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Turns out everything in the world has its type. Even the pockets on your clothes, or rather your preference of them. Pockets are coveted especially by women, given the appalling lack of them on most feminine exclusive clothing. But that does not mean they are taken for granted otherwise. Given the immense utility that pockets bear and specifically the aura of ease and comfort they allow one to decipher by simply digging deep into them, these elements of clothing and veritable also components of fashion harbours a somewhat unique esteem. And of course they can be made to encompass many different styles as well, helping them emerge as quite versatile entities in themselves. Outlining below 15 such types of pockets that you can sew on your clothes and carry upon your person-

Patch Pocket

The most basic and common of all pocket types and essentially very much what they sounds like are the patch pockets. Most commonly attached on shirts and functional as well in that assertion, patch pockets though can also be a more stylised feature upon other garments like jackets and blouses or just about any type of clothing.

Essentially, these are pockets cut out of a piece of fabric and sewn to measure before being further sewn onto the item of clothing it is meant to pocketify. In its essence therefore as a patch of fabric sewn to make for a handy pocket compatible with holding conveniently your many a necessities of daily life, it is no wonder that the aptly named patch pocket is the style you are most likely to be aware of. But despite its basic enough presence, patch pockets still can be made to be as standout as well in their many shapes as well as in the many explorations of their design.

Slash Pocket/ Cross pocket

Slash Pocket
Source: Pinterest

Slash pockets are also rather common types of pockets though one might not be very conversant with the naming of them. Generally featured along the front of pants and on skirts as a pocket that begins at the waist some inches away from the sides and extends diagonally down to meet the side seams, these pockets greatly support the human proclivity to put their hands into them as they happen to be the most convenient in that aspect. Sewn always at a slant, these slant pockets though are also called cutaway pockets and can be shaped as either a curve or as straight even while maintaining the slash cut. The curved slant pocket might be known even more distinctively as a scoop pocket even as jeans slant pocket too stand out in their somewhat different cut along the same line.

Hacking Pocket

Hacking Pocket
Source: Etsy

Truly one of the most defining of pocket styles that stands out as sophisticated already in their formal setting along men’s suits, hacking pockets have a definite appeal to them. Always placed at the waistlevel in a slight but decipherable still slant, these pockets derive their name from their traditional presence along Hacking or riding jackets and is a stemming from the sartorial consciousness adhering to the British style. Adding an element of cool suaveness to such formal picks of suit jackets or coats, hacking pockets tend to be subtle but manage to standout still with their definitive quirk in appearance.

Flap Pocket

Very evidently and quite simply as well, any pocket that has a flap covering the opening of it classifies as a flap pocket. Usually an occurrence along formal items of clothing like suit jackets, the flap of flap jackets can be of different shapes as well. The most common happens to be in the shape of a rectangle but other angular or curved flaps are popular as well. Flap pockets also sometimes come with even more secure a feature of the button, making for an even more assertive identity of its own. And while flap pockets would likely be more interpreted as being an assertion in safekeeping of one’s holding, they sure are an element of style in themselves.

Side Seam Pocket

Side seam pockets are also commonly understood as being secret pockets because they do not make themselves apparent, at least not immediately. As a pocket that manifests as being very much a part of the side seam, built within in all their essence facilitating holding however, they find most convenient exploration along the length of tunics and dresses. These inseam pockets remain exclusively hidden in the seam of the garment and are entirely enclosed by the outer layers. With no visible edges or stitching lines making their presence apparent, side seam pockets make for interesting elements of design while being functional bearers of comfort as well.

Pork-Chop Pocket

We sure thought pork chop pockets to be a really sumptuous pocket of food enclosing some juicy pork filling for a gastronomic delight guaranteed to send the taste buds into a salivating spree. The sartorial expression that it ended up corresponding to however translated still into as unexpected a premise for pockets to plod. Named quite unsurprisingly because of the shape of them unfolding as very much akin to pork chops, these are pockets that are made by sewing two pieces of fabric together with an opening at the top. Oversized, bulking assertions of pocket space that though are only illusionary, pork chop pockets might not be the most popular pocket trend but they sure are interesting enough features in themselves.

