Importance of fashion is often underrated and over stated. Here is why it matters

importance of fashion

For many lives in the world, existence is meaningless without fashion. While the pursuit of life has forever been deemed as philosophical or at least partly immaterial, times sure are changing. But even when time wasn’t into much of an evolution and the world was still very much plaid and routine and more sombre, even then making a fashion statement had very much been a fad.

But even with such tremendous authority that pursuits of style and fashion stomp about in assertion of their class, the importance of fashion has not forever been particularly celebrated. Indeed, fashion has been laudingly exalted, and a stupendous sense of style has come to hold the eyes for long. This however does not in any way come any close to actually acknowledging just how important fashion can be for and in life.

Fashion however isn’t just style. Ideas of fashion are morphed and superimposed by generations upon others. Yet when it comes to unraveling the appeal fashion holds for all, the stark difference in perception is immediately apparent. Fashion and style appeals to all, but for different individuals, the spectrum of views holding the interest is spectacularly diverse.

In fact, it would also be wrong to interpret fashion as mere style. While existing notions of fashion shows might not allow you much scope to think otherwise, the importance of fashion is in many ways magnified if you come to think of it as being a wider entity with a wider reach.

Undoubtedly, style is one of the prime characteristics of fashion. However abashed you might be if you are someone concerned too much with the appearances, the fact remains that looking good is one of the most essential factors leading to a happy existence. Because it is important that you feel good to do good and feeling good isn’t possible if you aren’t looking particularly good.

And it isn’t just any word- of- mouth publicity that fashion has come to be regarded as being immensely essential. Researches all over the world has time and again signified and emphasised about how a feel good factor has a positive influence on your personality.

In endowing someone with the confidence of looking the best version of themselves, fashion is crucially important. Fostering your own sense of distinctive fashion not only lends you an unique identity, one that makes you only one of the kind, but also holds a singularly distinctive appeal in what others perceive you to be. This in turn can goad you on to achieving far other important things in life, like setting out confidently to achieve seemingly exemplary goals.

Fashion also has its own perspective in making you feel comfortable in your skin. While a nice dress accessorized with the perfect pair of matching trinkets and a classy bag renders you attractive, its your attitude brought about by a pretty appearance that is the deal breaker in your lives. In such scenarios therefore, the importance of fashion as a means of propagating and promulgating life in itself is definitely something worthy of discussion.

Fashion however is governed also by lesser tangible elements, that while might not come off as particularly important, is in no way any less significant than the rest of the lot. Your attitude and personality also shapes off your fashion statement, as much as your style helps in endowing an altogether different dimension to your persona.

Fashion is also the way you smell, the vibes of warmth and comfort that emanate from you, the confidence that you bring onto others by your mere presence and inclusivity. Fashion is the way you are true to your self, in peace and as recklessly casual in yourself as you are with others. Fashion is what you do when no one is watching, fashion is wearing the best style you can carry, even when you have no one to impress.

Equivalently, fashion isn’t also only about the things in you. It extends as much to your everyday life choices- like the car you drive or the couch you relax in, the strikingly tasteful way in which you decorate your room or even the choices you make in the food you eat. Fashion is all inclusive, a window to true identity and an embodiment of all things that shape up life.

Fashion isn’t just beauty but beauty definitely is fashionable. With your fashion consciousness, you gleam and you shine, you fight wars and you dodge obstacles, you win and you go on, spirited and undaunted.

In spite of such (understated) importance of fashion, the stigmas associated with this aspect of life are numerous. Because restrictive notions of fashion are party to forcing prejudiced views for or against particular body types or skin color. Additionally however, even with the changing compliances of the times, fashion is mostly viewed as feminine- something practiced by those who don’t have enough traits to boast of as their capabilities.

But you can still gauge just how very important fashion can prove to be even with your career choices. Being an Instagram influencer or a fashion blogger is a very legit and lucrative career option, that which fuels your passion and proves also to be a way of life. But fashion is foremost a culture, a part of things that enriches life, an instant language that is crucial in developing instant connections and in asserting an integrity in your character.

Fashion is as dynamic as it is constant and within its duality, fashion sets to achieve life goals that are essential to the core, even when they are deemed incomprehensible and are not acknowledged as being as assertive as they need to be. Fashion is many things bold, yet so soft and emphatic that you can speak many things with it even without having to let words come into play. That’s how assured fashion is and that’s how we begin to understand and realise the importance of fashion.