a definite outfit in itself. Essentially therefore, co-ords refer to a homogeneous look all through from top to bottom even when the two distinct pieces making up this full look in finality can indeed be made to go together instead of manifesting as such. That is to say that one can indeed chart out their own sensibilities of style pertaining to the mix and match assertion of fashion even when it is the aspect of the match that is what entitles any outfit put together to classify as a co-ord set.

Needless to say in this ease of choice that allows for anything that goes together as one of their kind to take upon itself this wider identity of the quirky sounding short form for the more mathematically inclined coordinates, co-ords can take upon a range of different forms and varieties and types. From tops or blouses or shirts paired up with anything from skirts or shorts or pants not necessarily in the same order to hoodies or sweaters or jackets matched with joggers or trousers or denims as well as a multitude of the many ‘normal’ combinations that one wears ever so regularly, everything and anything essentially two piece in the same vein of being classifies as being a co-ord set. Suits of course emerge too as alluding to this category in identification and so can bikini sets as well, establishing in rather emphatic amusement the multi dimensional nature of this merely two fold unfussy affair.

The appeal of co-ords indeed arises out of the visual symmetry that they present the wearer in. And symmetry being the standard for beauty when it comes to catering to the subconscious human preference, it is not difficult to understand why pairing dresses in a way they match exactly has been a trend since forever in fashion history. That though is only one side of the picture, the parallel part of it dwelling in such practicality arising out of the very nature of this style in duality. Co-ords allow indeed for the option to make multiple fashion statements with either of its elements in employment. Teaming up the tops and bottoms of outfits even when one have acquired them as a custom made pair is a very common alternative use that co-ords so effectively provides the avenue for furthering. But that perhaps is also the very paradox that should not have come to characterise this basic way in fashion expression.

This paradox that we are talking about is one arises out of an interference attempted at interrupting the continuity of the co-ord look. Not the continuity in overall presentation only that does indeed hold the key for it to emerge as a co-ord but also in the very nature that makes it what it is. If the intention of shopping for an outfit that fits in perfectly with the commonplace understanding of this category of wearable is taken over instead by a shrewd underlying attempt at seeking out a host of alternative uses for it.

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That latter part of the equation though is not what throws one off track when possessing on themselves one of those ever so charming pieces of alikeness. It instead is the intention being only half hearted in its desire to truly rock a co-ord outfit that is the problem. Because thinking about anything beyond how the two individual pieces will look together if you happen to be making the purchase in parts defeats the very fashion endeavor in putting together the homogeneous look like it should- impeccably well and exactly congruent so as to embody in every sense the truest characteristic of this classic method in pairing.

That said though, it indeed is no less than any advantage that once the purchase has been made in sheer consideration of the style statement that this particular pick of couture will effortlessly lead one to, it can indeed be matched with other elements of fashion for sure. Whether it be mixing one part of it with the opposite part of another or following up the pairing principle with some accessory instead to match, co-ord sets do indeed present a whole world of fashion opportunities to imaginatively explore. Adhering to the core principle of considering the co-ord as an outfit you will first and foremost want to work out together is still important which is why paying attention to the individual fit and overall look makes for even more necessary a trait to regard religiously and in all honesty of it as well.

Speaking about fit, the co-ord manages to shine out across a rather nuanced and oft ‘controversial’ aspect in fashion unfurling. Struggling to adhere to the dimensions of such attires that come tailored as a single piece in all standard notions of the human body that though is more realistic an entity curving out across shapes not necessarily conventional is a problem hampering to considerable extents the truer expression of oneself in fashion styles curated but not customised.

With co-ords, part of the problem poofs away just like that when one chooses to pick for themselves the distinct elements of the outfit such that they match for sure but also while not settling in any way for anything that is not even slightly deviating from the right size. That itself is very ’empowering’ a stance that the co-ord allows us to maintain in all the associated frills of fashion and that perhaps sums up most genuinely the more common understanding of fashion today as comfort first and consequences later.

From sportswear to athleisure and loungewear to workwear apart from the everyday casuals and the occasional formals, co-ords present in themselves options galore to dress up as such every single day. Or at least as often as you desire. Flexible as well is this mode in wearing when it comes to incorporating the myriad elements of what concerns all things clothing. From fabrics and colors to prints and patterns as well as textures and techniques, diversity is necessarily ingrained in the co-ord comprehension. Knitted or crocheted in their entirety or even experimenting with a specific texture on one half and a completely different assertion on the other, all the while though bound to the singular ideal in evident homogeneity of exclusive visual resting, this basic but breakthrough still expression emblematic of the flair rested in fashion is one unique indeed even in its sameness. And that explains perhaps why some of the most captivating trends of fashion say for example denim on denim or checks upon checks or monochromatic manifestations tend to be as exemplary in their strikingness, courtesy of course their pledging allegiance to this utterly fundamental of all things in and beyond fashion, called cumulatively as co-ords.