Most Stylish Cities of the World

stylish cities

Style and fashion have forever been enchanting. Trends have always been set and fashion rules been meticulously followed; however, when it comes to being outright stylish, the following cities of the world certainly rules the roost-


Paris Fashion Week
Source: Muse Magazine

The iconic style capital of the world, Paris boasts being home to  a number of mega fashion brands like Dior, Chanel and Hermes. Fashion is channeled in Paris through the annual Paris Fashion Week that lends its distinctive style appeal to the city.



Source: Salvatore Riccardi

Host to luxury fashion and jewellery brand Fendi and Bulgari, Rome in Italy is a style city in its own right with not just fashion but also art and architecture ruling the style domain.



high end shopping
Source: Steemit

High street fashion brand Zara has its roots in the Spanish fashion biggie Barcelona as also as major clothing and manufacturing company Mango and a host of other brands like Desigual. But it’s also the local boutiques of the city that give it its quaint fashion sense.



Source: Glunis


Immense fashion appeal of brands like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, as well as Italian versions of famous fashion magazines Vogue and Vanity Fair contribute highly to Milan’s reputation as a world famous style destination.



Style destination London
Source: Rowan Row

Jimmy Choo, the iconic designer based in London is mostly responsible for endowing the status of one of the most stylish cities to the UK capital. Street style characterises most of London’s fashion statement, even as the city celebrates designers Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney for their high end products.



Source: Ground

Italy is one country that spells elegant fashion and the Italian city of Florence manifest its hold over the fashion sphere through the famous designer bigwigs of Gucci and Salvator Ferragamo. Particularly famous for its leather goods, Florence does strive to do justice to its inclusion as a true style city.