Saree- The Classic Dress Material Which Always Rule Indian Fashion


The timeless classic dress, the saree, has always occupied a prime place in the Indian fashion world. No matter how many dresses of new styles have caught the fancy of every Indian lady, saree always remains special. This beautiful nine yard piece of garment has always been adored by the desi ladies and has ruled their hearts since time immemorial.

Ladies from every walk of life, whether they be doctors, engineers, journalists, entrepreneurs etc, are always spotted in every corner of the country in this elegant ethnic dress. The saree has always given an unique identity to the Indian woman. The intriguing part is that the saree can be draped in innovative number of ways by the Indian ladies and still manage to look classy and attractive.


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The way of draping a saree elegantly is truly an art. If not draped properly, there are high chances that the person may slip and fall. Some ladies may face problems while wearing a saree. But if draped properly with the right number of pins in place, she can rock the world with her classy attitude and grace. Even foreigners are left spell bounded when they see how a single piece of garment can be worn so effortlessly by the Indian ladies. So ladies, even while going abroad be sure to pack a saree in your bag. Show them how you can rock the world in your desi avtaar.


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Most of the Indian states have their own types of sarees and thus each type of saree gives an authentic identity to the lady of a particular Indian state. West Bengal has the Tant saree, Uttar Pradesh has the Benarasi saree etc. There are many varieties of sarees to give the woman a truly desi feel. Not only that, women of each Indian state drape their sarees in a variety of ways and styles and this is truly astounding. There are a number of methods of saree draping that can left us amazed and each style of draping requires a number of carefully pleated folds.


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Saree is not only a piece of garment for Indian ladies but has become an emotional aspect of their lives. During a wedding, a mother gifts sarees to her daughter with a heavy heart with the hope that she can start her new life happily. Even during babyshowers, the would-be mother is blessed with pretty sarees by her near and dear ones. In every occasion associated with the Indian women, sarees are the most common choice of gifts choosen by everyone.


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Sarees are not only elegant, but they are also useful. There are a number of creative ways to use an old saree. Sarees can turn out to be a huge money saver and can be used for a variety of domestic purposes. It can be used as a tablecloth, a bedcover, as curtains, for hanging clothes as a form of rope etc. With so many purposes, sarees are the best version of dresses that ever came up. Here are some ways for you to creatively use a saree.


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Today so many pre-stitched sarees available in the market.So it is easier to wear and carry them very comfortably than ever before. Saree gowns, lehenga style sarees, net sarees and the list goes on and on. Thus fashion designers are facing stiff competition among themselves to come up with cutting edge styling trends with sarees. You should also definitely own one of these innovative pieces.


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From Bollywood celebrities like Sridevi , Madhuri Dixit to bold politicians like Mamata Banerjee, Sushma Swaraj , everyone has carried the saree with much elegance and grace. Even in Bollywood films and TV serials, actresses are shown to carry the saree with much style and confidence.

Thus, saree as a dress material, is the upholder of Indian culture. So, ladies, rock the world in style, grace and confidence in a saree.