12 types of bags to stuff all your style baggage in

types of fashion bags

Some carry them for convenience, others dwell on them as a means to flaunt their style statement, and yet still others work out a fusion of both requirement and style to seamlessly weave luxury and comfort into one. As essential an accessory of fashion as they are modes of utter convenience, carrying a bag on one’s person can however be a tricky luggage to trudge along with.

The wrong choice of bag, whether in style or design or not in conformity to occasions and needs can bring about irreparable dent on your reputation as a fashion responsive and style sensitive soul of the modern world. Which is why equipping yourself with all that baggage of information on bags can lend you freedom from the worries of having to live with a fucked up fashion image of yourself. So gain yourself some insight and bag yourself the style you wanted to forever personify with our guide to the many different types of bags that exist within the fully functional fashion spectrum-

Tote Bag

One of the most ‘iconic’ handbag styles, perhaps not so much in their appeal as in their appearance is what is commonly popular as the tote bag. A fairly large bag often also referred to as a shopping bag or a beach bag for the very reason that they pack in a lot of things owing to their size, these are usually cloth bags that therefore make all the more buzz in their ecofriendly essence. Prevalent since at least as early as the 1600s, this is one of the most timeless bag styles that you can own, whether as a commonplace and plain grocery bag or a super expensive high end design, even in leather, that packs also oodles of style with its very prominent brand marking.


What about a bag that allowed you the ease of convenience and the style of functionality built into one so that you can go about life’s worthier qualms in as less fussy a manner as you would like? The wristlet does just that and as the name suggests this is a small bag that hangs on the rear of a strap that can be very efficiently wrapped around the wrist. Generally it is a clutch design that marks the shape of the wristlet bag though accordion shapes also can be popular modes of wearing your bag on the wrist. A rather agreeable way to wear a bag that leaves your fingers and palms free from the bondage of the bag band while also ensuring that your still carry your belongings securely and in style, the wristlet isn’t just a bag- it’s indeed a very viable piece of fashion accessory.

Bracelet Bag

Bracelet Bag design
Source: LaiaMagazine

Almost a wristlet but at best a variation of it, and a more modern day version at that, is the equally convenient premises of the wrist from which the bracelet bag hangs. Tracing its origins in the fashion circle back to only a couple some years, the bracelet bag indeed would be as apt a fashion accessory as well, as embodied by its very identity of the jewelry style from which it takes. With a small bag supported by a strap meant to be slipped over the wrist, bracelet bags would be more akin to purses in their size but with no definite shape that they need to encompass, rather going by the dictums of functionability, bracelet bags can be anything from quirky to artsy to cute, but indeed very assertively and confidently modern.

Accordion Handbag

Accordion Handbag
Source: Europages

A very interesting looking piece of statement making beauty, the accordion handbag indeed lives up to its namesake reference. Built on similar premises as the musical instrument that we know as accordion are these handbags that feature extra material along its sides, facilitating its expansion. But beyond the immense functionality that they bring in by virtue of all those folds, accordion handbags also make for quite a visual delight in their very essence. Fascinating to look at as well as marvelous in their rather intriguing technique for something necessarily as ‘basic’ as a bag, accordion bags are a sure and striking way to speak a fashion language of one’s own.

Hobo Bag

Quite a carrier of history and diversity, the hobo bag would be almost similar to the bindle except that the former is made to fit into the requisites of fashion preferences over the latter which happens to be a traditional bag of the hobo community. The modern day hobo bag is usually a crescent shape design of rather large prominence, very typical of it and therefore lending it an instantly recognizable silhouette. A large bag with a wide opening and a strap that is made of soft and flexible materials thereby letting them to slouch or slump when set down, hobo bags had been widely popular during the early to mid 2000s, alluding to the Boho chic trend in fashion that lend it a very casual aura even when they are available today in more high end styles as well.

Fanny Pack

One of the most unique bag types, and yet one of the ones you are most likely to encounter as well, is what is common as the fanny pack. Famous for its unisex appeal that does nit restrict its ‘wearing’ by men and women and others alike, this somewhat differently iconic piece of necessity have existed in some form through history but its modern day interpretation began stemming since the 1980s and achieved enormous popularity in the following decade. A small pouch designed to be worn around the waist like a belt or even at times like a crossbody bag, the fanny pack goes by different name in different countries but the very stark visual appeal of it is such that renders it instantly recognizable an item of everyday fashion.

