Dark Lipsticks are back… yet again

dark lipstick
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Now, this isn’t much of a trend that has come into the fore only recently. Dark lipstick shades have always been around and have had enjoyed sudden surges in popularity throughout the years. Recently, though, not only are darker hues making appearances in weddings and events but they’ve also ventured into more casual territory.

gigi hadid dark lipstick
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Dark lipsticks are now no longer reserved for special occasions. They’re being sported during the day, at work, in college and are on their way to becoming a staple in every girl’s lipstick collections. For the better, of course.

Despite being so tricky to wear and pull off, dark shades of lip color have emerged to be quite a rage these days. So why are darker hues becoming more popular among people?

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Well, for starters, when done right, dark lipsticks can pull an entire look together and give it more flair. Secondly, these colours also give your overall look a certain degree of edginess. They can also look elegant and chic when paired with an appropriate outfit. Then again, you can also as easily dress them down by pairing them with your most casual clothes.

So the answer, essentially, is their versatility. Because dark shades while might not give the impression of standing out as the eye catcher, yet within their ambit of glam, they really stun by lending an out of the ordinary look.

There are some tips you’ll benefit from following. Firstly, always prep your lips by exfoliating them and applying some lip-balm. Let the lip-balm work its magic for a while and then wipe off the excess with a tissue. Secondly, using a lip-liner always helps. Lining your lips will not only give your lip-colour a good base but it will also lengthen its wear-time and prevent the colour from bleeding. Finally, you’re all set to apply your lip-colour of choice.

ariana grande
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As for beginners, you try can dipping your feet into darker lipstick hues by opting for lip-stains. If you can’t be bothered to buy a lip-stain separately, you can simply blot the dark lipstick you already own on a tissue. That way, you get an idea of what you look like in darker hues while preparing yourself mentally to sport those kinds of colours in the future.

When you’re looking for dark lipsticks, go for colours that have blue undertones instead of ones that have yellow undertones. The reason why is because shades that have a blue base tend to brighten up the complexion and make your teeth look whiter. Ultimately, you can choose whichever colour you think looks best on you.

aishwarya rai dark liptick
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Let your lips do all the talking whenever you’re sporting a vampy hue. That means, you downplay all your other features. Although, a little mascara and blush never hurts. You can however also choose to go a bit toned down yet the star of the show with just the right shade of dark lipstick.

Take your pick from shades of brown, berry, wine, purple and deep red and try out this trend for yourself.

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