Most ravishing half saree colour combinations to wear in 2020

half saree color combinations

Fashion for women in India have never seen quite the rage as the good ol’ saree. Even when the lengthy yarded wonder isn’t the ultimate definition of ease, everyone from young girls and power women have never shied away from their love of the same. There’s something about this versatile Indian wear that makes it so graceful and kickass at the same time.

It’s perhaps also a good thing that the saree can be worn in as many styles and drapes as you like. From draping it the everyday way to going sashaying with an exquisite style of wear, sarees are surprisingly adaptable. However there’s one particular saree style that is specifically unique and somewhat innovative. The half saree or basically a two piece saree is a traditional South Indian dress that deliver greater functionability without compromising on the elegance and style. What makes this half saree more of a wonder is that it allows for eye catching contrasts in color combinations so that you dare to stand out rather than blend it. Check out some of the most spectacular colour combinations you can pull on your half saree to look your ravishing best each time around-

Pink and Orange

half saree color combinations pink orange
Source: Pinterest

The pretty essence of pink and the zesty vibrance of orange, what better color to stand out in a half saree? And the best part about this color combination is that no matter how popping or subtle your shade of choice, you will look forever like the diva you are. Whether you pair up a flashy orange with a pastel pink or go ombre with tinted shades or even dare to do peppy hues of both, this is one combination that will get you all the attention.

Lemon Yellow and Parrot Green

See how we aren’t just leaving it at only yellow and only green? That’s because there always exist specific shades that make up the perfect partner to another. And this fruity yellow- sprightly green contrast is just the color palette your saree needs to make you the ethereal beauty. While yellow and green is anyway a classic colour combination, the attention to detail here with the prefixes makes this particular half saree a more vibrant add on to your flowy wardrobe.

Royal Blue and Sea Blue

Blue is one color that is so universal that within its singular expanse it sums up a wide variety of views. Try therefore creating a contrast this time around with two distinctly diverse shades of this popular color. Pair the soothing calm of the sea blue with the catchy aura of a magnificent royal blue to dress up a saree with virtually no add ons required. It’s pretty and pristine with peppy and piquant all in one, perfectly pitting in against each other within the same encompassment of the enchanting blues.

White and any shade

Orange might be the new black but there’s no beating white when it comes to the classic appeal. And the best thing about a half white toned saree is that it would complement virtually every other color on the planet. Think white and blue or pink or reds, teals, yellows, maroons, browns, blacks or just about any shade you can manage to name. A timeless match all, white pairs with everything under the sun so well that you would look exactly like the dream your bae always envisioned you to be.

Grey and yellow

half saree colour combinations grey and yellow
Source: Candy Crow

Some shade of grey to rave you up? While there are very few fashionistas on earth who see the potential in this boring sound hue, the truth of the matter is that it is one of the most seamless colors you will ever come across. Particularly with a vivid shade of yellow, this half saree is everything from demure to funky, classy to pretty and cool to vibrant. You definitely need to try this combination out if you want to go the style road lesser trodden for a cool new you.

Blue and mustard

When it’s not always about the blacks and the whites, it’s most probably about the blues. And while a monochromatic blue on blue is a total stunner, there also is something to pairing blues with contrasts that makes for a really unique look. And one such lesser thought of but totally worthy half saree colour combinations has to be a blue and mustard pick. Even when both the shades at work here are on the subtler side, this is one saree that will let you make your own style statement. Stand out with the definitive shade of mustard even as the blue gracing will totally have you rock the graceful diva look. Classy, stylish and offbeat to the core, there’s no compliment that won’t come tumbling your way with this particularly ravishing half saree to your rescue.