Make Your Own Style Statement

make your own style statement
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Style is most sought after,the most difficult to define.You may come across people who possess this indefinable quality. You may recognise it in a room or an office. Style is also visible in what you say or write. Everybody wants to be stylish but what becomes unique in an individual’s personality is when the person creates his own brand of style.

You don’t have to be dressed in the latest fashion in outfits or hairstyle to be stylish. Its important that what you wear is not only in vogue but also that it suits you. Fashion changes fast. What is trendy today is outdated tomorrow. But style is permanent.

style statement

Style is also not limited to age and sex. We sometimes come across an elderly lady exquisitely stylish or an elderly gentleman looking dashing enough to catch your eye. An elegantly dressed guy is more stylish than an overdressed dandy in the latest fashion.

The kind of clothes you wear depends on your personal taste. What is important  though is to know what suits you best. We all have our assets and drawbacks we need to highlight or camoflauge them accordingly. The right colour combinations, the perfect hairstyle that suits your face, the garment design that matches your height and figure and even your complexion is what matters. Take for instance its not advisable to wear very short dresses if you do not possess a pair of good legs. If you wish to wear the latest stiletto heels, you must be able to walk gracefully in them and not strut around awkwardly. In today’s fashion world there is so much to choose from. So chose well and wisely and carry it off with elaan.

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Stylish Interiors – Style is not limited to clothes alone. Interiors can be very stylish too. Today’s interiors are different from those of a decade ago. Yet there is a timelessness about good style which pervades in every case. We find it in scale, proportion, colour, lighting and ofcourse individualism. Stylish interiors keep changing absorbing new ideas in a timeless setting. The colour of a piece of tableware, a collection on a shelf top or a lamp highlights some corner in a special charm.

Professional interior decorators create live- in interiors and call that a skill  or art. The designer  considers the structure of an interior and makes the most of space, light and architectural details. But everyone has a  particular room or style of room they feel comfortable in and you may pick up inspiration from different sources and create your own style. It could be a particular fabric, a painting or even natural , earthy stuff life pots and plants.

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There are different styles for interiors. Take for example,  high-tech style, grand style and even the simple country-cottage style. A lot would depend on the shape, size and structure of your interior.

Grand-style – Grand style is a style with inlaid woodwork, canopied beds, flounced draperies and grand wall finishes. This style recalls the ambience of a bygone era but it can be put into a modern room. We cannot hope to achieve the grandeur of an age- old craft but simple adaptations are perfectly possible.

High-tech –For high-tech homes, you strip away the clutter and add the latest technology for wall and floor finishing. You use fewer fabrics,have less decoration, fewer ornaments. Background material is often PVC blinds, rubber matting,steel, chrome and bulk head lights.

Country cottage style—The original source of the rustic style associated with country living is the hand –built wooden house but we can incorporate this style into our interiors This  style involves natural textures and handcrafted pieces.This is style with simplicity. Cotton curtains, floor cushions, a couple of wicker chairs coupled with faded Eastern rugs on a flagstoned floor. Also a large table covered with a patchwork tablecloth and a vase of fresh flowers, a splashy  printed shawl thrown over the side  of a large wicker chair and a few palms gives the perfect country atmosphere even if there is an urban view outside.

Country style can embrace any country and Oriental dhurries and Gujarati appliqué work runners fit in well with this traditional style.

Whatever style you may choose for your home or office will be truly accentuated with your own personal touch.

Accenting spaces with lighting or colour to best complement the other details of your home will give you the right style. All you need is a little creativity and imagination.So go ahead and make a style statement, be it in your clothes and appearance or in the way you decorate your home or office.

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