Fashion Tips For Ladies To Shine In Style This Durga Puja

Come October, Durga Puja is all set to raise the spirits of the people to make them immerse themselves in the positive and joyful aura of the festivities. There is something so magical about this autumn festival in our country that most of us tend to link the coming of autumn with the phrase ‘Ma Aschen’ which means that the Mother Goddess Durga is arriving in all Her glory. The mighty chants emanating from the nearest Puja pandal along with the beating of the dhaks emits such powerful vibrations that it acts as a ‘sound medicine’ for getting rid of our sadness and worries. Ma Durga who is an embodiment of feminine power also emerges as a ‘canvas of prettiness’ with the creative and pretty artistic touches by the artisans who brings Her to life. The statue of Goddess Durga does not feel like a mere piece of artwork but resembles a divine and mighty matriarch who has great leadership and decision making qualities and acts as a guide to the other statues of Gods and Goddesses who surrounds her side – Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Laxmi. The streets are all decked up with lights and unimaginable decorative fancies. Being a festival which honours feminine power, it is also a great time for beautiful ladies of our nation to up their fashion game and rock the streets in ‘You Go Girl’ way.

Here are some ways to colour the streets this Durga Puja –

Red and Gold

Source : Myntra

Power and prosperity are two of the traits that are the utmost desires of a person. People pray and work hard mostly to acquire these two very difficult formless possessions. Red which represents power and gold which represents prosperity are two of the most important colours which signifies the prime qualities defining Ma Durga. The prayers of Goddess Durga comprises of words such as Shakti Bhute Sanatani (The eternal living energy) and Daridray Harini (The eliminator of poverty). So, this Durga Puja, you can symbolize these two great qualities of the Mother Goddess with this elegant Biba red kurta with pretty floral work in gold prints and magnificent mirror work.

Black and White

Source : Myntra

Black represents mystery and white represents purity. These two thoughtful traits are remarkably personified by Ma Durga. The All Encompassing Female Power is also known as Brahmacharini who is the symbol of peace and devotion and is represented as one who does severe meditation. On the other hand, the same Female Power defines black in its most spectacular form as Mahakali.  Most of the devotional songs composed for the Mother goddess comprises of this line Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu (The goddess who is omnipresent) which clearly tells that She seems mysterious with her innumerable qualities and forms. You too can show your dashing and innocent side by rocking this poly crepe off white saree featuring black geometrical prints.

Orange and Yellow

Source : Myntra

Goddess Durga is a giver of victory and happiness. Orange and yellow being symbols of success and happiness, you should definitely adorn outfits of these two joyful colours. To praise the Mother, people chant Jayanti Mangala Kali (The ever victorious and auspicious one) and Sarva Vighna Hare Devi (Goddess who is the remover of obstacles) along with the hope that She would make them achieve success in their duties and give them happiness by eliminating their worries and sadness. You can emanate cheerful vibes as well as show off your all rounder avatar in the already joyous occasion of Durga Puja by sporting this orange kurta with the bright yellow palazzos.

Blue and Green

Source : Myntra

Blue and green are the symbols of trust and life respectively. Ma Durga is the rescuer of people who goes to seek refuge to Her by trusting Her to protect them from all the troubles of life. For this reason people praise her by chanting Sharanagat Dinart Paritran Parayane (The last resort of refuge for the pitiable and paining people who come to take refuge). As the Shristhi Sthithi (Ultimate Creator) of all the creations of nature, She also represents the colour green as another splendid colour by the creation of massive forests. Blue and green are two of the perfect colours representing the true personality of a woman. It shows that she will do everything possible to help the one who trusts her and how the world will cease to exists without her who is the source of giving birth to another life. You can reveal your amazing personality by wearing this green kurta trouser set along with the beautiful blue glazy dupatta.

Pink and Violet

Source : Your Designer Wear

Pink and violet are two of the girly colours and are mostly favoured by ladies. Pink which represents affection clearly signifies Ma Durga as the Mother figure who is Dhatri (The Nourisher) or in other words, the epitome of motherly love and affection. Violet is truly a strong colour for ladies as it represents self awareness which signifies that woman should be able to rise independently by becoming self-aware of her strengths. Self-awareness is one of the qualities that Ma Durga represents with each of her ten hands which shows how She can define feminine power. You can also attract the eyes of the crowd this Puja by wearing this elegant pink and violet silk saree with intricate designs.

You can rule the streets in style this Puja season by flaunting each of these dresses according to your wish for each of the five days of Durga Puja.