Lipstick Shades Every Girl Must Try

Lipsticks are a girl’s best armor! All you need to shine is a dab of color and there you are- the undisputed queen of the world! Let’s check out some of the trendiest lip colors that can give a major boost to your everyday look.


red lipstick
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You can’t ever go wrong with the classic red lipstick. Be it the bold red look or a slightly toned down rose touch, dab and dazzle as you step out to kill in your red hot avatar!

Anne Hathaway red lipstick
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Source: Temptalia

This Pantone’s 2015 color of the year has indeed caught the fashion world by storm! And when it comes to your lips, get set to trump it up with a succulent pair of beauties adorning your face in the sensuous marsala hue!



orange lipstick
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Now this is one shade that’s definitely worth a try. Let the glamour flow with a bright orange stroke or keep it flirty with an apricot or peach touch to do up your look!

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nude lipstick
Source: Suzanne Morel

Color pops are fun, but for once do try out nude lips for a more natural look. Choose a shade that’s a tad apart from your exact skin tone, and enjoy the compliments that finally tumble your way for your largely understated makeup skills!

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metallic lipsticks
Source: The Lady Light

This one is more of a party look. Shimmery metallic hues definitely add glamour to your evening ensemble as you enjoy a fun date with your pals. Be it an experimental red shine, a brush up purple shade, an illuminating pink glow, or a daring grey black try, be sure to keep the party rocking with your lipped wonders!

metallic lipstick
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mauve lipstick
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This might not exactly be the shade for you to dazzle, but if you want to keep it soft and subtle, you don’t have a better option than mauve lip color. Cool and trendy, mauve might just be your best bet yet to sport fresh fashion!

Keiko Lynn makeup



Pink lipsticks
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Pinks are forever pretty! So you can go all cool and feminine with just a dash of baby pink or spruce it up with a really hot pink lip shade, or better still opt for a strawberry infused color if you want a more conventional smile.

sonam kapoor in pink lipstick
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