The fashion industry is a multi-billion industry and figuring out which style or cut will look good on you can be a lot to deal with. Choosing the right dress can easily make you look good whereas, choosing the wrong dress can make you look out of place.

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Many of us make the mistake of wearing something that looks good on a hanger, but when we wear them, they don’t look good at all. Fashion is an extremely personal thing, especially when it comes to how to dress our bodies.

Dressing according to your body is extremely important and often overlooked part of dressing. Some bodies are more inclined to look good in one style, while other people look good in something completely different.

In other words; a single style can look great on one individual but the opposite on another body frame. I understand with a lot of fashion styles and trends out there, it can be difficult to make the right choice and this can make shopping exceedingly difficult.

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How to dress for your body type: keeping that in mind, the blog will help you understand your body and help you choose the dress that is perfect for your body shape. Why body shape?

Your body shape is an important factor to consider when dressing yourself for the day. If you have a figure that is out of proportion, it is important to dress in a way that emphasizes the right body parts and hides the flaws.

Even if you’ve busy schedules, it doesn’t mean you can’t look great after determining what your body type is.

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let me enlighten you!

To begin with ask yourself this sets of question; what’s your body type? Are you buying the right dresses? Are they hiding your best features? Do you find yourself overwhelmed In Front of mirror when dressing up?

Now you might have understood at least this: that your body isn’t the problem but the clothes you wear.

Let’s get started.

Uncover your body type…

When it comes to body shape, there are various shapes of different body parts. The body parts which are used to measure the body structure include the face, neck, chest, shoulders, upper arms, forearms, lower arms, hands, waist, thighs, hips, knees, calves, ankles, feet and toes.

Well, body shape is usually determined by genetics. It is also influenced by nutrition, health as well as lifestyle.

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Type of body shapes:

Have you ever felt curious about your body shape? The curve? The way your bust connects to your waist… and how the curve around your waist and hips?

However, keep this in mind: there’s no ugly or beautiful body, best or worst body. Everyone has different bodies, which can look good in particular fashion.

Also, this blog isn’t to make you feel bad about your body type but to help you find the best fashion that goes with your body type.

There are 5 different type of female body shapes:

  • Round or Apple shape
  • Triangle or Pear shape
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Athletic or Rectangular
  • Hourglass
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Let’s understand them one by one –

Round or Apple shape:

  • This female body shape is also known as oval shape, an O type.
  • The bust is a bit bigger than the hips.
  • Well defined broad shoulders, no defined waist.
  • Weight tends to concentrate around your stomach.
  • In simple words, your upper body must look heavier and legs slimmer.

Triangle or Pear shape:

  • This type of body shape is also referred to as the most curvaceous, A type.
  • The weight tends to concentrate around the hips and buttocks.
  • Your hips are wider and your shoulders may be narrow.
  • The lower part, your legs tend to be more muscular, wider and fuller.
  • In simple words, your lower body is noticeably heavier and your upper body narrower.

Inverted Triangle shape:

  • This body shape is also known as V type.
  • Females with V shape body type tend to have broader shoulders, and narrow hips.
  • The shoulder might be noticeably straight, squared or athletic.
  • In simple words, your upper body looks heavier and your lower body narrower.

Athletic or Rectangular shape:

  • This body type is referred to as H or I type.
  • Females with H or I shaped bodies are wide and slim.
  • The shoulders and hips have the same width, with no defined waist.
  • Simply put, this body type doesn’t have many curves with a smaller average bust.
  • Despite that, the women will have a little curvy bottom.

Hourglass shape:

  • This body type is known as X or 8 type.
  • Females with this shape tend to have shoulders and hips close to the same width and defined waist.
  • The shoulders and hips are quite big with narrow waist.
  • In simple words, this body shape is curved in both upper and lower body portions.

How to determine your body type:

As you already know, how important it is to understand your body shape when it comes to shopping for clothes. No woman wants to buy clothes that aren’t going to fit or look good. Right?

So, let’s find out your body type?

You can simply measure your body and discover your body type. For that you’ll need a flexible measuring tape, pen and paper.

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From where to start?

Keep this in mind: the tape must not be twisted, too tight or to lose, write down your measurement.

  1. Shoulders.
    1. Measure your shoulder from one end to another with the tape.
    1. The tape should hit in the middle of each shoulder and flat across the back.
  2. Chest.
    1. Measure the widest part of your chest.
    1. Keep the tape flat across the back and bring it front where the chest is widest.
  3. Waist.
    1. Measure the smallest area of your waist or natural waist.
    1. To find the natural waist, just bend to the side and at the area where your body bends is the waist.
  4. Hips.
    1. The measurement should be taken in the widest part of your hips.
    1. It should be two inches above the torso.
    1. The tape should be even on all the sides.

