Latest and easy mehndi designs for all seasons and occasions

latest and easy mehndi designs

A quintessential element pertaining to the auspiciousness of its ritualistic mandate, a style assertion that allows for an expression of one’s own while still stemming of traditional grounds and an altogether wholesome aid of wellness and beauty that is known to lend itself impeccably well to the human body, the art and ingredient of mehendi is a very integral facet of the Indian existence. Its commonplace popularity though does not mean that it is always or even oft sported by the Indian people. But indeed whenever and however they choose to adorn themselves with a multitude of the designs that mehndi allows versatile exploration of, this impeccable show of art stands out in its very striking visuals.

Created using a paste obtained from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant, mehendi adorns also the body of the people in a number of South Asian countries even as this very unique way of body decoration has found stylised interpretations in many a western countries as well. But despite it being a harbinger of style, the essence of mehendi rests instead in the relevance that it enjoys in symbolism. Associated with good vibes and fortune and therefore revered as auspicious, mehendi makes part of the tradition of many a festivals of Hindu and Islamic links even as it finds exclusive incorporation into the realm of weddings solemnised as per religious rites.

Significance of mehndi

Both Hindu and Muslim brides often adorn their hands and legs with mehendi on the day of their wedding, as do their close friends and relatives. Beyond its intricate ties to religion which makes the art of mehendi a tradition to partake of in a wide range of festivals like Karva Chauth, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Navratri, Durga Pooja and Teej as well as on occasions of Eid, mehendi holds tremendous significance for brides and newly weds. It is believed that deeper the color of the mehendi that graces the bride’s hands, the greater will be the love showered on her by her husband and in- laws!

No wonder the entire ritual of drawing the mehendi and the anticipation of witnessing it in full fervor makes indeed for a whole ceremony of weddings. Apart from the bride, it also is the groom partaking of the mehndi art as part of the custom in some parts of the country.

Mehndi Designs for Girls

For those looking for traditional styles to find expression in chic mannerisms, this striking design is just the perfect pick. Neatly defined in its side by side pairing of the many a elements that are as diverse from each other as can be, this is one of the most standout designs that is sure to make a bold style statement.

Simple and intricate at once is this particular design that is essentially just a repetition of the same motif but is anything but monotonous. Beautifully spaced out to ensure that there is no clutter in design, this mehndi adorns the hands much like an accessory itself what with its jewelry like imitation in pattern as well as the way it flares out across the wrist in grand prominence.

One of the most stunning, thoughtful and artistic depiction of traditional elements shapes this mehndi design as one elegant enough to dress up a bride and still simple enough to work for her bridesmaids as well. Dramatic enough in its many a elements of folk resonance whether it be the ethnic touch lend by the depiction of the Warli panting or the incorporation of the earthen pots so integral to the authentic Indian lifestyle, the attention to detail transforms this design altogether. With also uncommon but evident still presence of the swing along with the more ordinary birds and lotus motifs, this is one of the mehndi designs worthy of flaunting in all pride.

Bridal exclusive mehndi designs

Royal and graceful and definitely evoking of the wedding vibes in its appearance of the elephant motif and the palanquin, this is a bridal design that is intricate even in its minimalism.

wedding mehendi
Source: ShaadiSaga

What else can be more emblematic of a Hindu wedding than the ritual of putting sindoor by the groom on the bride? An exclusive bridal pick therefore that holds the sanctity of the institution of marriage in truly high esteem and delivers the desired duality of style and substance, this is one of those designs that stands true to the symbolic significance that mehndi enjoys in the cultural context.

Minimalism in mehendi design

For folks who believe that less is more indeed will sure be loving this assertion of the mehndi. Very unique in the design adorning only the sides along the fingers and venturing nowhere else this makes for a style that captures attention even with its very limited presence.

Another assertion of minimalistic flair worked out though in intricate paintings of floral motifs the traditional way, this design stands out for a number of factors. First the clarity and the neatness, second the very defined expanse of its working and third the detailed mannerism in which the precision of it creates this beautiful pattern of rather common basis, making it truly a delight to savor with the eyes.

backhand mehndi design
Source: WomenXO

Portrait Mehndi Design

Very artistic in rendition is this portrait mehndi design that bursts forth as a celebration of love. A very apt design therefore as a bridal pick, this is one design that sure is unique and incorporates a flair into the entire wedding getup itself.

portrait mehendi

Another portrait pick appropriate for wear by the brides, this very elegant beauty sure would be a painstaking representation to paint out. But it indeed is this execution in perfection of the image with as immaculate a range of other complementing elements that what makes this a design worthy indeed of adorning the hands of the queen for the day.

Jewelry Mehendi Design

For a bridal or non bridal pick that adorns you through and through without any additional piece of jewelry, this is the design to sport. Beautifully worked out along the other side of the palm in the form of jewelry is this backhand pattern that unleashes its magic every time you play out a namaste in true Indian fashion.

There are mehndi designs that do away with the need for jewelry in their imitating pattern. And then there are designs like this that just about gets even more elevated in the elegance of it when paired with the perfect piece of jewelry. This floral motifed design with a few dots and trails in tow embraces a different dimension of the aesthetic with that pretty ring also reminiscent of the breathtaking aura of the florals.

