How to wear a dupatta in 9 different styles and slay it like a diva

how to wear a dupatta in different styles

Wedding season is on in full swing and one very quintessential elemental attire of any Indian wedding is dupattas! Sweet and simple, pretty and pleasing, glam and gorgeous, decked up diva, fun loving fashionists, sassy style icon- there’s no worldly adjective and no earthy woman for whom the dupatta cannot work wonders. Style the perfect pick the perfect way and you are good from being a baraati to being the bride herself! With such a versatile piece of attire as the dupatta in your fold, there’s no end to the many looks you can pull off in style. Here’s how to wear a dupatta in 9 different styles and slay it like a diva to be the one claiming the ‘weddinggoals’ hashtags of the season-

Cape drape

Cape drape
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The cape style of wearing a dupatta might not be very convenient as an everyday casual drape but it sure is the stuff of the fashionistas. Among the different dupatta draping styles, this might seem like a bit tricky to achieve but it is as fuss free as any of your conventional drapes. For the cape drape you just need to let your dupatta fall over your back like a cape. You sure can pin it up while still ensuring that the metals don’t show. That way not only will the dupatta stay put in its place all the while you are acing the big fat Indian wedding, it also will ensure that you do so with sashaying aplomb. You can also hold your dupatta together with some pretty brooch for a look that does up both the sass and the ethereal beautifully.

Wrist and shoulder drape

This is one of the prettiest among the different styles you can wear your dupatta in. And it’s as simple to execute and carry with elan as it is delightful to look at. You just need to let one end of the dupatta fall over your arm and take the other end from your back and bring it to your other wrist and leave it there. Whether you choose to let your dupatta flow freely over your arm and shoulder or have it gathered together, in pleats or just like that, is entirely your preference. Elegant and classy, this is one look we would vouch for any day- whether as a runway look or as a formal style essential.

Shawl drape

shawl drape dupatta
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This one’s as simple as it sounds like. The shawl drape is a very convenient way to wear your dupatta, that renders you high on the styles as well as on the functionalities. Whether you need to chore up efficiently or want to keep the cold at bay without compromising on elegance, the shawl drape of the dupatta can be your style go- to. Needless to say, this look can be achieved by simply wrapping the dupatta around your torso, as you would with any shawl. What however makes this look more versatile is that dupattas generally happen to be lightweight and fancier than regular stoles which means you can rev up on the look without having to compromise on the comfort and ease. And indeed this style looks as earthy and dainty as the lady like elegance you aspire every day to be.

Over the head drape

No you don’t have to wait to be a bride to let the dupatta work its over the head charms on you. If you want to go graceful or edgy, demure or confident, all you need to do is let the wonder material play magic from over your head. The key here is to first let the dupatta sit perfectly on your head after which you can experiment with it in as many ways you like. Let the pallu find free flowing freedom while falling over your shoulders or behind them, or wear it again like a shawl, or even gather the looses to go around your neck, or pin them both or one end to your bangles- there’s endless ways you can go about this of the dupatta draping styles to achieve exactly the look you want.

Belted drape

Another fuss free and chic way to wear a dupatta manifests in the belted drape which is among the most innovative of styles this essentially traditional wear can manifest itself in. This particular way of styling can be interpreted again in diverse ways. You can let the gathered dupatta fall on your torso from over the neck before you belt it up altogether. Or you could even let the cloth dangle gracefully in loose pleats or gathers from one side and then have the belt hold it in place. You can ever wear the cape drape before confining the free flowing ends with a sleek sash. What’s more, not just a chunky belt or a sash, adding an ornamental kamar band will have your look amped up all the more for a style statement that delivers ethnic charm and modern sass all in one go.

Free flowing drape

The classic way to wear the dupatta, one that ensures you look your traditional best and pretty exoticness, is the forever favorite free flowing drape. This again is one style you can wear multiple ways. Simply rest the dupatta on one shoulder and then let it have a free fall, waving and enchanting in all its magical glory. Or gather one end up on one shoulder and let the other hang freely over the other from the back or the front, just the way you like it.

Or let the entire cloth find its fall over your torso after you have let it sit adequately round your neck. You can even gather the side that sits on the shoulder and let the open pallu make a statement by pinning it around your waist. Either way it’s your inventiveness and of course your comfort that will define what you can do with this free flowing wonder.

Cowl drape

how to wear a dupatta in different styles cowl drape
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Another classic way to style your dupatta, the cowl drape needs you to gather your dupatta up in gathered cowls or even in proper pleats if you so like and then wear it the way you want. Pin it up or let it fall in loose cowls- you will be acing the style game any way.

Saree drape

how to wear a dupatta in different styles saree drape
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The saree drape you can employ to wear your dupatta is one of the styles that will grant you the elegance of the multiple foot wonder, minus the technicalities of the same. Because you would wear the dupatta with a lehenga, you don’t need to worry about doing the pleats. You simply have to achieve the saree like drape over your torso which means one end will hang loose like a pallu while the other will be tucked into your waist. As simple as that!

Elbow drape

Elbow drape dupatta
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Another of the styles that will have you wear the exquisite look is the elbow dupatta drape. Just throw the dupatta over the back of your body and bring it back up over your elbow or forearm. Effortless to carry, minimalistic in execution yet presenting you as pristinely pretty, this draping style is definitely a must wear on occasions that require you to put your fusion best to the fore. Contemporary and chic, the elbow drape indeed delivers all the desi vibes to your outfit even in its amalgamating fashion structure.