Pretty lehenga styles to dress up in the festive spirit

Festive fashion is all about going OTT with your choice of attire and style. And what better than the flamboyant character of a lehenga to don in making a sartorial statement that gets as dramatic as it can? Dressing up in ethnics is already special an experience and with a dazzling lehenga as your couture for the day, there is no end to all the drama you would be setting the world up for. Here’s curating therefore this festive special edition of the many lehenga styles that you can choose from for your most stylish pujo appearance ever-

Mermaid Lehenga

mermaid lehenga styles for festive season
Source: Aza Fashions

Call it either a mermaid or a fishtail lehenga and there’s no doubt what this ‘costume’ of fantastical origins can do to your fashionista identity. Fitting from the hips to the hem and hugging your curves just right after which there asserts a dramatic flare- slipping into one of these custom- made creations will definitely have you feeling and looking like a divine Goddess yourself. One has to get the fit and flare right though for the proportions to conjure a view of immense beauty. The extravagance of this of the lehenga types also makes it an ideal bridal wear even as there’s no reason why you shouldn’t totally flaunt one as a festive-goer.

Panelled Lehenga

panelled kalidar lehenga styles for festive season
Source: Andaaz Fashion

With attributes like structured and detailed inbuilt into its design, a panelled lehenga can be one of the most striking choices as festive wear. Also called kalidar lehengas, this chime of the name already endears it to many a fashion lovers who actively scout for standout design elements in everything they wear. The multiple panels mounted on the lehenga skirt, often in different fabrics and colors and patterns for enhanced effect also endow a very graceful touch to the attire. The beauty of a panelled lehenga is the extent of its versatility that allows for the panels to be as contrasting as possible. But you can also have your pick custom made in a more mix and match pattern if you are someone who fancies the pleasantness of synchronity.

Trail Lehenga

trail lehenga
Source: Pernia’s Pop Up Shop

There’s no denying the oomph exuded by any dress that comes with a long trail of beauty to boast of. Further reinstating this fore of the fashionable is the trail lehenga that bewitches with the style magic it creates. The traditionally gorgeous ghagra choli gets a classic spin of some western aspirations with a dreamlike trail attached to glamorise it even further. This additional element while intensifying the drama indeed of what follows might somehow restrict its wearing in more practicalness. But this season of the festivities also coinciding with the shaadi season, you know well and sure where to sport this particular look at. So go ahead and deck up like a bride this time or even dress such because it’s indeed you who’s the bride!

Flared Lehenga

Flared Lehenga set
Source: Facebook

Flared or circular lehenga types are a classic case of old being gold. One of the more traditional lehenga styles and forever fashionable and festive, their appeal mostly rests in them flattering a variety of body shapes. The signature look of a fully flared lehenga is one of fullness, particularly worked in through elements like pleats and gathers and distinctive borders. Flowy and flouncy to truly complement the female body and yet very comfortable to wear while upholding all traditionality, circular lehengas are easily one of the most convenient options to strut about in style this and every festive season.

Jacket Lehenga

jacket lehenga styles for festive season
Source: Pinterest

The jacket addon to the lehenga has come to be popular enough to render this as one of the contemporary styles of wearing ethnics. And for good enough reason as well. The layering of the ghagra choli with another overdress does much to accentuate the entire look by lending another dimension to that appearance. But what has made this specific style find even more acceptance is the fuss free nature of its wearing. Jacket lehenga essentially eliminates the dupatta as being a definite part of the ensemble. This makes it easy to wear and carry off by anyone who otherwise find the flowy essence of the additional fabric a bit too much to attend to. With comfort and convenience taken care of, these jacket styles have indeed managed to widen the customer base for the lehenga especially as festive picks they would not mind revelling the entire day in.

Anarkali Lehenga

Anarkali Lehenga

Anarkali Lehenga has to be one of the most special styles to shop for this festive season. The undying glamour of lehengas coupled with the timeless charisma of what flows through the anarkali identity in fashion- this construct in fusion is worth all its weight in gold. In the anarkali interpretation of the lehenga, the traditional component of the choli is tailored to assume the anarkali character. Almost akin to a kurti but that which can be fashioned in more inventiveness as well, this is paired with the lehenga skirt for a combination that sure spurs a visage of extraordinariness. The anarkali version of the lehenga is all things extravagant why is exactly why it makes for such a fitting festive pick.

Saree Lehenga

Saree Lehenga
Source: WedMeGood

Once again a fusion style, this time deriving upon the iconic Indian drape, the saree lehenga perhaps is your best bet at going all out in proclaiming your ethnic love. A lehenga indeed but fashioned to imitate the sensuous appeal that the saree has found global fascination in, this also is an easy to wear rendition of Indian wear that has understandably found a great fan following. For those who do not quite get the pujo vibes unless it’s a pick from their saree closet, these yard length styles of lehenga would be an excellent option to dazzle in something new while also confirming to what their heart says.

Layered Lehenga

Layered Lehenga festive styles
Source: Ethnovog

Asserting through the romance of ruffles most essentially are layered lehengas made to serve the most dressiest of occasion. Indeed a voluminous visage that is guaranteed to stun, carrying off this particularly exquisite of the lehenga types however might not be so easy breezy an affair. But the kind of flair it adds to your outfit is more than worthy enough to put up with such associated unavoidabilities. And specially when it’s a festival as celebratory of the women spirit as Durga Puja, there sure is no holding back when it comes to dealing with some drama to deliver a whole lot more.

Pakistani Lehenga

Pakistani Lehenga
Source: Libaas Queen

Festivals are but occasions to celebrate life overall and especially for a secular identity like others this means embracing styles and fashion choices from all over. Case in point the Pakistani lehenga or the sharara lehenga where the essence of the lehenga skirt assumes instead the sharara character. Shararas are pants leggy enough to almost take on the flowy appearance of a skirt. But when worn in the lehenga style, they uniquely define the overall appearance as one of immense elegance and flamboyance. For those who have not yet ventured into this realm of across the border interaction, this season of the festivities is just the best time for some fashion experimentation.