All you need to know about different types of ties to make a statement

different types of ties

Ties might not be the most sported of fashion staples but they are amazingly versatile. From lending a certain sharpness to everyday looks to making you business chic and the formal king- or queen, neckties elevates your style game. There of course needs to be some caution in wearing them in order that you steer clear from fashion faux pas. And that you would do only when you are well conversant about the different types of ties and their degree of matchingness for specific outings and with specific clothings. Here’s listing therefore the major tie styles you can make your pick from to bring on your fashion A game-


While the bowtie needs no introduction as a classic fashion accessory, it remains as contemporary a pick for men to make a style statement. A staple with tuxedos and a game changer when you sport it to formal occasions, the bowtie looks exactly like a bow which endows it its name. Bowties complement even everyday wear perfectly fine though they are not a common sight in offices and business settings since they are ‘ceremonially’ formal. Symmetrical ties that are narrow in the middle and wide at the ends much like how bows should be, bowtie instantly endows your look with a sense of celebration heralding the onset of a gala time of fun!

Ascot Tie

What makes the Ascot such a distinguished presence in the catalogue of different ties types is its rather standout appearance. The modern iteration of the earliest form of the necktie called the cravat, the ascot tie also needs to be worn according to its own pattern. Worn under dress shirts but over the undershirt, this is a neckband with wide pointed wings that is usually patterned, folded over, and fastened with a tie pin or tie clip. A rather traditional and customary piece of clothing, particularly in England, ascot ties or hanker ties cover significant portion of the throat as they wrap around the neck with wings that are wide and point outwards. In their rather flamboyant appearance, ascot ties also make it as luxury or ceremonial wear and hence are not common at workplaces and such professional settings.

Four in Hand Necktie

Perhaps the most familiar we are with different types of ties, at least in the appearance if not in name, is the four in hand. A staple in formal usage as in business meetings or on certain occasions, this is a really versatile style as it comes in a wide range of colors ad patterns and widths.

Skinny Tie

As the name suggests, the skinny tie is a rather thin and sleek type that are stylish yet workplace conducive in equal measure. For people who do not consider the necktie as much of a fashion accessory and relegate it to some code of uniform, the skinny tie sure can reverse their opinions. A style that is very much youthful and classy, skinny ties makes for a really elegant overall look on the part of the wearer with its sleek appearance.

Because they go really well with a pair of jeans as well as with business suits, skinny ties have come to covet acceptance as one of the must have types in your closet. In its edgy, fashionable essence, a skinny tie would make you the star of any casual party or even have you ace your everyday office look. However, if it’s an important meeting with the board of directors on your itinerary today, we rather recommend you bet on your classic wide tie for the day.

Western Bowtie/ String tie

A variation of the classic bowtie, as is quite evident in its name, the western bowtie is also popular as the string tie. This particular of ties types is an equally well known presence, even when it is not the most popular of styles worn typically. Most attributed to Colonel Sanders, the man behind your favorite fast food hangout KFC, the string tie is a rather skinny tie. Perhaps a cross between the bowtie and the skinny tie, as its look might purport you to believe, the string tie is a rather captivating visual of the sartorial. Worn in the style of a bowtie but with the rather slim ends hanging down, this very funky style is also known by a range of names like Southern Colonel tie, the Sherriff’s tie, and the Bootlace tie.

Pussy Bow Necktie

A female exclusive style among the myriad types of ties is the pussy bow necktie. While neckties by themselves are unisex, they are far less worn by women even in the formal world. The pussy cat bow though is a style of neckwear resembling in close quarters the bow tie which makes it therefore a dignified presence in any compilation of tie styles. Also called the lavallière, the bow style tie features also two falling shells and two free ribbons lending it somewhat of a ‘feminine’ look. The style however has not remained restricted to being just a tie with wider interpretations of it in the female fashion fable. A descendant of the cravat, lavallieres also find expression in other items of women’s clothing.

Knit Tie

While knit ties would strike as different essentially in the make of it, these types also rest in a place of their own. Of course knit ties refer to ties that have been knitted and therefore are different from others of their clan in the knitted texture. But knit ties also unique in that the most traditional versions of it ends in squares and not in pointy triangles like all other ties do. They tend also to be thinner than the standard ties, yet not as much as skinny ties which make them just ideal for folks wanting to go wayward and still not walk the entire distance!

You sure can wear them to the office because there isn’t anything outrageous about them. But in their look that comes across as striking and vintage, yet inventive and stylish, knit ties make for great ‘statement’ accessories as well. Particularly for men whose accessorising options are somewhat limited, knit ties can be their chance of getting at par with the ladies!

Bolo Tie

The Bolo Tie is so different that it does not even resemble a tie in appearance. Yet it very much is though it caters more to the accessorizing aspect of ties rather than any of its functional types. More a piece of jewelry, the bolo tie is essentially a chord or string (of any material) that passes through a decorative metal piece and is worn in a knot. Very well covering the collar button like all types of ties should, this rather funky fashion statement mainly works in the informal setup of hangouts and casual events even though it has been gaining acceptance of late in the formal world as well. A rather modern invention, in existence sometime since the late 1940s, bolo ties are a staple sight in the sphere of cowboy fashion.

Seven Fold Tie

Coming close to the four-in-hand ties are the seven fold types that are rather extravagant impressions of neckties. A thin and unlined tie that however comes off as thick due to the fabric being folded the namesake seven times, a seven fold tie could be a great option for office wear or at formal events. However, the laborious procedure of making it while makes it easy to tie in a knot also considerably ups its price. To this extent therefore, these have come to be rather rare, worthy as luxurious fashion pieces instead.

Repp Tie

While repp ties collectively refer to a particular weave of silk, the most favored repp ties in history have been the types that sport diagonal stripes. A classic favorite that has been dominating the wardrobe of every man ever since they burst into the scene in the 1800s, repp ties are as solid in their identity as solid colored ties. The analogy may be mere word pun but repp ties really enjoy a reputation that diverges way beyond the expanse of their British stemmings. Safe and neat, in look as well as in impression, this is one tie that will never lose favor, whether it be the young or the old, everybody seems to cherish the appeal of the good ol’ repp.

Stock Tie

Another of the ties that fall into the types characterising some occasion are the stock ties. Instead, the occasion her is not celebratory or festive, but competitive. Generally worn around the neck by equestrians dressed formally for a hunt or certain competitive events as part of their customary outfit, the stock tie sports an usually decorative pin over the knot that which lend it its name. Worn folded over once to fill in the neckline of jackets, stock ties have been part of such formal events since at least the later part of the nineteenth century.