26 fashion trends which does not make sense and makes you say “ghanta fashion hai yeh!”

fashion trends that make no sense

Fashion is ever evolving and radically changing. Yet, time and again, fashion has been so inexplicable and so cringe worthy that you end up wondering whether fashion is really fashionable at all. And while it might be easy to believe that men commit the worst fashion blunders, women are equally susceptible to the non- fashionable bug. Even when these fashion beauty trends go viral due to celebrity endorsements, yet they remain outrageous as ever. Here are 26 fashion trends over time which have refused to make any sense at all-

Knitted crop tops

Weren’t crop tops a means to ward off the heat in style? If so, then knitted crops would mostly be a paradox in itself. Cropped enough to keep you cool yet warm enough to make you sweat. Though definitely trendy, yet they defies all logic and reason. Still not one of those most outrageous of fashion blunders.

Really cropped crop tops

Now this shouldn’t even have been a thing. I mean, showing off your toned torso is fine but why choose to deceive with just an inch of cloth to cover something that doesn’t even matter?

Sheer leggings

Leggings have been basically a blessing for the fashion world. With the perfect fit and size, this piece of clothing ensures functionability and style while doing away with the occasional discomfort of denims. Sheer leggings then isn’t even a necessity. And given that leggings are already figure flattering, completely see through sheer leggings are only meaningless.

Sagging pants

Low waist jeans had been quite a fad some time ago. And while low flung pants at a decent drop actually looked quite good, things got awry when these low rises started sagging further to leave boxers in full view. Leave aside indecency and non existent fashion sense, these even looked not at all appealing.

Micro mini sarees

Sarees have always been known as the wonder of some length of yard. It’s quite distressing therefore to view these graceful dresses being robbed of their length and also of their charm. Modern day sarees have already been experimented upon in distinctly varied interpretations but to turn them into mini dresses, however functional they might be, has to be a complete no- no.

Clear knee jeans

Ripped jeans are cool. And so are jeans with just a slit in the knee. But the slit flares up quite some bit and this is where it starts to get hideous. And as you try to get rid of that amusing hideousness with some plastic patch covering up the knee, you have to be the maniac who’s into ruining fashion.

Bridal shorts

bride in shorts
Source: mid-day.com

Like whaaat?!! Outliving the convention, wearing what you deem comfortable is undeniably kick ass. But what’s with pairing an intricately embroidered heavy blouse- and dupatta– complete with traditional bridal make up and jewelry with something as casual as shorts? I simply don’t get the catch with this fad, provided there is one.

Bridal shorts
Source: Whimn

Clear full length jeans

If clear knee jeans couldn’t generate enough (un)attention, you can turn to the full length clear jeans for your respite. How unfashionlike would one have to be to design completely see through pants that defeats the whole purpose of putting on pants?!

Clear boots

Clear pants need to take along clearer boots for sure. Thigh high boots that shows off your legs while covering them up sounds like black magic. And with sweat and grime striving to make them a slippery platform as also an eyesore just makes them the biggest of fashion disasters ever!

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Extra long tees


However God(dess) like of a figure you might be blessed with, a tee shirt that extends way below your torso to almost cover your thighs should classify as a dress. But it doesn’t, because it’s actually a tee which means it should have ended way up. A definitively senseless fashion manifestation.

Ripped stockings

Stockings have either been meant to waver off the bits of chill ruling the air or to pull of a really short dress with decency. And with people sticking to monochrome tones or a color that matches their skin tone when it comes to putting on these leggy clothes, it’s quite obvious that stockings are a supplement to fashion and not the actual maker of any outfit. Yet when ripped stockings became a thing, they sure became the look breakers. Needless to say, these should not even classify as fashion.

Pompous purses


Purses so big that you can literally grow your own garden pockets in them. Purses were designed as handy bags to carry about essentials in style. And yet, we have evolved upon them so much that all they are now is humongous emphasisers of their dainty selves. Pathetic.