Well and done! After taking measurements make sure you write them down. Your measure should somewhat look like this:

Shoulder – 30

Chest – 32

Waist – 26

Hips – 36

Or else, you may use online body type calculator. Just google body shape or body type calculator. Go for it!!

So, what’s your body type? Pear, Apple, hourglass? Whatever it may be, you’re magnificent.

However, your body type may change as you age… its inevitable like growing old. When you reach your 40s your body shape will totally change due to menopause.

Whatsoever, keep exercising and maintain a diet. Keep your body happy.

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Okay, now as we have discussed a lot about the body type and its measurement.

 “Let’s delve into how to dress according to your body type …”

The right outfit for your body type:

“Dress for success”- every career advice book or website will tell you that and for a good reason. There are sure different body types but with it comes the different fashion challenges.

And the fashion industry isn’t particularly supportive of different body types, which can make things tricky to find the right clothes.

Here I’ll try to give you some recommendations and advice on how to dress if you’ve the following body types which I have mentioned above.

Dress for Apple shaped body type.

If you’re an apple shaped body type, your aim should be to wear a flattering dress that takes away the attention from that part of the body and highlights your strengths.

What you can wear:

  • V or wide necklines
  • Knee length or straight skirts
  • Statement necklace
  • Empire cut tops and dresses
  • Straight leg jeans and pants.
  • Wedges and handbags

What to keep away:

  • High waisted clothes
  • Shapeless clothes
  • Gathered and ruffle skirts
  • Shoulder bags

Dress for a Pear shaped body type.

Well, when it comes to a pear shaped body type, your goal should be to enhance your waistline and arms. And keep away from clothing that draws attention to the hips.

What you can wear:

  • Ruffle, boat, cowl and wide V or U necklines
  • High waisted clothes
  • A line dresses and skirts
  • Straight leg jeans and pants
  • Shrug, statement necklace and patterned scarf
  • Shoulder bags
  • Cap and ruched sleeves top and dresses.

What to keep away:

  • Bias cut dresses and skirts
  • Baggy tops and tunics
  • Patterns details on hips and thighs
  • Pencil, tight tubes skirts
  • Low waisted skinny jeans
  • Low slung belts

Dress for Inverted Triangle shaped body:

If you’ve an inverted triangle shaped body, your goal should be to wear clothes that draw attention away from your shoulders.

What you can wear:

  • Open necklines, like V, strapless or asymmetric tops
  • Empire waist tops
  • Relax fit pants with heavy pockets
  • Skirt that flares out
  • Boot cut jeans
  • Stilettos or brightly colored heels

What to keep away:

  • Small prints, shoulder pads, horizontal strips
  • Skinny Jeans and pencil skirt
  • Platforms and strappy shoes
  • Decorative detail around bust and shoulder

Dress for Rectangular shaped body:

Yes, if you’ve a rectangular body shape, you must create an illusion of curves and defined waist. What you need to do is flaunt your slim legs and arms.

What you can wear:

  • Off shoulder or round open necklines
  • Tops and dresses with collars, ruffles or bows
  • Skinny jeans and tulip skirts
  • Hip length jackets or blazers
  • Cropped trousers and belts to define the waistline.

What to keep away:

  • Square necklines and crop tops
  • Drop waist dresses and jackets
  • Straight dresses and skirts
  • Baggy tops and tunics

Dress for Hourglass shaped body:

And for an hourglass shaped body, you must aim to highlight your natural curves. What you have to do is flaunt your well-defined waist.

What you can wear:

  • Sweetheart, scoop, halter and V necklines
  • Wrap tops and dresses
  • Full circle, A-line, knee length pencil skirts
  • Peplum tops, dresses and skirts
  • Belts, boot cut straight leg jeans and pants.
  • Waist defined tops and dresses

What to keep away:

  • High necklines
  • Low waist jeans
  • Overly decorated clothes
  • Empire cut tops and dresses
  • Tops with volume enhancing details
  • Straight bony tops and tunics

There’s a lot to talk about the dresses to wear, the dos and don’ts when it comes to body shapes and fashion. Well, to conclude it is very important to understand your body type.

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A lot of fashion bloggers talked about how you can dress for your body shape. Don’t get overwhelmed but learn and accept your body.

Thankyou for reading this far… I hope you found it helpful.