9 different type of hairstyles for you to try out

different type of hairstyles

Hair is a very essential element of appearance for all. The way your wear your hair or don’t wear it at all because you rather take pride in your shiny, bald head can have a striking impact on your overall look. Regard it therefore as an aspect of your personality or as a component of what defines your style, but doing your hair should occupy place of prominence in your style regimen. Trying out different type of hairstyles also makes for an attractive proposition in that it allows you to experiment with your looks so that you forever sustain your identity as someone who lets their personality reflect on their person. Not too undermine also the rave compliments it will guaranteed lead you on to. Presenting therefore the 9 most stylish hairdos for you to try out to leave the world gaping at your every sight-


The oldest type of the many different hairstyles that continue to be in fashion is the braided one. A complex styling of the hair, braids are generally alluding to adorning a women’s domain but they can cater to the realm of tresses growing on the male head as well. Apart from being a unisex hairstyle, braids also are versatile in that they can be worn on almost any length of hair, except the so-short-barely-there types, and in a number of different ways as well. The braid sported most commonly might be a style that is formed by interlacing three strands of hair but other multi stranded versions are also quite popular, especially among women.

Braids also need not be necessarily worn through the entire length of hair as well, as front or middle row braids are a type of composite hairstyles that also are often favoured for a more fancy look. And while braids might have been traditionally devised as ways to keep all the hair neatly structured in one place, modern day variations like the ones mentioned above as well as other styles like messy braids deviate from the prim and proper look usually associated with this classic hairstyle. Also a social art, especially of the times gone by, braids encompass a lot more substance than just the girth of one’s hair.


Pageboy style
Source: Schwarzkopf

Pageboy hairstyles are indeed one derived from a type sported by page boys in the medieval time but is today as much a rage among women as it is with men, or perhaps even more. Characterised by straight hair hanging to below the ear, where it usually turns under and often with fringes at the front, pageboy is a hairstyle suited for straight, medium to short length hair. Somewhat of a ‘geometric’ style, defined by its clear lines, and that can be worn straight and sleek or wavy and with tons of volume, pageboy hairstyles had been a hit also with such iconic bands as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Low maintenance as well, despite being a recurring hair trend in popular culture, this is a surprisingly feminine, and edgy, hairstyle for its rather evident ‘humble male origins’.

Slicked Back

A really classic type among the many hairstyles, the slicked back is one sexy pick for both men and women to rock with ease. Prim and proper and definitely smart and sophisticated, this is a very modern hairstyle for you to sport even when it has been popular since forever. And despite the vision of how a slicked back hairstyle conjures up a really taut show of the hair, it’s possible to do somewhat relaxed versions of it as well.

Particularly for women, this is the red carpet way to do their hair up. Or if you ain’t any celebrity sashaying down the ramp, it is just the perfect style to sport to assert that you mean business, but in style. For men as well, the slicked back hairstyle is the way to look dapper even in their business approach. Suited for all hair lengths and types, we however find no reason why this particular hairstyle should not rule the roost on just about any occasion as well. Traditional and contemporary in equal measure, slicking your hair back all along the way is genuinely one of the smartest ways to show off your headful of pride.


Much like the Pageboy, the Pompadour is one type of the hairstyles that takes its name from one gender but caters largely to the other. Named after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV of France, this namesake way of styling the hair is understood today as a men’s short hairstyle with the hair back and extra volume on the top. Interestingly however, the hairdo does not in any way resemble what adorned the head of Lady Pompadour who merely wore her hair low and back with no much distinguishing attributes to spruce it up.

The rather extravagant premises of the ‘built up’ mass of hair came to be a fashion only during the time of Louis XVI in the 1770s and 1780s and saw a surge in popularity during the later part of the following century. In the modern times of the 21st century, the pompadour is definitely one of the exquisite hairstyles for you to try out in its versatility as well as its veteran identity in its continuing legacy and history. Provided you have a generous mane sitting down on your head, that is.


Another classic on the ranks of different type of hairstyles for you to sport is the very retro looking dandy style. Elegantly stylish and handsomely manly, the dandy look sees expression in its side parting criteria that is what lends it its old but still gold vibe. Effortless in its style and easy in maintenance, this somewhat floppy hair look has always been the winner for men though women with short hair look as great sporting it. A perfect fit for shoulder length hair, the dandy does well with both fine or way hair on women, rendering a cute look that while is attractive isn’t over the top in its sophistication.


Source: Refinery29

Certainly not for the faint hearted, the unconventional appeal of dreadlocks is what absolutely makes it a hairstyle for you to sport at least some point of time in your life. A really, really ancient hairstyle that dominates the creative domain in the modern times, dreadlocks also evolved from being a man’s jaunt to being increasingly embraced by all, who perhaps are excited by the experimental pursuit of it.

A recurring hairstyle in many cultures that which lend it more weightage than what the aesthetics of it demands, dreadlocks tend to be quite different not just in the look and nature of it but also in its maintenance. Even as a hairstyle that does not require regular brushing and cleaning, dreadlocks still call for special attention to ensure that you do not end up with a head of unmanageable locks that already are quite difficult to form. A hairstyle that sees rope-like strands of hair formed by locking or braiding hair, dreadlocks might have been a traditional pick for men but there is no reason why modern women would be shying away of it. Indeed, as one of the most ‘expressive’ type of hairstyles, dreadlocks grab all the attention.


An insanely popular way of styling your hair, either by itself or with a range of accompanying updos and cuts, fringes or bangs are something we would inevitably come to sport sometime through our hair journey. Essentially strands or locks of hair that fall over the scalp’s front hairline to cover the forehead, fringes are a wonder in that they can totally alter the appearance of the wearer. Working fringes also is particularly easy since it complements all lengths of hair and helps also to achieve the flattering look for everyone since it can be interpreted in a wide many range of styles.

A popular pick with celebrities and no any less common among the masses, fringes have stood the test of time in that while they might not have retained their fashionable highpoints all throughout, they have never really been sidelined or subdued by other hairstyles. This is because fringes go with other different haircuts making it so versatile a hairstyle that can even be achieved with minimum professional fuss!


A short hairstyle and therefore another unisex one, the pixie is a variation of the crop hairdo and is a style generally short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top with very short bangs. Incredibly popular for its easy breezy appeal, the look has the hair cut in layers that are cropped so as to appear slightly tousled. A timeless look that retains its classic appeal even in its modern style, pixies look good on pretty much everyone since they can come in so many different types to suit every single face structure and hair type.

Top Knot

Top Knot hairstyle
Source: BeBeautiful

In being one of the type of hairstyles that help you achieve the sleek look, a top knot is the way to kill with your hair, even without unleashing its sashaying gorgeousness. For women as well as for men, the top knot makes for a style that is incredibly smart and classy. It’s simple to achieve as well- tying your hair in a bun of course at the top of your head, neatly or otherwise, either through its entirety or in portion, top knot make for a hairstyle that you can do up perfectly every single time- even on the go.

The male take on the top knot is a hybrid between the trendy undercut and the raved about man bun, that when paired with a killer beard style as well lends you a look that is hard to ignore and impossible to resist. It works for all hair types as well and can even be a chic way to manage unkempt or even greasy hair with minimal effort.