Fashion disasters men need to stop committing and save themselves from embarrassment

fashion disasters

Being funny is one thing, looking funny is another. A funny persona can keep people entertained but a wacky sense of style only makes you a caricature, It’s therefore essential to exercise your fashion liberties in a manner that has you looking your best. Unfortunately, often-a-times, men are such naive, ignorant creatures that they end up committing fashion blunders that are virtually nothing short of disasters. Here are some of the starkly prominent fashion disasters men commit and need to stop doing if they want to save themselves from embarrassment-

Hideous shoes


The fashion world has bombarded men with such numerous sleazy looking footwear that it’s difficult for the poor souls to make a decent choice out of them. Particularly outrageous are those extreme toed shoes- both the square toed ones and the way too pointy ones. Be sure to avoid those if you don’t want to go about straddling through town like a gnome or an elf. Because these are the only beings you can be in either of these!

No less disastrous are guys who slip on crocs and open sandals for their each and every step. It should be an absolute no brainer that crocs aren’t the most fashionable of footwear even when they are hella comfortable. But not only some guys choose to do it up for their every venture but also pair them with socks! Can you think of anything even more blasphemous than this? The same goes for those who pair socks with floaters or sandals creating what is no less than an eyesore. It’s essential for boys and sadly, even grown-up men to understand that fashion surely should be comfortable but not every form of comfort can be fashionable. You need to be able to draw the line where you allow fashion to be sophisticated and not just leave it at everyday convenience, even when it has you looking like the clown in town.

Tacky colors


It’s very important to try on clothes before you buy them. Because of body tones, not every color compliment every person out there when it’s really one of the most unique hues you have ever seen. Even with nudes and pastels, it’s absolutely necessary to find the tone that will suit you. But there are some colors you really need to avoid. You need to be aware that you aren’t any Ranveer Singh to puLL off just about any outfit, even one that screams OTT right in your face. You will end looking up like a cartoon and get trolled or made fun of and we aren’t sure if you could, or rather would want to, handle any!

Of course basics like blacks and whites, navys and greys, browns and beiges will always have your back. You can even meander off to less chartered territory with muted greens and blues, pale yellows and sober maroons but steer clear of other very adventurous shades. Particularly when you don’t have an overcoat or blazer for contrast, it’s best to play safe and shine bright even with cool colors. It’s better being normal and classy than attempting to make a statement and instead end up being a tasteless dummy!

Shining armor


Unless you are a knight in shining armor, do not absolutely go for glossy shirts in shine that can blind out people. Do that in tacky colors and you aren’t even doing fashion, you are better off unwearing them. Men shouldn’t even have the option of wearing those sleazy looking shirts that razzle and dazzle with such show of pomp that can instantly set off anyone.

Either at cocktail parties or at weddings, it’s not unusual to see hordes of men opting for the shine in the hope that they look every bit like the star of the evening. Sadly though, all these shirts do is rob you off your hard earner money and that too to make you look extremely shabby! Yet these shirts continue to run off shops’ selves because there’s this fad of wearing them as ‘party dresses’. This is a legit pressure you should be happy to never yield in to.

Accessories galore


Accessories sure can do up your look but like every thing that has its way, even accessories need to be wisely paired up with. Sporting rings on each finger of either hand or doing up a watch just because it has the brand name engraved all over it should be a strict no- no. Sometimes even a quirky printed tie is enough accessory to fetch you all the attention or a pair of elegant cuff links can have people drawing towards you. Don’t get your hands heavy with a watch, some bracelets and couple of rings thrown in just because you want to flaunt some jazz. Accessorise only with outfits that call for it and try to keep things striking even in minimality.

Mismatching socks and shoes


Socks and shoes don’t have to match always. In fact, the rule of matches has it that the color and even the material of your shoes should be in sync with the belt you sport. While sock colors should be in coordination with the color of suit you are wearing. But never should you match the color of your socks with your shoes though this is the exact way we tend to go about when we think fashion. Another very commonly committed fashion blunders is pairing white socks with black shoes. That should be a combination reserved exclusively for school kids who have no choice and not for people who have the freedom to dress as per their whims. If you do indeed want to go for contrasting colored socks and pants, do it on casual outings. But even then, don’t go all black and white on the feet.

Ill fits


Although this goes for every piece of clothing, irrespective of gender and race, shape and size, men need to be particularly wary about putting on ill fitted suits. Clothes that aren’t your perfect fit can make you look shorter, stouter and unsightlier than you actually are. And because suits are intended to do up your class and look, it’s a sin to wear them in even an inch of detraction from your actual fit. Same goes for casual trousers and jeans, as well as dress shirts and virtually every piece of clothing.

But while you are at it in making your trousers or jeans fit you perfectly too well, take care to not go overboard. A pair of extremely skinny jeans or trousers that look like they have been wrapped around your legs is as ungodly a sight as the ones that just hang from your body. Even shirts that are too tight makes your belly protrude and in extreme cases makes the buttons want to fall off. Of course the key here is to find a balance, like all other things in life so that you manage to keep yourself all in one piece and as appealing as ever.

Baggy jeans


The reason why we have singled out baggy and saggy jeans as the piece of clothing that should just disappear even when we have already mentioned ill fits is that they are one of the most distressing things you ca ever wear. What’s the point of wearing pants if you want your boxers to be up there in full display? Let the clothes you wear serve at least some of their purpose and ditch completely your pair of baggy jeans you had been too naive to buy at some point of time in your life.

Gawdy patterns


Only few men have the personality and nonchalance to pull off even the most atrocious of prints and patterns. So if you aren’t one of those extremely blessed souls, don’t try to g too wayward and stick instead to basics. Of course you can do sparse florals but shirts dotted with flowers all the way through is ridiculous men’s fashion. And be sure to reserve your Hawaiian shirts for those days on the beach or at least for the most scorching of summer days. Bold prints also don’t complement every one too well, so be careful while picking them up.

Wearing style the wrong way


Your wardrobe might be one of the most enviable in your friends’ circle but if you don’t know how to wear your clothes right, you aren’t winning any brownie points. V necks tees need never be a man’s best friend but it is only V necks that you should wear underneath dress shirts. Similarly tucking tees is a no- no, not tucking dress shirts evokes an equally vehement no- no. Wearing a broad tie with shorter sleeved shirts should also be shunned while wearing unironed shirts and suits especially in formal occasions should totally have you banned.


Also make sure that your trousers are the right length, not long enough to sag down to your shoes neither cropped up to leave your socks in full public view. Try also to do away with tees that sport supposedly cool slogans but are actually too teen like to suit your manliness. Overall, maintain a sense of style that suits you and always have a pruning session in front of the mirror before deciding on the outfit you are going to step out in. Trust us, it’s totally worth it!