Stunning dresses made from old sarees for you to try out

dresses made from old sarees

You might tire talking about the versatility of the beautiful Indian saree but the saree does not in all its wondrous embodiments. Not just in its wear, even in being an asset beyond its prime, sarees are truly timeless. There are many unique ways to reuse your old sarees and not just as dresses. But even as wearables, these lengthy dimensions of grace continue to be as stunning in their varied manifestations. Check out the many stunning dresses you can make from old sarees to continue wearing a part of your heart for years to come-

Gorgeous gowns

The allure of gorgeous gowns can be enhanced even further by crafting such dresses out of timeless pieces of old beauties that used sarees continue to be. A flowing gown tailor made from one of those fancy pieces will make you the star of the evening in no time, and without any extra added cost.

Saree Soiree

Well we know you aren’t quite sure what this means. But worry not, once you get about this mindblowing hack of how to use your old sarees as bits and pieces for your new dresses, you would be gleeing in joy. Simply get rid of that portion of your old saree that is not appealing enough now to gift yourself a new saree! So if it is the border of the sari along the bottom that has worn out with your every step, you can simply stitch on a new border.

Or you can create fancy combinations from two or more sarees to create a unique look. Like those half sarees in exquisite color combinations that would make you the verve defining every occasion. Or if it is the pallu that has worn down significantly, try adding some frills or other embellishments along its length. Trust us, this is a wonderful, wonderful way to not let your sarees remain just your favorite dresses of the past!

Kurtis with a borderline appeal

Sarees with magnificent borders can see an upcycle into pretty kurtis that can dwell on all the borderline appeal. Either you can let the border be the definer of your dress by modelling it along the fancy side or you can just let your gown free flow with the massive embellishment as the stand out star. Either way, your fashion game is in for a serious revamp!

Chic stylish dresses

Of course, sarees can be redesigned as completely stylish yet traditional dresses. The grandeur of these majestic wonders wonderfully encompassed within a plain dress sure will make people wonder about the absolute fashion genius you tend to be!

Swaying desi dupattas

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This might sound a bit ridiculous to you but you can sure let these draped essentials sweep someone off their feet. Literally! A saree with exquisite motifs works particularly well when you want to rev up a plain monochrome suit with only the dupatta as embellishment. Of course you need to get right with the length, other wise slip savvy divas aren’t a rarity! Style the dupatta just right as the saree style permits and there you are, sashaying with elan.

Enchanting anarkalis

Anarkalis are anyway enchanting. Those layers of volume and frill and how can you not look and feel like a princess? Consider then transforming one of those ethereal masterpieces of silk grace into something as exotic as a flowing anarkali. And of course, sarees will always turn up more than enough material for you to get the perfect length and flow of these grace enhancing dresses. Yeah, we sure got you sorted for your next wedding party!

Comfortably offbeat summer pants

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Pants from saree, wait what? We say, why not? Just because sarees are our tradition does not mean we cannot be enough appreciative of their versatility. Even as shorts, sarees continue to render you with oomph, making sure you let the world be in your awe! While shorts do not exactly classify as being one of the ‘dresses’, we still can somewhat count them in given how exotically they serve to use our fave sarees. Teaming them with a nice floral top also stemming from some old saree would render them more akin to being a double dressy delight!

Swaying Skirts

skirt from saree
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Sarees would really be fun to wear as skirts you know! You can either make one for a single saree or incorporate elements of many of your dearies to sew the skirt of your twirls. What helps most in making a gorgeous skirt out of a saree is the very unconventional look it guarantees.

Because sarees come in such prints and patterns that are exclusive to dresses of their kind, they attain a different dimension altogether when sewn into a skirt. Whether you like ’em multi colored, or multi patterned or plain, floral or geometric or rustic, flowy or midi or mini, skirts made from sarees will dress you very pretty indeed. Lehengas also are equally convenient dresses that you can turn your old, gorgeous sarees into.

Peppy Palazzos

palazzo from saree
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Palazzos are comfy, since when they got to be peppy? Since the time we realised that we can make ’em out of old sarees as well! The flowy essence of sarees gets perfectly imbued within the flare of the palazzos, explaining just why a switch over from the traditional to the modern is not always a conflict but sometimes a confluence as well. Try making one of these pants from the old sarees instead of just sticking to the dresses for a style makeover totally worth the trouble.

Striking Shirts

The reason why we have termed these shirts as striking is because not many of you would have been expecting this. But shirts can also be tailored out of old sarees as conveniently as any of the other dresses you like. And not just for women, these shirts can be made for men as well! Of course the appeal of the shirts will depend on the sarees you choose to craft them out from. Rustic sarees will endow you a crisp, toned down shirt while a heavily designed saree can well grant you a blouse fit for the parties. Make your pick from what suits you best.