Tips On How to Select Your Next Party Kurtis

How to Select Your Next Party Kurtis

Fashion and beauty always go hand in hand. Hence it is important as a lady to know how to balance the two especially when planning to attend a party. Kurtis is a common piece that you can dress to every occasion. Plus, they are trendy, stunning and stylish. Since there are many types of Kurti that you can wear. It is best to know which Kurti to choose when you need one to attend a party with. Hence if you are attending a party it is a perfect chance to look splendid and flawless in your choice of Kurti party wear. Thus in this article, you will get tips on how to select the next party Kurtis that is the right kind for you.

Choose the right fabric

This tip is important that it is considered for the fabric you choose can mess your whole look. Some of the popular fabrics that look good with a party wear Kurtis are silk, cotton, chiffon, brocade, and satin. These fabrics always look outstanding and give your look the necessary shine when you are at a party. For instance, when adorning to a silk asymmetrical high low Kurtis that is perfectly embellished. Plus, it is paired with the right accessories and matching high heels is an amazing look. Choose a Kurti in one of these fabrics and you will be a head-turner just because of the type of material you used.

Select the ideal accessories

Accessories for Kurtis
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The accessories that you adorn to a formal event and those that you wear to a party are completely different. The accessories you choose should feel right for the occasion and not overdone as well. The perfect jewelry for a party Kurti is in most instances what we already have in our wardrobes. This is the casual looking accessories like the dangling or chunky earrings, bangles that match the color of your outfit and beautiful long necklaces. These are the most common but you can add others that fit your style like, sorted rings, toe rings among others. Since accessorizing a Kurti is a very important step to complete your look avoid doing minimal jewelry like plain earrings your look will not look complete.

Try out a unique cut

There are different cuts that you can choose from for your party Kurtis. If you buy a designer Kurtis in most cases it already has a designer cut. Some of these cuts are high low, asymmetrical, Anarkali, trail cut, kaftan among others. Others are a mix of two unique cuts like the high low Kurtis that look amazing with a flared trouser or narrow pants. This is not the only trend for more keep coming up that you can still adorn to. A unique cut to a Kurti makes it stand out with its name that makes it popular. Hence try out with a Kurti cut that you love and style it up for a party-ready outfit.

Check the details

kurti details

There is a myriad of Kurtis that you can choose from to wear to a party. However, the details of how you choose to wear this Kurti is what is most important. The fabric may be right but the details of the Kurti make it boring. Therefore, checking the details will help you consider what favors your style statement. Either it is a long or short Kurti the detailing is what matters. For instance, a long Kurti with front slit with various prints and with a bright border is one type of party wear Kurtis. Alternatively, a short Kurtis with mirror work detailing mixed with thread embroidery with an interesting neckline has pretty details for a party outfit. Play around with the detailing to choose one that stands out whether it is the styling of the sleeves, hemline, the embellishments or the color combination.

Pick the right pairing 

As you plan to wear a Kurti for your next party. Ensure that you pick the right pairing that will allow you to enjoy your Kurti. Since there are many types of Kurti bottoms that you can choose to pair with. The popular bottoms that everyone likes is a pair of jeans or pants. However, you can try to pair with other Indian salwar like Shararas, churidar, palazzos for a more ethnic look. A Lehenga or a maxi skirt can work as well but they are best if you are going to a formal party. Therefore, shop at your favorite online fashion store and check for already paired Kurtis options or buy them separately especially if you want contrasting looks and get a perfect complete ensemble.

Try an indo-western look

fusion kurti look

Not only is a Kurti a trendy and wearable ethnic piece but it also a perfect Indian attire to create an indo-western look. Most indo-western looks are a matchup of a Kurti and a western piece of attire. This fusion looks give you a unique style away from the norm that most women are used to. As this type of Kurtis is common among college students and you can get some inspiration from some of the pieces that they adorn to. Some of these looks are dhoti style Kurti, cape sleeve Kurti, or layering it up with a jacket which all are an ideal choice for attending a party. Anyhow, if this is too obvious for you, you can create your fusion look by experimenting with some of the outfits that you have in your wardrobe.

To sum up, almost every Indian lady has a party wear Kurtis. However, you cannot get enough of a party wear Kurtis especially now with the fashion evolution that is happening to the Indian fashion industry. It is a versatile piece that you pair in various ways to get an elegant outfit for the occasion. Consider your body shape as you plan to get your next party Kurti and also accessories that blend in with your Kurti. All in all, remember to style your Kurti right considering every aspect to ensure it looks outstanding.