32 modern saree draping styles to rock your fashion statement in 2020

modern saree draping styles

Fashion is something which is constantly evolving. Whether it be fusion style or an entire revamp of traditional dress types, style trends are not here to stay forever.

One of the most versatile of Indian dresses has also stood the test of time over the years to remain the hot favorite for all Indian women. With constant evolution of style, the drape of the saree has also undergone a sea of changes. Here are 32 modern saree draping styles to rock your fashion statement in 2019-

#1 Floating Style Drape


The conventional method of wearing a saree, letting the pallu flow freely after it is thrown on the shoulder that not only looks graceful but also one of the most preferred ways to drape one, for casual as well as glamorous occasions.

#2 Lehenga Saree Drape


With sarees getting more experimented with in recent times, it’s no wonder that now they are paired up with virtually everything. Even with lehengas! Yep, you read it right.

Wearing the saree over a lehenga can be very dramatic, not only because it lends all that oomph and regality to your look, but also it tends to put on a lot of volume on you.

#3 Cape Drape


Capes are the in thing in the world of fashion at the moment. Whether it be tops or dresses, sarees or lehengas, a cape instantly uplifts any look.

And it does not even take much hassle to don one. Just get a matching cape and throw it over your shoulders once you have draped your favorite saree. And voila, you are there- out to rule over the world with all that swaying glory!

#4 Dhoti Style Saree/ Drape


Wearing your saree with a pair of dhoti pants or draping the saree in a way that it itself creates the dhoti like look, the dhoti style is one of those classic styles to wear a saree.

Though draping the saree dhoti style is more of a technicality, it often is more appealing than wearing it over readymate dhoti pants. For indeed, effort is sexier than style any day!

#5 Saree Drape over Jeans


Jeans and saree sounded exotic only a little time back. Not anymore though. Sarees have grown to be as versatile as your favorite denims. So pairing the two is a very good option. Casually sensuous has never been a term, but you can definitely be one effortlessly sensual women with this look.

#6 Twisted Pallu Saree Drape


The twisted pallu style is quite an interesting take on the conventional style of saree draping. And the process is nothing clumsy as well.

Twisting the pallu like a braid before letting it go over the shoulder just about makes you stand out while achieving the perfect twisted drape. You can choose to make things even more interesting with a funky contrast blouse. Either way, you are all set to make plain things awesome!

#7 Backside Pleated drape


Backside pleats in a saree? Now that’s what innovation sounds like. While sarees have always been pleated at the front, back pleated sarees look equally stunning, if not more. Just tuck in the pleats at the back instead of the usual front tuck and ditch the flow for once. Trust me, it’s worth it!

#8 Half Belted Saree


Half sarees have been in vogue throughout time particularly in the southern states of India. A matching belt to accentuate your waist and the appeal of those half sarees can be a wondrous addition to fashion. And given the traditional nature of these sarees, it’s better suited if the belt is a makeshift one in matching pattern and/ or contrasting color.

#9 Gujarati Drape


The Gujarati saree drape is another style to try if you want to go traditional but not very conventional. Instead of a free flowing pallu that falls on the back, this style lets the pallu cover the front before being tucked in the waist.

What’s more, you can opt for a fringed piece to look modern and innovative without much ado as well!

#10 Double Drape


For the days when you can’t decide which one saree to wear, try wearing two! The double drape style of wearing saree is one much needed innovation in the sphere of saree draping.

It doesn’t really matter whether you go for sarees in contrasting shades or complementary ones. The double drape works equally effectively with any kind whatsoever. Double standards might not be classy, double drapes surely are!

#11 Draping under a Jacket


Dressing down the sheen of a saree with a plaid jacket to nip off the winter chill is so much a smart fashion choice. It’s stylish, it’s cosy and definitely innovative. If turning heads is your thing, you are guaranteed to ace it one more time with this unique look.

#12 Royal Angrakha Drape


This is a ‘tribute’ to the royality of the Mughal style of outfits. Sounds very ancient, but trust me, this is one of the most delightful of the modern looks that just about elevates the appeal of your six yards wonder.

#13 Gown saree drape


The elegance of a saree decking up the grace of a gown speaks out all things pretty. Saree gowns are therefore one of the most stylish ways to make a fashion statement. Though more than a style of drape, saree gowns are a type of the dress itself. Fusion clothing has never been so refreshingly innovative like sarees morphed into gowns.