Traditional motifs in mehndi designs


One of the evergreen motifs that has been defining mehndi designs since times immemorial is the unmissable presence of the paisley. A versatile pattern that makes for as much as a statement making assertion whether it is the only element playing out by itself or in conjunction with others, the paisley motif is a very traditional way of going about your bridal mehendi. Steeped itself in symbolism of its own, the incorporation of the paisley into the mehendi always makes for a visual experience that speaks of a charm bestowed in immense significance.

paisley mehndi design
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Source: K4 Fashion

An exquisite creature of nature, the peacock has often found expression in mehendi as a motif of grace and beauty. Whether you choose to sport an entire vision of the pretty bird or instead make do with elements so intricate of its identity, there are a ton of different ways to incorporate this motif into your design.

Perfect as bridal wear in all its tremendous elegance and aesthetic but also making for as pretty an occurrence in just about any occasion is this mode of fauna that stands out in its remarkable assertion every single time.


Another as popular motif of mehendi design, the mandala is more than just an intriguing pattern. With deep significance in spiritualism, the mandala element furthers the auspiciousness that the art of mehndi is supposedly a manifestation of explaining why it makes for a recurrence in some of the most popular designs ever. Also open to interpretation in rather interesting twists is what makes the mandala motif so easy to be incorporated into just about any and every mehendi design.

mandala mehndi design
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floral henna pattern
Source: Shaadidukaan

Another traditionally popular element that characterise mehendis are the designs that involve a number of floral patterns. Everything ranging from the simplest of flowers to the most stunning renditions of roses or the rarest occurrence of a marigold for instance continues to find favor with mehndi lovers irrespective of time and age. After all, there’s nothing that can effectively replicate the charm that flowers come so prettily abundant in.

Personalised ‘motifs’

Because people of the modern times tend to be what they indeed are both stylishly and individually, mehndi designs today occur along a wide range of personalised elements. Therefore, motifs that specifically spell specific importance are commonly encountered along these designs making for rather quirky, unusual patterns. Everything from food and fantasy to characters and cartoons and love stories and hashtags dominate the mehendi patterns of both bridal and other special occasions. This addition of the personal touch has helped mehndi designs to remain relevant all the more, preserving therefore a tradition that is significant beyond measure.

Festival specific mehndi designs

chhat puja mehendi
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While many motifs of mehndi designs are universal, the ones you choose to wear during a particular occasion can be customised to fit the bill. For instance, a mehndi sported by devotees during chhat puja would be all the more auspicious if there is a certain invocation of the Sun God worshipped during the festival. Similarly, eid celebrations can make way for the moon or elements of the Islamic world to take precedence over other regularly occurring motifs so that the experience and significance of the tradition continue to remain steeped in its essence.

Layered mehndi design

A grand assertion of the mehndi that allows for incorporation of multiple elements and motifs along its working of the design, the layered mehndi is the most beautiful way to dress yourself up in some extravagance. Striking in its delineation of the many patterns that still manage to present themselves as ‘perfectly compatible’ with each other much like how all perfect couples need to be, this is one very gorgeous design that allows you to fuse all your favorite elements all at once so that you meet your requirements of style without having to space out the significance of its symbolism.

Arabic mehndi designs

Despite mehendi being intricately associated with South Asia in general and the Indian subcontinent in particular, this technique of body decoration stems also from a large many Arabian countries. In fact with their own motifs and designs, the Arabic style of mehndi is an exclusive different manifestation of the art that though still dwells essentially on the belief of it being a marker of auspiciousness. Free flowing in its nature and less intricate in assertion, Arabic mehndi designs allow for a unique fusion of contemporary style into the alleys of traditional symbolism that which is what has earned it immense popularity in the modern world.

Suiting the sophisticated style sensibilities of the present times are a range of mehndi designs of Arabic leanings that embody indeed the requirements of minimalism, both in their appearance and in application. With patterns of leaves, vines, birds and flowers usually spaced out across the range of the palms as well as certain very prominent elements of dots in prominent use, the scattered essence of the mehendi art that characterise the Arabian design make it burst forth as a show of breathtaking elegance.

With a lot of interesting twists incorporated into the realms of mehndi design which the Indian tradition rather vouches for in elaborate, grand mannerism, the certain vital elements of the Arabic style like chequered designs or meshwork that are rather chic and simple makes it a very refreshing option favoured by one and all. And of course, with elements like stickers and diamonds and sparkles generally doing up the whole Arabic experience likely to dazzle also in a motley of hues, this is a mehendi style that can be as impressive or as subtle as one wants it to be.

Feet Mehndi Designs

Matching mehndi designs on the hands and feet can also characterise the Arabic style for an overall bridal aesthetic that relies on the charm of synchronisation to create an elevated style statement. And so can differing patterns of the florals or the lines can be tweaked and twisted to add your personal touch to this intricately essential importance that the art of mehndi bears across its range of different designs.

The peacock motif can also be reimagined in modern styles for a mehendi design that adorns the feet. Whether its expression unfurls within the trends of the Arabic style or rather in sync with traditional Indian designs is a choice that is sure to be a flamboyant visual either way.

But there is no reason why the mehendi on your feet cannot be as intricate and detailed as well. Like this one that is vibrant in its full fledged design of traditional motifs and elements sprucing up its vibe. In fact with a pattern as eye catching as this, your feet is sure to lead you to a world of new beginnings as radiant as its ‘decor’ is!