Do’s, don’ts and types of monsoon footwear

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The romance of rains isn’t lost upon the world. But the incessant monsoons seem to very strongly challenge this love for what pours from heaven. As one is faced with the not so charming prospect of going about their daily lives irrespective of whether it is a drizzle or a downpour curating the flavor of the season, the appeal of the rains does not seem to hold so much. Specifically when the prospect is one of navigating puddles or wading through the waters, the terrain is basically untreadable. Not if you own the right pair of footwear though to slip into the mood of the monsoon season. Here’s all you need to know about what is and what is not suitable for strutting through the rainy days-

Choice of Monsoon Footwear

The choices might seem to be very limited in what would occur as monsoon appropriate footwear. But the reality occurs as one of pleasant surprise. In fact knowing what one should absolutely not wear during rains is more convenient a way of identifying the kind of footwear that will keep you comfortable.

There a handful of the shoe identities that one should steer clear of every time the monsoon sets in. The strict no- nos that express in this context can be generalised as-

Closed Shoes

closed shoes
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Closed footwear should be avoided if they harbour the possibility of water seeping into them. This holds particularly in such circumstances when one is required to remain in their shoes for extent periods of time. Damp feet are a breeding ground for fungi and when they remain enclosed in as damp or even wet shoes the risk is higher in incurring infections.

High Heels

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High heeled shoes makes for another footwear choice that does not quite let you dance with the rains. But high footwear in general is not wholly unsuitable for monsoons. The types that assert in fancy, dressy shows of wearing and the kinds that identify as stilettos or pointed heels are the specific specimens that do not entertain the rainy character. They aren’t apt choices for long, exerting periods of wearing anyway which makes them more likely to not find fancy during the monsoons. But even if you are contemplating donning one for a specific casual occasion, it would be in your best interests to ditch them for the time being due to the many risks involved.

‘Regular’ footwear

Such ‘regular’ footwear that are not made to be water resistant is also another easy non-option for the rainy days. Wearing them will not only make your feet all soggy and dirty and uncomfortable, they probably will not be able to withstand the overwhelming flooded ‘feeling’ as well. They will emerge all soiled and misshapen and you wouldn’t even be able to give your favorite pair a good wash.

ordinary non rainproof footwear
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Footwear that are prone to making you slip because they do not come with grooves on their soles are even more unsuitable. Their generic make means that they offer no support whatsoever to your feet in maintaining grip upon slippery surfaces. Wearing them in heavy rains or even in the aftermath of continuous rains puts one at great risk of injuries.

What should your wear instead then? Following are the most monsoon friendly options

Flip flops

flip flops monsoon footwear
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Flip flops have that very splashing- sloshing sound to them that evoke the very nature of the rains. They are easy to slip into and out of and they are are completely washable and as affordable as well. They are also available in fun colors that one can choose from a variety of designs and styles. Add to that their featuring of only a decent platform as ‘heels’ or otherwise asserting as flats and flip flops tick off all the boxes that should make them absolute favorites of the monsoons.


For more formal settings when flip flops are quite the oddity, comfortable, sturdy sandals can be the most ideal choice. They are available in an even wider range of styles than the standard Y strapped assertion of flip flops. Sandals can also be as stylish as you desire that can match the outfit, as well as the mood or tone of the setting and occasion for wearing.

Opt for specific makes that feature monsoon friendly ergonomics in terms of the material and sole most prominently. Sandals featuring ankle straps for instance can be another area of consideration since they ensure that they will stay put even when the water has made your feet slippery. What makes sandals even more versatile a rainy day choice is that you can even wear them in close toed styles since the water will most likely pour out of them.


women's monsoon footwear wedges
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Those who wish for some additional height or even those who don’t can pick a pair of wedges to glide about in the rains. Unlike other high heeled footwear, wedge heels are well rounded and balanced makes that fuse style with functionality. Not only will wedges ensure that your flair for fashion is not compromised due to the rains, they also are the best options in keeping your feet out of direct contact with the rainwater gliding over roads and walkaways.


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As comfortable as they are convenient, flatforms are another rather suitable monsoon staple. They are high sandals that assert as level throughout the sole. This means that like wedges they help keep the feet above water. But the thickness of their sole is what sets them apart from wedges while rendering all associated functionalities of wearing- and even enhancing them. They also afford an incredibly stylish statement for the wearer and go well with pretty much any choice of outfit to further elevate their appeal.


rain boots
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Want to steer your feet as clear of the waters as possible? Boots have to be the winner this time around. They are one of the classiest and classic options in dressing. They also keep your feet and even your legs safe from the water depending on the type you are wearing. And while there are indeed available gumboots as the rubber variants that are perfectly protective in their calf length rise, even the more classic leather makes work more than fine as monsoon footwear. As long as one takes enough care of their boots and maintains and upkeeps them as specified, one doesn’t even have to concerned of spoiling their favorite pair.


crocs monsoon footwear
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A modern specificness tied to a traditional type of footwear, crocs make for special monsoon mentions. In them is embedded the character of clogs but made as they are of a special resin called Croslite that is waterproof is what has led crocs to reign supreme. They are actually an entire warm weather favorite but the rains make one more appreciative of their essence. Designed as a boat shoe, crocs sport soles that allow better grip on surfaces. They are also lightweight and comfortable to wear specially because of the holes that let air pass. These holes also are what makes they suitable for wear in rainy season as water can easily drain out from them. Their open shoed identity helps further this cause and this now classic type of footwear is something one cannot do without at any time and season of the year.


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Sliders are open toed footwear with a loose heel holding on to the foot from the front. This makes them impeccably easy to wear and these strapped sandals also stem of a coveted unisex characteristic. They are light and breathable which also makes them occur as comfortable. Plus their usual intention in using being one of beachy or poolside essence only makes them come across as even more suitable rainy season choices. Sliders are improbably but uniquely stylish as well, having found high-end fashion interpretation that has done much to leverage their popularity.