18 drop dead gorgeous dresses that are a must for every woman’s wardrobe

gorgeous dresses

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend was speaking only half the truth. An insane collection of varied dresses are at least as enticing to women all over the world as diamonds. We forever crave a closet of clothes that would fall all over as soon as the door opens up. But even as it is unreasonable to own every dress in the fashion universe, there are still some dress style staples that are a must have in every feminine wardrobe. Make sure you have these 18 of the dress styles in your wardrobe to be the true blue fashionista!

#1 Shirt Dress

Though among the more recent additions to the wide repertoire of women’s dresses, the shirt dress has already become the go to dress for pretty much every femme fatale. You can look gorgeous and cute, sweet and sexy, simple and attractive in this dress, and all at the same time!

No wonder, with this show of versatility, the shirt dress is as much coveted by women for its looks as for its immense comfort. Bonus: You can wear the chic shirt dress to pretty much every occasion and rock the look every time you don it.

#2 Lace Dress

I think there’s nothing prettier than a dress daintily enhanced by lacy features to complement a women into looking even prettier. Laces have a dream like, delicate feel to them. Feminine grace is much enhanced by a lacy silhouette that sits gorgeously over those curves. The lace dress is basically everything you would want to look like- appealing, effortless, cute and so magically beautiful.

#3 Little Black Dress

Now who wouldn’t have ever thought of ravishing in a little black dress? The epitome of all things sensuously perfect, the LBD has had a revered position in every woman’s wardrobe since eternity. And for good reason of course!

Black is a color that is synonymous with beauty. You may find it weird that with the obsession with everything fair, how can black be the definer of glamour. But slip a LBD on once and you will never want to get over this reverie of being called the black beauty.

And obviously, with all that thrust on accentuating just the right features that black boasts of, it’s no wonder that the little black dress has to be the most flattering of pieces that sits, head perched high, inside a woman’s wardrobe.

#4 Cocktail dress

A cocktail dress is a staple for any woman who loves to let loose her party spirit every now and then. Elegant and stylish, the sleek cocktail dress can make you the star of every party.

Besides, with a variety of style of cocktail dresses on offer, you can pick just the type that flatters you. So go on, get gorgeous in a cocktail dress and burn the dance floor even as you swirl in that super comfy, super glam party dress of yours!

#5 A- line dress

Even with our fetish for all things figure hugging, which we tend to think of as more attractive, the A- line dress is perhaps the most flattering of all women’s dresses. With a cut that flares out from the waist, the A line dress endows that diva like posture unto you.

A shape that suits all body types, hugging you at just the right places to make you look wonderful makes A- line dresses a definite must have in every woman’s closet.

#6 Gown

Timeless and classic, gowns are just the ultimate party wear for women. With a length that lends you the vision of someone descending from the stars, gowns create an aura that is irresistible and definitely eye catching.

Though not so convenient as far as functionality is concerned, gowns still are esteemed assets for women’s closets. Either to sweep the party people off their feet or simply to make a flowing statement, gowns are so damn necessary.

#7 Floral Dress

Pretty and petite, floral dresses are every girl’s best friend. They lend the perfect breezy feel to those carefree spring days and entice you more to travail through the lush beauty of woods and nature.

Additionally, floral dresses are pretty multi purpose too. Pair them with a leather jacket and you are ready to woo the love of your life on a casual date with your fun and flirty, laidback persona.

#8 Cape Dress

Capes have been the rage all along this season. And cape dresses only takes the drama a notch higher. A layered piece of clothing swaying majestically behind to make you party to heaps of importance sounds so very majestic! And indeed cape dresses are glamour personified in their every avatar. And hiding all those flab comes so easy with ’em capes. Totally worth rooting for capes to be essentials in every womanly wardrobe.

#9 Asymmetric Dress

There’s nothing that catches attention more than an asymmetric dress does, with all those crisp detailing and stuff. Trendy and uber stylish, asymmetric dresses also tend to deliver you with a bold fashion style that only a few are able to carry off with elan.

#10 Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are inherently so sexy. Because they go around the body in just the perfect fit, they are very flattering. Figure defining- and with a jaw dropping effect they create, wrap dresses occupy a place of elevated importance in every woman’s dream wardrobe.

#11 Sequined Dress

Sequins and prettiness go together so well! Magical abodes of twinkling beauties, sequined dresses are every girl’s delight. Shining on like the party diva becomes so very easy when you have one of these glittering dresses in your closet. Whats more, a sequined dress that is somewhat low on the sparkling glare makes them as apt for a fun hangout as well!

#12 Sundress

Classy and all, sundresses enamors all with their flair. Specifically designed to make you embrace the hustles of summer with minimum fuss, sundresses will ensure you turn the heat on people while looking your coolest best!

#13 T- shirt Dress

Much like shirts, Tees have also over served their purpose now. Elongated to morph them well as dresses, T- shirts just about go with their tag of versatility yet again. T shirt dresses are a pretty goo option to spice up your everyday look with a blend of style that’s commonplace, yet so refreshing.

#14 Maxi Dress

The go- to ‘informal gowns’ to beat the summer heat in style, maxi dresses are as popular as they are comfortable. Whether it be strutting off to work, catching up with friends for a quick snack or taking your dog out for a stroll, the flowy maxi dress comes to your rescue every time you need it.

#15 Knit Dress

Though season specific and underrated, knit dresses still behold tremendous charm to make them one of the favorite dresses for women. Apart from making you look like a million bucks, they also help ward off the cold of the weather. Functionality and a kinda different look- knit dresses are truly a one piece wonder.

#16 Dungaree Dress

Dungarees have always been tomboyishly cute. But with just the right undertones dungaree dresses can be made chic and comfortable, and stylish and casual. And with that attitude of carefree charm that dungarees bring along, it’s no wonder why dungaree dresses have become such a hit among women of all ages.

#17 Shift Dress

With a fit that is slightly along the looser lines, shift dresses are super functional and therefore perfect for long days out. Particularly apt for days when you want to feel a little less snug and tied down, shift dresses are another of the summer staples women should own.

#18 Denim Dress

The rage that denims have been forever since their revolutionary foray into the world of fashion, denim dresses undoubtedly are every woman’s favorite.

Rather than a style of dress, denim dresses are just a type of women’s clothing. Yet denim dresses encompass power dressing like no other outfit. Mainly because of the chic elegance denims brings upon a dress and also because they give off this vibe of confidence.