Top 14 fashion shows in India every fashion savvy must follow

fashion shows in India

For every fashion buff, there is no world as glam and enchanting as the one of fashion shows encompass. Bringing the best in fashion and style to the fore, fashion shows are the ultimate relevation in sartorial excellence and design uniqueness. The fashion industry in India is one that has emergingly evolved over the years. Be it in contemporary style, in everyday fashion or in the more glamorous ambit of glittering ramps and swanky runways, Indian fashion has never been static. Here are the top fashion shows in India every fashion savvy must follow for their foray into trending style and sensibility-

Lakme Fashion Week

Lakme Fashion Week
Source: Aashni & Co

The first ever fashion show that India has been witness to and that which still holds grounds as being one of the top fashion shows in the country is the Lakme Fashion Week. The city of Mumbai plays host to this bi- annual event (organized by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and supported by Lakme) ever year once in February and the other time in August. Since 1999, LFW has remained the most prominent of fashion shows in India with the LFW Summer Resort and the LFW Winter Festive Event mesmering all equally with its stunning offering of many a striking sartorial statement.

Even in its inception, the Lakme Fashion Week had a stupendous beginning. As many as 33 leading designers graced the ramp in New Delhi with their creations that has since been dotted also by the presence of numerous international names- both on the designer and in the modelling circuit. Two decades hence and LFW continue to enthrall with the presence of hotshot designers and a host of Bollywood stars bringing more glamour to this star studded display of fashion.

India Fashion Week

Another popular fashion event in India organized at the behest of the FDCI and sponsored currently by Amazon India is the India Fashion Week that is also a bi- annual event. A regular prêt weeks for womens wear affair since 2000, this particular fashion show holds its Autumn- Winter event in March every year while the Spring- Summer show takes place in October. A particularly lucrative platform for the budding designers, the India Fashion Week is easily one of the more popular fashion shows in India as top fashion designers also showcase their designs that are donned by popular celebrities that ups the oomph and the allure of the whole extravaganza.

Van Heusen India Men’s Week

Van Heusen India Men's Week
Source: Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine

The first ever fashion show in India that is all about addressing style exclusive to and of men, the Van Heusen India Men’s Week has been a regular feature in the fashion circuit since 2009. Following a tie up of the FDCI with leading lifestyle brand Van Heusen, the India Men’s Week came into being ushering in a new wave of fashion sensibilities that catered to the then niche male crowd.

As of now however with evolving fashion consciousness and more and more gender neutral vibes in stride, this particular show still rules the roost when it comes to bringing together an amassment of amazing fashion sensibilities at fore that puts the menfolk at par with their female counterparts when it comes to doing and wearing fashion. Not only did this men exclusive show boded well for extending the intricacies and importance of fashion to the lesser catered to section, it also established India as one of the world’s leading fashion capital for menswear.

India Bridal Fashion Week

India Bridal Fashion Week
Source: New Love Times

As the name suggests, the Indian Bridal Fashion Week is a fashion show that aims at exhibiting the best trends and designs in bridal couture through exclusive designer showcases. A five day glitzy affair every year since its launch in 2010, this among the top fashion shows in India seeks to cash in on the extravagant affair that Indian weddings have always been.

The IBFW is held annually in the cities of Mumbai and Delhi and is graced by top notch designers and fashionistas as well as fashion labels that specialise also in heritage and traditional bridal wear. With the picturesque sky diving paradise of Aamby Valley in backing, the Indian Bridal Fashion Week encompasses every bit the glamour and enchantment that the big fat Indian wedding is supposed to be, be it in offerings or even in presentation.

India Runway Week

Conceived as the first complete fashion week that focusses exclusively on young emerging designers, the India Run way Week has been in existence since 2013 and is a break away from other fashion shows dominating the style scene in the country. With the Indian Federation for Fashion Development at the helm of affairs, the three day event is an entry by invitation only affair and is an event at par with global fashion weeks.

A bi- annual fashion event, the India Runaway Week holds its summer edition and winter festive edition once every year in New Delhi. This premier event in Indian fashion also is unique in that it also emerged to be the first ever Instagram Fashion Week in its October 2019th edition.

Bangalore Fashion Week

One of the famous shows in India that delivers every single charm derivable on the fashion horizon is the Bangalore Fashion Week. A bi annual event since 2009, the show is hosted in the IT capital of the country and is a strictly ‘participation by invitation’ only venture. However it isn’t just Bangalore where the namesake fashion event holds relevance, the event has also been held outside India in Bangkok and in Dubai for the purpose of showcasing Indian craftsmanship to the world. A four day affair that is also Asia’s biggest lifestyle and fashion fair, the Bangalore Fashion show has been graced also by international models over its many editions even as local designers are provided the platform to reflect their fashion sensibilities in mainstream media thereby making the fashion world a more viable proposition for budding designers.

