How to style your kurti and make the perfect fashion statement

how to style kurti

A timeless Indian fashion pick, one that has been reinvented and revamped tremendously over the years and still continues to be as popular, kurtis are one of the most versatile of women wear ever. You can pair it with as many bottoms as you like, creating each time a look that is distinctly different yet as fashionable. From comfy to sophisticated, laid back to elegant, functional to flowy, the way you style your kurti determines how minimally beautiful or utterly gorgeous you are going to look. Pairing a kurti with the right bottom is however only the most basic step in its styling how- to. You can jazz up your entire kurti look with the right accessorising picks or the most trendy layer ups and never be repetitive or boring. Here are some essential tip on how to style your kurti to look and feel ever fashionable and fabulous-

Kurti Style with Bottoms

When it comes to styling a kurti, the most essential accompanying component happens to be the bottom wear. Because kurtis go well not just with fitted leggings but also with voluminous bottom wear, you can style them as per your mood.

Kurti with leggings

kurta leggings
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Wearing kurti with leggings is one of the most commonplace style statements around. Medium length kurtis, knee length ones and slightly below the knee dresses go well with leggings. Pick a pair in the most complementing color to do up a kurti look that classifies as everyday style, minimal, fuss free yet elegant. Block colored kurtis can go also go well with strikingly mismatched leggings for a look that is dramatic yet refreshing.

Kurti with palazzos

kurti style with palazzo
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Flared palazzos also make for a great pair with any kurti. Whether your kurti is a short one or a longer one, teaming it up with a pair of palazzo adds a new dimension to your outfit. This is one look that is elegant, cool and comfortable at the same time. Perfectly matching kurti- palazzo combination also is a refreshing option to wear to parties or to other less formal gatherings.

Kurti with skirts

Kurtis are so versatile a dressing option that you can pair them up with not just pants, but also skirts! A long skirt perfectly complements a kurti for a style that is very feminine, relaxed and cheerful. A day out with the girls or a fun day of lazing about at home is just the vibe accompanying this unorthodox, appealing pairing.

Kurti with shararas

Lying halfway somewhere a palazzo and a skirt , shararas are another trendy way to pair your kurtis right. Party wear kurtis look particularly gorgeous over a sharara, what with the added flare going miles in lending your flowy outfit the flair fit for celebrations. Short kurtis and frilly shararas are indeed a fashion fad made in heaven!

Kurti with jeans

kurti jeans
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There’s nothing that speaks casual as good as a kurti worn over a pair of jeans. Very laidback and easygoing, this forever favorite pairing still has a certain charm to it. And the best part is that jeans go well with every type and length of kurti. In enhancing your silhouette for the sexy vibes and yet rendering you comfortable, a jean- kurti pairing is the classic style choice.

Kurti with salwar

The pairing of kurtis and salwars is a no- brainer. Deriving from the more traditional ensemble of a salwar suit, kurtis have been meant to be worn with salwars before they became more adaptable to change. As the perfect ethnic wear, a kurti with salwar can be the perfect ensemble to wear to traditional functions. Or even to work on hot summer days when the roominess of the salwar is just all the ‘space’ you need!

Kurti with straight fit pants

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Straight fit pants are akin to trousers in the fit and look of it. They flare up quite some bit as compared to a legging but not so much as a palazzo. But these trouser pants still are best fits for kurti styles. This pairing is for the times when you do not need the entire dramatic comfort of a palazzo but still yearn for some volume. Classy, chic and very smart, this is one kurti styling medium you would absolutely love to flaunt over and over again.

Kurti Style as Dress

kurti style dress
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Wearing your kurti as a dress is another very modern way of styling the ethnics. Such kurtis that do not feature a slit on the sides can convenient pass off as a dress. You can wear your kurti just like that or choose to style it with a belt around the waist to lend it more the characteristics of a dress. Either way, you will end up looking extremely trendy and feel stylish and fashionable and still utterly comfortable. Just the perfect summer outfit for you to try out.

Kurti Style with Accessories

kurti style with accessories

Accessorising right is one of the prerequisites of fashion. Just a simple neckpiece or even a carefully chosen clutch can do wonders to style up your regular outfit. And the best part about accessorising with kurtis is that it doesn’t always have to do with jewelry. Throwing a pretty scarf or dupatta over your kurti will instantly lend more feminine style. You can also choose to layer up your kurti with a jacket either for the look or the warmth of it. And of course, there’s a range of jewelry options for you to pick from if you want to accessorise your kurti look in the most ‘authentic’ way possible. Either for that girly look or that pretty vibe, pairing your kurti with even minimal jewelry would ensure that you standout from the rest of the crowd in style!