#14 Pant Style Drape

Pant Style Drape

Whether it’s a pair of denims or a matching pair of embroidered pants, sarees go surprisingly well with casual wear. Chic and comfy, this draping style is a winner in formal meetings as well as at crazy parties.

#15 Half Blouse drape

Half Blouse drape

As the name says, the half blouse casual drape lets the blouse do all the talking. The saree is draped conventionally to let the impact of the half blouse flourish throughout the attire which is a guaranteed treat to the eyes.

#16 Loose fitted Drape

Loose fitted Drape

For those who are not too adapted to wearing the saree, the loose fitted drape is the style for them. Letting the pallu loosely ‘cover up’ the not so perfect pleats is the very perfect choice for those not so saree savvy women!

#17 Wrist Wrap- over drape

Wrist Wrap- over drape

Now this is one interesting take on saree draping. The drape is the same with the pleats and all but the pallu is wrapped around the wrist rather than allowing it to sit over the torso. A heavy blouse to show off works just right for this style of saree draping.

#18 Belted Saree Drape

Belted Saree Drape

The accentuated effect that a belt lends on your curves can never be emphasised enough. Which is why when paired over a saree, they tend to render you even more attractive. You might not find much innovation in this interpretation of the saree, but it is appealing nonetheless.

#19 Shawl Drape

Shawl Drape

To ward off winter chills in style, you can try draping your saree over your torso like a shawl. But to achieve this look you will need a really long saree, a nine foot something or you can go for two separate sarees to achieve this functionally elegant look.

#20 Butterfly Saree drape

Butterfly Saree drape

This is one rather sexy saree style. Worn a bit lower at the waist to accentuate the curves and flaunt the midriff, the style is further enhanced by slenderly folding the pallu as thin as possible to further enhance your figure and appeal.

#21 Palazzo drape

Palazzo drape

Draping a saree over a palazzo sounds so effortless yet stylish. And it’s remarkably easy to achieve this look as well. Plus it’s conventional and modern all in one!

#22 L(B)D Drape


While we are still dealing with wearing a saree over a pair of jeans, the world has gone far ahead of that. So here emerges the style of a saree draped over an LBD or for that matter any little dress whatsoever. Though seemingly more adventurous, this is a style worth all the hype.

#23 Arm candy Drape

Arm candy Drape

Letting the pallu rest on the arms to set a saree drape that is ethereal and more of a lehenga mainstay, the arm candy drape is also one style of wearing saree that is innovatively modern.

#24 Mumtaz drape

Mumtaz saree drape

A retro style of saree draping made famous by former Indian actress Mumtaz, the Mumtaz drape is one of the most iconic of the lot. A hit among B town celebs, this is one of the more sensuous ways of wearing a saree.

#25 Trail Drape

Trail Drape saree

The reigning sways at red carpet events, the saree trail is one all girls would love to tread on. A basic drape otherwise but with the pallu left lengthy enough to create that sashaying trail when pinned behind.

#26 Knotted Pallu Drape


When you have a blouse so pretty that it is worth every show, then you should let the pallu go for a toss and let the blouse make the statement. But if you aren’t someone too comfortable of the pallu not resting on your torso, then fret not. Try knotting the pallu of the saree midway and then throw it over your shoulder for that knotty look!

#27 Neck Wrap Drape


Another draping style that relies on the pallu of the saree to create its appeal is the neck drape. The pallu is made to go around the neck to arrive at this kinda sophisticated, fusion look of an essentially Indian dress.

#28 Waist Wrap Drape

Waist Wrap Saree Drape

The pallu has been played around with so often that the way of saree draping rests mostly on how the pallu is worn. This particular style has the pallu wrapped around the waist to create the impression of a one piece, flowing outfit.

#29 Retro drape


The name’s retro, but the drape remains as enchanting as ever. A favorite among B town celebrities to take a trip down memory lane, the retro style has never ceased to be in vogue and remains one of the most graceful of ways to wear a saree.

#30 Dupatta Drape


Not a draping style per se, but innovative nonetheless. This style has a dupatta thrown over the neck to complement the tone of the saree and enhance the saree’s flowing grace.

#31 Madisaru Drape

Madisaru saree Drape

The traditional Madisaru style of saree draping is a dress style native to the state of Karnataka. One of the most interesting of wearing styles, this drape has two sarees stitched together to arrive at this unique look.

#32 Hijabi Style

Hijabi Style saree

Wearing the saree in hijab style has the pallu go over the head in true conservative style. Though not one style that is particularly modern but quirky enough if you want to ditch the everyday look.