North India Fashion Week

As the name suggests, the North India Fashion Week is an event that aims to bring the fashion scene of the northern part of the country into national prominence as an organized display of sartorial presence. Different parts of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Uttar Pradesh have played host to this fashion event that claims to provide an all encompassing overview in fashion, events and lifestyle. NIFW focusses on the verticals of retail, experience and consultancy for aspiring fashion designers as also for fashion trailblazers making it a simulative experience in all round fashion. In helping to develop sustainability of the fashion industry of North India, the NIFW is among the more popular fashion shows in the country.

India Couture Week

One of only three couture weeks in the world, the FDCI backed India Couture Week has been on the Indian fashion horizon since 2016. A week long event that witnesses couture creations stemming from the best names in the country, the ICW celebrate indigenous Indian craftsmanship and textiles, as well as its many intricacies in embroideries and techniques.

Synergy 1 Delhi Couture Week

Synergy 1 Delhi Couture Week
Source: Deccan Herald

Another of the three fashion shows held under the aegis of the Fashion Design Council of India, the Synergy 1 Delhi Couture Week was conceived as a tribute to Indian couture, that goes beyond the mere manifestation of bridal trousseau. A four day event that showcases the vital elements of the Indian fashion industry vis a vis its place in international fashion, the fashion show is held in Delhi is indeed an ode to and exaltation of Indian craftsmanship like no other. Bollywood celebrities, fashion models as well as the best designers of the country grace this prestigious fashion event that is an elite experience to live in itself.

Rajasthan Fashion Week

Rajasthan Fashion Week
Source: Indiatimes

Since 2012, a fashion event of royal grandeur started doing the fashion rounds of central India and has emerged to be one of the topmost shows in the country in a relatively short span of time. While the dainty charm of traditional Indian elements are held on to for all its aesthetics with aplomb, it is also the prevailing fashion sensibilities in the international scene that are amply explored and displayed in this glitzy celebration of all things stylish. Even when it is one of the premier events that grace the fashion scene of India, the RFW is known for its ideals of striving to bring glamorous fashion also to the common people, outside the mere domain of the elites and the privileged few.

Indore Fashion Week

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It wasn’t just the Rajasthan Fashion Week that took its flight of fancy in 2012. The neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh’s Indore has also been playing host to its eponymous fashion event that is a premier happening in the country’s fashion fraternity. One of the sought after fashion events in central India, the Indore Fashion Show showcases Madhya Pradesh’s traditional handiwork as well as designs that are reflective of the contemporary fashion trends. Western and bridal trousseau as well as traditional Anarkali and Begham collection occupy centerstage in this fashion show that also has national and international designers and models take to the stage in display of scintillating fashion.

India Beach Fashion Week

Source: Bollywood Mantra
Source: Bollywood Mantra

The first of its kind and possibly also the only beach fashion shows in India, the India Beach Fashion Week is Asia’s largest & most inspired fashion platform under Beach, Resort, Cruise & Destination Wear Fashion. Graced by fashion talents from India and also across the border, this event in Goa is really a diversive experience in fashion weeks, at least in the Indian perspective. Needless to say, the IBFW sees the best and latest trends in resort and beach wear explored in the mainstream fashion stage to cater to emerging demands as well as the niche requisite of travel wear.

India Kids Fashion Week

India Kids Fashion Week
Source: Hindustan

A kids fashion week might not sound like the most prestigious of fashion events but the general fashion consciousness ruling the lifestyle of the present times means that tiny tots and children can be as fashionable and stylish as grown ups. The India Kids Fashion Week therefore is another fashion shows of the country that sure spans the fancy of the fashion savvy. A quadrennial event held at Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore by the IKFW Organization, the event sees kids within the age group of 4 to 14 years take to the ramp donning outfits by both national and international designers.

East India Fashion Week

Envisioned by the Northeast India Fashion and Design Council, the East India Fashion Week is an event that aims to explore the fashion scene of the eastern region of India. A recent phenomenon that saw the light of day just a couple of years back, this particular show is significant because it is only one of the kind shows that aim to bring also the fashion sensibilities of the eastern and north eastern India to global attention. Budding fashion designers are encouraged to explore the reaches of their trade as they team up with several established and celebrity designers as well as local and national models.