Nail colors to paint your timeless fashion sensibilities in

versatile nail colors

Sport ’em or hide ’em but let them nail the look for you! Well, that’s all we could be saying for those elegant nails of yours, dazzling with sheen that allures and excites and blushes in all the radiance. But fussing over your nail color every single day is no way to stun, so we bring to you the most versatile shades of nail paint ever that will have you fashion ready for ever and ever-


Say versatile, mean black- that’s what the style bandwagon has forever been consistent in. Be it the forever favorite little black dress or a sleek pair of black skinny jeans and of course black nail color, you can’t ever go wrong with the sizzling fantasies of the dark. There’s something about this shade that makes even sloppy look classy with ease. Call it the camouflaging effect or attribute to it being a hue that is prominent without being overpowering, black indeed is the stuff of fashionistas and laidbacks alike.

Perhaps the best think about black nail polish is that it goes with everything. And mind you, there not even an almost. However, when it comes to the shade you are flaunting, you sure can take liberties because the almost blacks will work here without much deliberation. So you can pick a black with tints of other darker hues that will have even more of the effect on your overall look.


While blue have been the enchantment for many and might be a shade that overpasses even the black in its versatility, we don’t generally utter black and blue in the same breath when it comes to fashion. Of course these are two colors that make for a really complement pair but blue sometimes tends to take the backseat over its more evil counterpart. But once you have pitted navy blue against black as your fashion staple, you would know the almost similar effect both the b’s can bless you with.

But blue is also all the more phenomenal a color in fashion because there are interpretations of this shade that black is forever devoid of. Think of the classy royal blue, the pretty sky blue, the fluttering light blue, the soothing baby blue and a host of other blues and you would know what we are talking about.

shades of blue nail color
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While darker shades of blue goes well with everything in manifestation of its inky ambidexterity, even paler and lighter shades exhibit surprising versatility. Pair for instance the baby blue nail paint with a white dress for a sunny look, with a yellow saree for the very feminine appeal or even with a red tee to an amazing contrast effect. Go catch up therefore on the blues and not let the proverbial blues catch up to you!


Royale yet contemporary, gorgeous yet elegant- how can we ever stop raving about the golds? There’s a timeless appeal about this very opulent color that however matches also to the modern day charisma sans much bustle. Effortless yet stylish in equal measure, golden nails can take your outfit from nice to fab with just a single coat of its glitzy shine or toned down gild, just as you prefer! And there’s really no color on earth, even when it can be composed of a million such refractions and what nots, that can dim the luster of a nice golden touch or revolt against its too glamorous personality. Dramatic yet versatile- oh boy, what a golden pick indeed!


silver nail polish
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For souls not quite gagaing over the golds, there’s another semi royal pick for you on the nail color horizon. That allure rests with silver in its shimmery glaze as well as in its leaning towards the greys. Add some glitter to a plain silver and you can even dazzle the night out in ease. In its positive exuberance (think about the silver lining of the clouds) and its easy seeming aesthetics, there rarely would be any look that you can’t be acing with some silvery sheen to it. In fact in being a versatile fashion fanatic, some silver blitz is all your nails need to unleash that sparkly spirit silently residing in you!


Call it bold, buzz it up as classic or lust it for its luster- reds seem to have a way with everyone with its multi dimensional brilliance. Even when you can’t possibly go demure with reds- with such a pretty shade of color you wouldn’t want to anyway, there’s something about its transcendence onto your nails that is eye catching yet so pleasing. Making the most striking style statement will come so naturally to you with just a round of red awesomeness marking up your nails that you will be left flattered. Standouts for fair complexioned folks and perfectly complimenting the dark skinned ones, name any color more iconic than red in fashion in general and for a nail paint in particular- we will wait till all of eternity.


Pink Nail Polish
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Before all you folks on earth zone me out already over how pink could be the nail shade that can go with every other color, let your true fashionista self try it out one time. The perfect cooling shade of bubblegum pink, the vibrant as hell hot pink, the all things dreamy strawberry pink- every shade will enrich your style sensibilities to such extents that will leave you speechless. And don’t even worry about matching or even mismatching for that matter- pinks are forever made to go pretty in and not lose your head over!


white nail polish
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You would be surprised at how a color as basic as white can make for such bold looks when it comes to fashion. Especially with nail colors, white even might be your best bet at going all guns out. Perhaps it is the intensity of white that makes it stand out even against the fairest skin tone, thereby making it such a daring pop of fashion in your everyday encompassment. And it needs no reiteration whatsoever how perfect white tends to be when it comes to complementing any and every color you want to be resplendent in. White is all things you never expected it to be- edgy, rogue and maybe some kind of complacent as well.