Meggings and treggings

While leggings have been a super comfy boon for woman kind, men aren’t that too lucky. And when they strive to be as fashion privileged as us by introducing meggings or men- jeggings into the picture, they are only brewing a complete recipe for disaster. Similar is the case with leggings designed along the lines of track suits. Treggings, as they are known, are as much of an embarrassment to fashion.

Bikini jeans


I don’t even know what to say about this. Denim is classy, a two piece is sexy and comfy. What then a bikini jeans is supposed to embody? Weirdity and an outcome of a fashion head that doesn’t span common sense.

Male crop tops


Crop tops have been the go to outfit for girls that puts their cute, flirty side up on frills. Boys tried doing the same and ended up looking as cartoon caricatures. Gender neutral might be a very logical thing but when you take it too seriously especially in fashion, doom is certain. No wonder this nonsensical fashion trend never really caught up.

Double faced cowboy boots

Cowboy boots had been quite the rage ever since those handsome cowboys in Hollywood flicks made fleeting appearances. And we seriously had a thing for these heavy, edgy shoes. So why couldn’t we have just let them remain like that? There really wasn’t any need for double soled cowboy boots, or for that matter any other boots, to make their foray into fashion. But since they did, they have been one of those fashion trends that made no sense whatsoever.

Way too ripped jeans

Like we said earlier, ripped jeans actually looks cool. But going over the top is never a good idea, unless you are on the lookout for some limitless attention. Though this might not rank among the most sense defying of fashion fads, yet too much in rips and you have already fucked up fashion.

Ultra short shorts

Shorts are the most comfortable of summerwear to sneak into. But just because they are named shorts doesn’t mean you can snap ’em up to any length whatsoever. At least keep them long enough to cover your bum so that you don’t have to be the fashion bummer. Guys specifically need to go more easy with this one.

Platform/ wedge sneakers

Sneakers with heels? Really? As a category of footwear that had the whole notion of comfort and ease at work, unnecessarily elevating them to heights would be nonsensical. Yet, there they are- wedge sneakers to serve such purpose that cannot even be conceived! Pretty sneakers gone pathetically wrong.

Mom jeans

You know how Indian moms have been traditionally- the don’t wear too tight, don’t wear low flung, don’t wear too shapely clothes type. No wonder then mom jeans are unshapely, loose pieces of denim that elongate and flatten out your butt and renders you somewhat unattractive. Moms, we adore you but your kinda jeans are lacking in fashion sense.

Night suit outfits

No, night suits aren’t bad. But wearing them on a day out or even for running errands is a deal breaker. The first thing you need to do after getting outta bed is change. And yet here we are, casually strutting around in clothes that makes you want to yawn. This should not even have been brought under the jurisdiction of fashion.

Armadillo shoes

Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo shoes have been a signature fashion blunder. So much so that some models even refused to walk the ramp in those crazy heels during his famous spring 2010 show where the outrageous model debuted. Though inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution and global warming, these shoes held no sensible appeal in the fashion world.

Cage skirt

This isn’t fashion in any sense, that’s for sure. It doesn’t even have a purpose. Nor the look. And neither the appeal. Yet it emerged to be a fashion fad. Without rhyme and reason and we don’t know for what season. But surely pieces of wire like bands going around your waist is no interpretation of regular clothing, let even fashion.

Detachable jeans

If you are torn between buying a pair of shorts or jeans this festive season, detachable jeans are just the thing for you. Gigi Hadid rocked them while being the fashionista she is but us ordinary mortals roaming around in metros and stuff, this is just another of those fashion trends that make no sense at all. Sure you can button these jeans down to reveal a pair of shorts (at the hefty price of one though) but the cut and look would be a bit bizarre.

Shutter Shades


Not only do they look super dreary, they hamper functionality as well. You can’t just expect to blink behind those glares and not miss a step or two. Since when did fashion become this blind to shut you off? The Kanye style evolution, you (don’t) see.

Thong jeans

Straight cloth lines in the name of pants- has fashion evolved or gone wacky? What’s even the point in those linear strips of garment seaming through your legs when all you are covering is nothing? Inexplicable, wacky, weird, thong jeans are a bizarre fashion disaster.