Cool mix and match fashion styles to get the hatke look everyone wants so bad

mix and match fashion

Fashion is fun but it can get a bit tedious at times. Flaunting similar trends, flashing redundant styles, letting the same old attires define you ceases to be cool after a while. So here we are with our ingenious pick- mix and match fashion which celebrates everything you wouldn’t have deemed worthy! Here are the coolest mix and match fashion styles you can sport to be the numero uno of the gang on your next girls’ day out-

Perking up with colors

For how long would you keep it predictable with blacks and greys and navies for the mere sake of fearing you wouldn’t look good? It’s time to ditch the basics to come up with something that will set you apart from the rest.

You can still stick to the darks though if you aren’t too confident of being flashy all in a jiffy. But you need to at least gradually incorporate something other than those that sets you off rather than making you stand out.

Try going part demure, part bright to start out your experimenting spree. Mix and match fashion needs you to go trendy with picks you never thought would work. So you can pair not- so- traditional darker tones like violet with a striking shade of yellow or a shade of dark blue with some funky orange thrown in.

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Gradually ascend up the color ladder to go more daring- pair pinks with reds, yellows with greens, greens with blue or even orange with yellows! Trust me, you would fall in love with this new version of yourself!

At home with monochrome

Who hasn’t ever managed to ace monochromes? One color outfits has this phenomenal ability of transforming the look with just a single element. Like, there’s very few things on earth that drives solely on their singular appeal to lend you so much flair!

The monochromatic outfit is also more than easy to pull off. You just need to identify the shade that complements your skin tone and brings out your best features and voila! There you are, gracing the earth as if you were some dream, all synchronised and in place- like a true vision!

But while it’s easy going single tone with a single piece dress, you can let the fun of mix and match fashion get up to you. Try going co- ord in a single color but with multiple layers of clothing to bring out your more daunting side. You can throw in some contrast accessories though to further shine up your look and shine like a true diva!

Same- same, but ombre

Once you have mastered the art of mixing and matching virtually any and every color so that you ace every combination no matter how not happening it might sound, it’s time to move on to something more adventurous, yet sublime. You will still be somewhat closer to monochrome but there’s the twist- you will be monochromatic in contrasting shades of the same hue! Even the same trends can be mixed and mastered efficiently to arrive at a look that is not singular but hold similar appeal.

This explains why blue on blue and denim on denim go particularly well together. Other pairings to try out would be yellow and lemon green, reds and oranges, purple and lilac, mauves and pinks and so on and so forth. The point is to go flashy somewhere and subdued elsewhere so that you bring out the best of yourself while cleverly concealing the grey areas.

It however isn’t always about duos. You can add as many layers of similar looking color splashes to your overall outfit to make every head turn and every move matter! To make things more interesting, try going same with two pieces with a third contrast elemet for added impact!

Bulking without sulking!

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Slim isn’t always in. In fashion specifically, it pays to sometimes get a little bulky. Both because that is more realistic and also because it would lend a layer of oomph to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Bulky fashion however is tricky and needs to be done right to not look like you are just slouching and trudging on with life. One such bulge worthy mix and match fashion trend is to pair tapered with oversized clothings. You can go for slim pants and a some sizes too large sweater or a fitted crop top and a pair of bulky cargos.

Bulk can also be done with as much flair as it can be done with that chic effortless vibe. The flowy bulge can be incorporated by donning clothes that flare up to render the volume you desire. Ruffled tops, dresses with flared sleeves or even frilled outfits work well enough to lend a breezy look and hype up your slim co ords all the more.

Pleat in the prints

But it isn’t always color that has to define your mix and match fashion game. Prints and patterns are more quirky ways of going one level up with your look of the day. And it’s way more fun as well- because while colors exist as so many but mainly as variations, prints and patterns can be more diverse even while being more well defined.

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You can interpret prints in as many ways you like- striking and bold, minimal and aesthetic, quirky and unusual, pretty and vibrant, prim and nice, vague and abstract, floral and dainty, beautiful, decorous, ornate, stand out, embellished- you name it and you have it! No doubt prints are a better way of mixing and matching styles to shape up your fashion statement exactly as the way you want it.

What’s more, patterns like stripes and checks also let you achieve the fusion mix and match look within themselves. Alternately colored stripes or patterns in contrasting checks can make you the one casually deigned to kill!

Sheen held high!

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Another better way than hues to let you shine out in the crowd is by really going for the shine! Shimmery tops, metallic pants, glossy dresses, sequined gowns, sparkling motifs, sheer veils- just about anything that gleams will make you glow with the gorgeousness of the glitter! You just need to team them up with really unstriking pieces to spin magic and unleash the twinkling star within you!