Gamusa Jewellery : The unique and newest form of traditional Assamese accessory


Jewellery is the most favourite thing of a woman as it helps in enhancing in her beauty significantly. Besides being considered as an epitome of elegance, jewellery is used by the society as an attribute to determine the status of a lady. There is no doubt that jewellery comprising of precious stones and metals will always be the lure of attraction for every woman across the ages and she will shine ethereally in the crowd if she manages to procure one and wear it wherever she goes. With recycling and innovation being the in-words, the preferences for the types of jewellery by women have also been seen to evolve with the rotation of the wheel of time. Although the eternal love for gold and diamonds continues to linger and the fondness for imitation jewellery of various semiprecious stones and low-cost materials continues to soar, a new type of low cost jewellery have also been welcomed heartily by ladies into its folds.

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Fabric jewellery is the newbie in the block which have enticed the hearts and senses of women with its softness, colourful appeal, affordability and presenting a uniqueness to their looks overall. As you have guessed it, fabric jewellery is manufactured by cutting and sewing pieces of clothes in different designs and elevating its beauty more with the help of incorporation of artistic features and sticking various types of beads and trinkets. The best part about fabric jewellery is that it is a wonderful thing of beauty that can be made by recycling. Although fabric jewellery is easier and less costly to make, it requires a tremendous level of innovative thinking for designers and strong skills for artisans because they need to manufacture such types that could be favoured and purchased by women from the ever growing dynamic market of the modern world.   As the aspect of design or looks is given more importance or judged during the process of purchasing of fabric jewellery, the sellers of these products have to face stiff market competition too. This form of modern creation in the jewellery segment is the result of the bright thoughts of young entrepreneurs who are ready to achieve new heights of profit and fame by scaling the path which is either unexplored or less travelled by.

Assam also has seen many budding girls and boys coming up as entrepreneurs who are creating funky fabric jewellery pieces with the help of traditional handloom products like gamusas and mekhela chadars. As social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have turned up as excellent e-commerce platforms nowadays, these talented Assamese entrepreneurs have also switched their business in the online mode and are selling their unique and beautiful handicrafts like hot cakes with the help of new marketing strategies. From sharing heart-warming feedbacks of their customers in their social media handles and presenting or releasing their products by using different kinds of decorative props plus photography and videography techniques, these multitalented entrepreneurs are shining bright and are showing what kind of zeal a person can possess. The best thing is that a lot of customers of these entrepreneurs are Assamese people. This fact only goes on to show that traditional products when reinvented in a new avatar with a dash of creativity can only make it more popular.

The most unique among the different kinds of fabric jewellery of Assam is the Gamusa Jewellery. Here are the reasons on why you should possess this unique fabric jewellery-

A one-of-a-kind product of modern creativity

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The Gamusa of Assam is known for the unique and beautiful red woven motifs that are made atop a woven white cotton cloth. Although it is generally used as a towel for domestic purposes in Assamese households, it is also worn by a person as a mark of honour and is tagged as a worthy and respectable form of gift in Assam. For this reason, persons who are dear or elders are often gifted Gamusas during Bihu as Bihuwaan. Besides Bihu, Gamusas are often presented to guests or to achievers during their moments of win as a type of honourable memento. However, Gamusas are often used to create jewellery nowadays. Unlike other kinds of fabric jewellery which may have a riot of colours, Gamusa Jewellery literally stands out among the crowd due to its unique, pretty and distinct white and red hued patterns. Moreover, every maker of Gamusa Jewellery ensures that the red woven motifs are distinctly shown or are visible as this is the main worthy feature that gives this fabric ornament a totally special appeal. Although various kinds of decorations with trinkets can beautify this ornament, its the presentation of red woven motifs of the Gamusa Jewellery that does all the talking and make its wearer ethereally attractive.

Helps you in making a bold statement

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When the intensely energetic colour red is layered beautifully on a cool white cloth, you can imagine the visual appeal it strikes. The saying ‘opposite attracts’ totally vibes with the Gamusa Jewellery. Unlike other kinds of fabric jewellery which can be a feature of attraction due to the combination of various colours, Gamusa Jewellery will ensure that you become the central point of discussion in a party. It is indeed wonderful when the concept of less is more can come alive with our very own contemporary form of traditional handloom product.

Strengthen the concept of vocal for local

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When the daily used form of handloom product i.e. Gamusa is given a bright modern makeover, it is our duty as inhabitants of Assam to promote this new product. By buying, using and showing off our modern forms of traditional products, we are not only economically benefitting the artisans but also popularizing our local handicrafts and handlooms on a global scale and arousing the interests of tourists so that they can come and explore our beautiful land.