Fashion capital of India: One title, many contenders to the top spot

fashion capital of india

Fashion might not be the essence of life, but it sure is a crucial element to it. No wonder civilisations throughout have tried to outdo each other when it comes to harbouring its distinctive style. For long, fashion in the modern world has been synonymous with Paris and London, Milan and New York. Style dictates stemming from these fashion capitals of the world has been primal. But with a definite sense of identity becoming the in thing, being exclusive is the new inclusive. Naturally, cities around the world have emerged as fashion capitals in their own might. No single place though can lay claim to the fashion capital tag with definite conviction. Because style is subjective, fashion capitals also tend to be somewhat vague. As such being the fashion capital of India, as of any other country, is a task only partially accomplished.

Specifically the range of diversity that India takes pride in makes the fashion capital notion all the more widely interpreted. What emerges therefore is that the country has not one but quite a few fashion capitals! No big deal though. Through history, different regions have shone with fashion sensibilities distinct from each other. The picture is almost the same even in the India of today. Here’s enumerating the top 10 cities that has the potential of making it big as the fashion capital of India-

New Delhi

New Delhi might be the capital of our country but there are more than a few dubious distinctions to it. A weather that fluctuates between the extremes, a city that climbs higher on the trajectory of crime and pollution- Delhi does not sound anything like of the Dilwalo ki Dilli. But if you have witnessed the city chilling even in its worst wintry conditions, you will know just why it has gained prominence to emerge as the winter fashion capital of India.

Delhi is vibrant for all you see. Boisterous and funky, the place imbibes a vibe that will make you lose all inhibitions. The people here are so conscious of how they look that even the most nonchalant souls will yield in to this urge to look their gorgeous best.

Perhaps the thing that perks up Delhi the most is how fashion is as crucial to everyday life as it is to weekends. You would barely come across a dazed soul just trying to make through with in Delhi. Fashion fanatics of the country go all prim and proper and uber stylish even with the simplest of outfits. Speak of high end and there is no dearth of glamour that Delhiites are willing to deck themselves up with.

Bur it is the winter fashion in this part of the country that is the most striking. Delhi’s winter style is smart and crisp even when it goes all flashy all year round. Elegantly tailored jackets and uber chic knee- high boots define the chill of the city, emerging bold and dapper from withing its misty might. Fashion here is anything but clumsy and you can well imagine Delhi transforming to one of those global destinations that make a statement with their defined turn ups in its wintry sojourns.

Delhi is as well versed with high end fashion and spells brands as effortlessly as the rest of the fashion conscious world does. Haute couture characterises the elite of Delhi more frequently and the many spirited folks of the city do not hesitate a bit when it comes to experimenting with styles and trends. Also as a city teeming with people from varied regions of the country, Delhi boasts an unique inclusiveness in its bold and bright fashion. No wonder it is one of the places that can definitely put its claim to the tag of being the fashion capital of India.


Renowned as the summer fashion capital of India, Mumbai definitely has its own way with style that puts in perspective its reputation of being one of the worthiest cities in the country. As the home to the Indian film industry that is a luxe combination of glamour and fashion, the city of dreams sprawls all over style in its wider reach.

Everyday fashion in Mumbai however is so subtle that you would be quick to dismiss it as inconsequential. Mumbai indeed resides in extremes. On one hand are the glittering ramps and shows that remain scintillated with the best dressed models while on the other are common folks who interpret fashion as their right to the luxury of comfort.

In fact, Mumbai has such a fair for doing effortless fashion that it appeals as a mellow version of artistry. For the ones who seek their own even in minimalism, Mumbai has a lot to offer. The city wears fashion the way it wants, making a sartorial impression that is delightful and discernible.

In its fast paced life, Mumbai nurtures fashionistas who seek style in functionality. Mumbaikars know how to keep it cool even without any effort. Casual and laid back, the city’s fashion is such that puts you at ease with and in everything. Fashion gets really fussy if it is not liberating. Imbibing comfort while oozing style- oodles of it- is what makes Mumbai the fashion hotspot for new age Indians.


Fashion in India is nowhere as pronounced as in Goa. The go-to holiday destination, Goa has quite the spunk in its spirit which translates as well to its fashion consciousness. A very zesty vibe characterises style in this fashion haven that is at least as pronounced as its breathtaking beauty.

Hippie fashion comes alive in the many sartorial manifestations in this Rome of the East. The many beaches in the place brings to play very flowy elements in its style assertion. Goa encompasses a free spirited fashionista who does style with as much purpose as with insouciance.

Breezy, flowery outfits with funky motifs and vibrant prints is what you will witness in this emerging fashion capital. The vibe here is all things impromptu, one that lets you explore life in stylish confidence. It’s also not just about the brands here, junk jewelry and flea accessories make as much of a statement as the designer Wendell Rodricks and Malini Ramani outfits. With its enchanting resort like beach feels, Goa also has been host to fashion shows and weeks in its own offbeat way, making it also a hub of global fashion statements.


fashion in pune
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What makes Pune as much a fashion hub as any other stylish city in India is basically its young crowd. Teeming with some of the best colleges in the country, Pune is very much a conglomeration of young consciousness and an innate, carefree style essence. Hip and happening in equal measure makes fashion in Pune a blend of an extravagant style, doused in simplicity.

