Flaunting the feet in style with the Jutti


Juttis have successfully been able to retain its timeless appeal as a classic footwear from eons ago and the love for this traditional pair of shoes have only become more pronounced with the passage of time. With pretty and intricate colourful embroidery or paint encompassing the outer structure of the Jutti, it is only evident that it can definitely make your feet look glamorous. The distinctive features of the Jutti are its full flat sole and heavily embroidered toe covers ending in a pointed shape. Apart from enclosing the toes and the sides of the feet, the upper portion of a Jutti is kept open thereby keeping a major portion of the feet bare. The talking points of a Jutti is its fine leather besides the use of the colourful designs. The leather is mostly obtained from the hide of cows, buffalo or camels. In ancient India, embroidered Juttis were an exquisite symbol of extravagance for the elite classes like the kings, queens and landlords. Although the Jutti have been a mandatory footwear to don on formal occasions, the simple designs of this type of traditional shoe are also largely favoured as a casual wear.

The factors which makes Juttis a trending footwear for all times are-

Effortlessly stylish

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It is a fact that a Jutti has the capability to make a worn-out feet literally transform into an epitome of beauty mostly because of the attractive designs present in it. From hiding the cracked soles of a feet to even the chipped nails, a Jutti has the talent to add the factor of gracefulness to any kind of outfits along with other accessories. Although its exquisite style has been the main reason due to which it ranks among the Number 1 choice of footwear for parties, it also adds an ethereal look when sported with outfits like shirts or trousers.

High on comfort

Source : Times of India

The foremost reason of the Jutti being a comfortable shoe is due to its totally flat soles thereby making movement very easy for its wearers. Unlike a sneaker or floater, Juttis do not possess laces or belts which should be tied or stuck up together with our hands to make it secure around the feet. It can be easily slipped onto the feet without any hassles and then we are good to go off anywhere out into the world in style. Another advantage of a Jutti is that it is semi-airy too as its topmost portion is bare and does not cover the entire feet of the wearer

Does not burn a hole in pocket

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While purchasing heirloom pieces like gold, diamond or any other categories of precious jewellery, we need to plan and spend on it so that it does not rise highly above our expected choices. Meanwhile, the Indian wedding clothes, especially the ones for the ladies, are also quite expensive and are also given as a honourable form of hand-me-downs by the elders to the youngers on the latter’s special day of their lives. However, the intricately embroidered Juttis are also preferred as handloom pieces and thereby can be handed down through the generations if maintained properly. As a heritage footwear, Juttis are pretty affordable and most online sites and retail stores sell it below Rs. 5000. Moreover, there are a lot of cheap Juttis that are being sold like hot cakes across roadside stalls.

Perfect for any occasion

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While the loud version of Juttis ie. the ones embellished with a variety of sequins and beads along with colourful embroidery elevates the splendor of a wedding outfit, the simple embroidered ones can add a dash of prettiness to your classic and everyday corporate wear. Apart from elegantly defining the style quotient for office wear, a Jutti of the simplest design can also add the highest form of grace to a party wear outfit. While a sneaker looks out of place with a traditional type of party wear, sandals of glossy texture or those incorporated with lots of sequins and beads only looks proper with ethnic formal wear. However, the Jutti is always an ideal footwear for all occasions- be it going for shopping, going to office or driving off to a high profile event. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the Jutti has remained a timeless choice of footwear.

High on variety

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The Gen Z always has a fetish for experimenting with fashion and that is why they are always on the lookout for variety on clothing and accessories so that they are satisfied with the final result and confident to show off their looks to the world. Meanwhile, Jutti is also not at all behind in coming out in different avatars to the market so that the youths can embrace it and the elderly can also appreciate it. From showing off a riot of paints to appealing everyone with its regal spread of embroidery and stones, Jutti is probably the only footwear in India which looks like an artist’s canvas. Meanwhile, a lot of designers are also dishing out customized Juttis according to the choices of their customers.

Definitely can make you feel good looking

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When a piece of traditional Indian wear has the capability of charming you yourself, it is certainly a matter of pride. If you look yourself in the mirror after wearing a Jutti, it can definitely make you appreciate yourselves due to its artistic beauty and thereby give some vibes of positivity to you. For this reason, you should always make it a point to wear a Jutti in front of the mirror instead of donning it outside the entrance of the house. If you don’t have a Jutti yet, do purchase one. Besides benefitting a number of artisans involved in its making, it can also help you in making you the owner of an item of heritage which you can flaunt with happiness. Although dressing up beautifully can give a dose of joy, why should the opportunity of dressing up the feet elegantly be left behind? After all, the body part which helps us to stand and move about does deserve to be styled with grace.