Zippered Pocket

Zippered Pocket
Source: Bewakoof

Zippered pockets are of course pockets with zippers attached to them that enables their closing for a more secure deliverance in functionality. Whether the zipper provides for a top closure or a side one is a consideration that can be explored on the basis of the provision allowed while letting the aesthetics rule as well. In their providing of the secure closure to otherwise open pockets as well as in emerging as a detail itself in design, zippered pockets and flap pockets rest in the same essence though visually they are very different indeed.

Slit/ Set- in Pocket

Pockets that are cut out into the garment itself as a slit in all their visibility are what slit pockets are. A very common type generally seen on the back of pants, these pockets can take both vertical or horizontal placing along other types of garments as well. Welted or jetted pockets are the most common types of such slit pockets, also known as set in pockets because of their seating along the underside of garments. Featuring a narrow slit bordered by two thin strips of fabric or “welts” that make for the pocket opening concealed within, jetted pockets make for one of the most formal pocket styles to be featured on men’s clothing. Jetted pockets are also commonly referred to as besom pockets that can assert in either single or double essence depending on whether one or both the edges feature the welt(s).

Faux Pocket

faux pockets
Source: Sew Guide

Faux pockets need no reiteration of what they are, or rather what they are not! Fake pockets indeed that are just evoking of the pocket aesthetic but are in fact closed up ‘pockets’ of therefore no functional essence whatsoever, these are usually seen in jeggings. Some faux pockets take to their name in even more assertive manifestation, spanning up as nothing but mere impression of the pocket identity they set out to deceivingly call their own.

Post Box Pocket

Post Box Pocket
Source: Permanent Style

A hybrid of pockets, if you would indeed envision this intriguing coming together of the patch and the jetted pockets is the very amusing sounding post box pocket. But given the entity it shapes out as, as being a patch pocket sewn upon the garment but with an opening that entails from the jetted characteristic instead, the post box pocket truly stands up to its name in very literal conveyance of it.

Ticket Pocket/ Key pocket

Key pocket
Source: Hermes

Those tiny pockets inside another pocket sported by your jeans that you wonder about only so often are what ticket pockets or key pockets are. Supposed to carry teenie weenie essentials like tickets or keys or coins or just about anything that might fit into those slips of opening are these insets into the side pockets that are indeed a characteristic feature of the whole bottom denim setting altogether.

Watch Pocket

watch pocket
Source: Bogleheads

Pockets that were once made for pocket watches to be slipped into are what are called watch pockets. Also known as fob pockets, these are found mostly on waistcoats even today when pocket watches are not commonly used. Even the ticket pockets of jeans were devised initially as watch pockets, advancing though to chart out other dimensions of use in adapting to the changing trends of the times.

Kangaroo Pocket

Kangaroo Pocket
Source: Ardene

Another amusing name for a pocket but still one of the most common in both its immensely utilitarian and as fashionable pursuit is what the kangaroo pocket is. Added as a patch on such garments like sweatshirts and hoodies or such winter specific clothing and making for spaces of warmth to slip hands into through its both sided openings, kangaroo pockets can be either a continuous patch pocket or can instead be a pair of identical ones separated by a zipper or even otherwise.

Draped Pocket

Source: Namshi

Aesthetic indeed in their essence while being adequately serving of intended purposes as well are draped pockets made by draping different folds of fabric around the pocket opening. The additional fabric is incorporated as part of the cutting itself to allow for the draped effect to come into clear prominence for a decorative pocket type evident in styles like the cowl pocket.

Safari/ Bellows Pocket

safari pocket
Source: Safari Store

Pleated expansible pockets that in fact are a type of patch pockets and traditionally featured on safari jackets are what safari pockets are. Also called bellows pockets, these center box pleated or inverted pleated spaces of safe holding your belongings allow for the convenience of expansion when used. Allowing therefore for more that enough room for storage, these roomy indeed pockets adhere to the requirements of function without compromising on the aesthetics.