DiAi designs: Exploring ethical, economical & elegant fine jewellery

DiAi designs

DiAi designs- India’s first sustainable fine jewellery brand, with stylish and dainty designs for the modern woman. All pieces are handcrafted in 10kt/18kt gold, embellished with certified, Eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds. DiAi’s aim is to create a brand that mirrors the values and style of its contemporary customers, leaving them feeling good both inside and out. Lab-grown diamonds are a recent phenomenon that does not destroy the earth’s natural state and prevents unethical issues such as; child labour and illegal trade. These diamonds are physically, optically, chemically and as sparkly as mined diamonds. They are pure carbon diamonds grown in a lab with the same pressure and temperature as given in the earth’s mines. The results yield a diamond that is guilt-free and truly forever.


Friends, Disha and Aishwarya found a gap in the market and formed DiAi designs as a collection of modern, affordable and sustainable fine jewellery.

The creative duo comes from diverse backgrounds, with Disha coming from a family of diamond jewellers, with an established brand in diamond jewellery, whilst Aishwarya comes from the film-making industry and a history in jewellery design. After Disha’s schooling in Hong Kong and Aishwarya’s studies in Mumbai, they met in college, worked 9-5 jobs and later joined their family business. With the desire to do much more than the usual, they wanted to offer something new to the market. With this, they set-off with DiAi designs.

Contact Information

  • + 91 8879104790
  • [email protected]
  • www.diaidesigns.com
  • The Jewel, Opera House, Charni Road, Mumbai