What has perhaps helped the case of the fanny pack is its convenience that allows for carrying of a bag without the associated hassle of its hanging and managing over the hands or the shoulders, thereby standing to support its enduring legacy well into the 2020s. It however also is the reinvention of the humble fanny pack as the more sophisticated belt bag by a number of high end fashion designers in the 2000s that has sough to even up the ante in terms of its popularity, even when polarising opinions exist as regards its style rank in the fashion horizon.


Source: Ava & Lina

With a name so sophisticated and spell- bindingly out of bounds, the minaudiere would not likely strike you as one of the oft flaunted styles of bags in the ordinary world. But one look at its airy flair and you would not be any stranger to its preponderance of dramatic beauty. Somewhat resembling a clutch, even when most appropriately it tends to be a rather exquisite piece of jewelry is this really gorgeous asset that owes also its origin to a French luxury jewelry company. In its box like design, this definite departure from the soft or at least ‘not hard’ feel of clutches is a metallic entity, dainty still in its style that boasts every bit of elegance that you would likely associate with the gleam of jewels.

With its usual gold or silver finish, encrusted with jewels or decorated with lacquer and such other shiny works of adornment, the minaudiere indeed is a fashion accessory to flaunt in itself, sometimes more appropriately as a bag that is slung over the shoulder by means of a chain or at other times enclosed in an equally luxuriant satin or velour pouch.

Baguette Bag

The original ‘it’ bag of the fashion world, the baguette bag is one of the most notable existences in the realms of the baggy beauties that occupy so prominent a place of pride among style and fashion aficionados. Bursting into the scene in the late 1990s as a breakout style flaunted in the equally breakthrough sitcom Sex and the City, this invention by fashion house Fendi took shape as a small and compact rectangular shaped narrow purse resembling the loaf of French bread called the baguette, after which the fashion icon came to be named. In its slender grace and stupendous style, the short handled, flap closured baguette came to rule over luxury fashion choices of the world ever since it emerged to be the phenomenon that it has been all through its truly fashionable existence.

Canteen Bag

Round and small, canteen handbags make for a style that your bag wardrobe must essentially include, simply for the sheer variety it brings to your collection, if not for anything else. The small, structured shape of the canteen bag and the slender length of its multifunctional strap lend it an appeal that is remarkably edgy and stylish and very very refreshing. Originally designed to resemble a canteen or flask with spouts at the top and used in fact for carrying water, the canteen purse has since evolved to present itself as a really aesthetic piece of fashion, embodying also essentials of the modern day functionality that make them so irresistible a pick when it comes to the purview of the much needed versatility of bags.

Flap Bag

Flap Bag
Source: Vogue

Technically an ‘It bag’ that has been in existence much before the rather elevated play of terminology lend a new dimension to the world of bags is the classic Flap bag that was a brainchild of iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel. The flap bag or more aptly, the Chanel Flap bag therefore, is one of the most coveted and most recognisable designs in the fashion sphere, spurring the introduction of bags based on similar such designs by a wide many designer labels as well. A small bag that has a large flap closure and a chain strap meant to go over the shoulder, this revolutionary creation by Chanel is also known as the 2.55 after the period of its introduction in February 1955 and remains still relevant in its iconic original rectangular design and small size that embodied a certain sophistication well ahead of the times.

Bowling Bag

If the globally round shape of the canteen bag is too much geometry to handle for you, then you can chart out your style sensibilities somewhat subtly with the bowling bag. Inspired by the American bowling bag styles of the 1960’s had been this Prada design that went on to be a popular 1990s “retro” style for younger women. In its sleek shape and curved design that came to manifest as some sort of a semi circle, the bowling bag is indeed another fashion classic that has managed to stay relevant to the times. A small to medium size pick that either comes with a handle short enough to just hold onto or long only to the extent that it slips through your wrist and upto the elbow, the bowler is an iconic design that celebrities and the general masses alike sport more than often.


A compact, elegant design, the clutch is another of the most recognisable shapes in the bag world and dwells in a time not particularly recent. Distinctive in its fuss free design that does not come with a strap and hence needs to be clutched with the hand thereby leading the bag its name, this is one of the most minimalist and yet among the most fashionable of entities that helps hold your essentials in place when you are out for a evening gathering, all dressed up in your best formal wear.

In existence since earlier times but prominent in its versatile appeal since the second World War, clutches are generally small and flat yet so sophisticated in its modern style so synonymous with the occasional evening events that have also earned it the identity of simply being the ‘evening bag’. But while clutches can be elegant even in their simplicity, there exist styles of evening bags that can be more appropriate for even dressier occasions, often embellished with decorations much like the minaudiere.