Fads catch up with the Pune crowd far easily and conveniently than with folks in other parts of the country. This is because the crowd here is diverse and young, who do not shy away from finding expression in eccentricity. A hipster kinda vibe runs deep within the city’s soul with fashion necessarily incorporating some of the most prominent elements of hip hop fashion.

Casual yet classy, Pune does fashion in a way few others can afford to, in spirit. Also with the Pune Fashion Week emerging to be one of India’s leading luxury fashion weeks, fashion in the city finds a different kind of validation altogether.


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The rock capital of India, Shillong sure indulges in the spunky vibe in all aspects of style. Not just music, fashion in the city is also resounding with young feels- bright, bold and experimental.

When you talk of Western influence as a basis of making a statement through style, Shillong is well steeped in all such elements. Fashion here is basically about brands, with experiments incorporated even in high street style. Hip hop, definitive style rules the roost among fashion conscious folks of the region. People here know how to pull off even not very flattering co- ords with their very upbeat and funky attitude.

But mainstream fashion apart, the city also draws upon its own traditional influence to define its unique fashion sensibilities. The north eastern region of India is known for its aesthetically striking traditional dresses. And Shillong, with its particularly vibrant ethnic attire knows how to don fashion the best way possible. No wonder the city can claim to be the next fashion capital of India.


fashion capital of india
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You can’t speak fashion without spelling Bangalore. The city resides in a youthful vibe that is infested with an energetic party spirit. Quirky yet traditional style rules the fashion scene in this city that is reputed as the Silicon Valley of India.

As the IT hub of the country, you might expect Bangalore to be far less seated in fashion detailings. But in its brilliance, the city also nurtures a youthful exuberance that finds expression in its vibrant night life and in its jazzy style statement. The style of Delhi and the casual coherence of Mumbai- Bangalore is a fashion might in its own right.

Bengaluru folks ace style in tradition as effortlessly as they do in casual wear. Fashion for them is what they are rather than what they do which explains their fashion collectiveness as one that finds expression more in simplistic comfort than in extravagant detailings. But the city also sparkles in its own sheen- one that lets it unwind easily and as meticulously as it navigates its way through the famed traffic jams! Being the fashion capital of India would come easier for Bangalore than being a less congested metro any time soon.


The City of Joy has an eye for artistic flair which goes a long way in making it one among the more fashionable cities in India. Kolkata does casual style in the simplest way possible, but with such elegance that lends fashion a new dimension altogether.

Fashion in Kolkata is fresher than its freshest rosogollas, with the city people finding their groove in the depths of style with cumulative ease. Flaunting brands is not so much the craze, but when they do, they do it with the utmost elegance. Gorgeous Benarasi silks and breezy Jamdhani cottons do up the style quotient of the locals even as they go all out for comfort to combat their humidity- seeped existence.

Of particular boldness when it comes to fashion in Kolkata are the indigenous prints and motifs and chunky accessories that stand out pretty daintily in the crowd. Fashion here is also quite affordable which explains why the folks don’t dampen down the city’s march to being the fashion capital of India. Kolkata sports such style that manifests its joy, much like its many elements of cheerful essence.


Fashion in Chennai is too stand out for you to not take note. Urbane but not very sophisticated, this South Indian city goes chic even with its ethnic fashion sense. Western influences are fairly low but what makes the place click on the fashion radar is its rich traditional attires. Kanchipuram silk sarees deck up the excellent fashion conscience, emboldened further by stunning gold jewelry. The youth though have embraced jeans and tees as the more functional dress code. But overall the prevailing style sentiment is so intense that pervades even the rough climate as local folks like to flaunt all their traditional resplendence and take pride in it. With a fashion affinity so strong, it’s only natural that Chennai also be revered as the fashion capital of India.


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The land of the Nizams, Hyderabad boasts of a rich lineage that translates as extravagant exuberance in modern day fashion. The people of Hyderabad sports a style that is flamboyant and mirrors the lavish aesthetics and grandeur of the city. From fancy boutiques to handloom outlets, Hyderabad holds its own when it comes to making a splash in fashion.

The city is famous for its Kundan jewelry that impart the royal elegance to its ladies, oomphing up their stunning couture collections. Even everyday fashion stays true to the vivid aura. Hyderabad brings to life the age old legacy of its larger than life regal aura through such stunning interpretations of style that will leave you dumbstruck.


fashion capital of india

What lends Aizawl its own charm as a fashion destination is its unique style sensibility. Diverse in its encompassment of brands and street style fashion, the North eastern city is as buzzing with any other when it comes to looking good. But perhaps what lends this place a distinctive standing when it comes to flaunting its keen sense of style is its obsession with Sunday fashion!

Sounds weird but the local folks of Aizawl are more concerned with their Sunday mass appearance in church than their exclusive or everyday fashion. So much so that repeating outfits is blasphemous for some! But even then, casual style is also not left to wither, with second hand branded stuff catering mainly to the inherently stylish tastes of the young crowd. Flea steals are also quite the rage, while local designers step in to lure the fashion savvy with customized offerings. Fashion is so inventive and westernized in Aizawl that renders it uniquely deserving of the tag of being the fashion capital of India.