Most appropriate forms of earrings for corporate wear

Heavy jewellery has always been shunned off as a part of corporate wear. While most ladies never bother to wear any kinds of jewellery for work, there are some who do not like to go to their offices without flaunting some dainty pieces of ornaments because it is a ladies’ best friend after all which can enhance her beauty by a notch. Earrings have become the hottest pieces of ladies’ accessory in the 21st century. The jewellery market is replete with varieties of earrings mostly because they sell like hot cakes and is highly preferred over necklaces, bangles, mangtikaas by the modern woman. A high number of young women these days prefer to wear large danglers only as a part of jewellery along with their ethnic or western attires while attending formal functions like weddings or birthday celebrations.

While earrings that are good for formal wear is being sold in every type of market prevalent today, ladies should look hard to shop for earrings that are fashionable yet appropriate for office wear. As earrings of large sizes that are filled with loud beads and colours are strictly out of bounds for office, the desire for donning earrings that are simple yet aesthetically pleasing secretly languishes in our hearts. Due to the longing for a good pair of earrings, many of us decide to give it a miss while going out for work.

To help you out, we have listed you the list of earrings that you must definitely have in your wardrobe to jazz up in style each day before marching out of the house for the workplace.

Gold hoops

Source : Bluestone

When we were kids and had set off for school, most of us would make a style statement with a pair of small gold hoops along with the uniforms. With neatly combed hair, the same washed uniform and the pair of black shoes which we wore everyday for the week to school without any form of makeup or heavy accessories, the pair of gold hoops were the only unique accessories which was different from our classmates and set parameters for judging the type of style or look we are flaunting. As it is said by our elders, gold never loses its charm and still remains as young and unique a choice for every woman irrespective of their age. By wearing a pair of gold hoops to office, you would forever be making a classic style statement. Whatever be the design of the gold hoops, it can make any type of OOTDs (Outfit of the Day) extremely fashionable.

Gold studs

Source : Bluestone

If you are not a fan of hoop earrings, you can choose to make an elegant as well as bold style statement to your workplace with a pair of gold studs. Unlike hoops which are required to be open and worn over the earholes by pressing the clasp, studs are less time consuming and easier to wear. As we simply have to insert the needle shaped part of the stud earrings directly into the holes of the ears and support it up with the help of a stopper in the backs, it is much more effortless and comfortable to wear than hoops. As a gold hoop is a perfect earring of all time and is suitable for both casual and formal wear, gold studs would also serve as an ornament that would make you party ready in a simple way after office. Be it work or party, gold studs are appropriate and stylish for any occasion that is happening on Earth.

Pearl studs

Source : Bluestone

Pearls are the most beautiful form of gemstones on this planet and an earring, necklace or a bracelet made of it can simply raise the allure of any kind of outfit into an ethereal one. If you feel like you have run out of good clothes from your wardrobe and would rather stick to that one pretty outfit for days on end no matter how smelly, dirty, worn-out it gets or even have hair all tangled up in knots even if you had consumed much of your precious minutes trying to comb it out, fret not because the remedy to look good during such dreary days would be adding a pearl stud to your ears. A single pearl earring can raise your beauty by such a high level that you would not stop yourself from looking in the mirror and smiling a little and appreciate your prettiness before heading out of the house for work. Therefore, it can be said that pearls are magic jewels that are mood lifters besides being beauty enhancers.

Silver earring

Source : Giva

When you have an urge of standing out of the crowd with unusual choices, pair a small pair of silver earrings with your office outfits. It will ensure that your style seems all funky and bold. Unlike the regular kinds of earrings that are mostly colourful and blingy, silver is an unusual form of ornament that distinctly manages to look appealing with all its raw plainness in colour as well as in the appeal. As its unusualness seems to make silver a unique kind of jewellery among the many types, you can also seem a solitary human being if you prefer to style yourself with a silver earring.

Mini drops

Source : Adore By Priyanka

Drop earrings are a rage these days among women mainly because they are so pretty and cute and literally scream the word attractiveness in full measure. While large drop earrings are not at all recommended for corporate outfits, you can pair mini drop earrings with ethnic office outfits like sarees, salwar kurtas or kurti leggings for flaunting a dainty look. If you are the ones who are head in heels with ethnic outfits as well as large kinds of jewellery, buy some mini drop earrings of different colours so that you can wear a different style each day for work as well get a scope to appreciate yourself each day before the mirror when you look at yourself sporting various shades daily.

Tiny jhumkis

Source : Nykaa

If you are a die-hard lover of big earrings whose size can caress your shoulders softly each time you shake your head, the best kind of earrings to wear for work would then definitely be tiny jhumkis. Although it can’t make you look loud as you might like, it would add a distinct kind of prettiness to your facial features and would make you definitely look attractive with its simple and tiny aesthetic appearance. However, pair tiny jhumkis with ethnic outfits only as corporate outfits like trousers and shirts would look very odd if paired with jhumkis.

Diamond earrings

Source : Tanishq

Diamonds are very expensive but you must save and definitely buy one small pair of diamond earring to team up with your corporate outfits at times. Although it can empty your pockets by a good bit, you would not regret later for doing so because flaunting diamonds at office would make you feel confident and uber stylish in front of your co-workers with the interest that you would be arousing. Own a pair of diamond earrings and you can even wear it every day for many years to office like a boss lady.