Style strewn in sequins

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Seems like everything in the world has its own significant history. Even sequins. Or rather- especially sparkly, shiny, shimmery sequins.

Sequined style might strike as quite the signature look that one would want to flaunt indeed. But it is with quite some surprise that we stumbled upon sequins being much humble as well, while working still all flair of its character. Endowing then upon these flashes of light and color and style the attribute of versatility would not be so much of a misappropriation of its greater essence in shining out. For it would be in this very assertion of the sparkles that these otherwise tiny discs of ordinariness has come to be steeped in a rich legacy of its history.

Rather rooted in the aeons of time would be this cynosure of all eyes falling upon its glittery glimmer, with even the mysterious might of Tutankhanum falling to the gleams of its shining. And while the many solid gold allowances that King Tut took to his grave would only see light shone upon its essence upon discovery as late as the 20th century, it isn’t even the period of his living that counts as the farthest end of this sequined lifetime. For evidence exists in all certainty that sequins of the golden character had been quite the thing even in one of the oldest human civilisations, the Indus Valley civilisation.

Resplendent then in such reaches of what it has explored since eternity, sequins stand up resolutely to what they do in all showiness of drapery. Be it the specific fore of fashion or the diverser extent of lifestyle, these sparkly bits of prettiness bring upon every strand of their embellishing an essence that is impossible to ignore indeed.

It isn’t just the show though that has made sequins a mainstay of the human existence. Also associated would be symbolic attributes that these small but significant chunks were esteemed in, in their then (precious) metallic minting. In their origin strikes of gilded glow, sequins would amass connotations of auspiciousness and affluence and, with everything from divinity to human superiority catering to their flickery facets of flair.

Accumulating then mounds in mattering, even when their material manifestation is mere in measure, sequins have been prominent, even pivotal elements in evoking ’emotions’. Frequently occurring in folk art as divine dazes and as symbols of status separating humans within themselves would be these sequins that also were purposed for some peculiarities. Back in the times when they were made of gold or would be coins necessarily as well, stitched onto everything from everyday wear to funerary garments, the sequined style would be a very convenient mode of keeping one’s wealth secure and always at hand.

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In fact so abundantly occurring had been this idea in incorporating sequins as wealth themselves that the very name of their being derived from sikka, the Arabic word for coin. Back then, the alluding would to be the Venetian ducat coin zecchino that would eventually morph into its current day expression as a French furthering of the 19th century. Striking has always been then a nature of occurring for sequins whether in all evidence of appearance or in their core essence.

Dwelling in a dynamic diversity since forever, so much so that their dazzle does not dim even when coursing through an existence calling for all adaptability and flexibility to become a part of their character, the relaxed regard of sequins in their modern assertion of almost an exclusive scouting of style continues to be ‘rigorous’. It of course is a proclamation of sorts made in no uncertain terms that sequins would be party staples first and anything else later. But consider it a draw upon the experiences of their existing in many a different dimensions and sequined pieces of all fashionability are not exclusive only to one particular exploration of the statement making premise.

This means that such fashion that expresses in all the bling and glitz of sequined stitching can be as casual as they can be celebratory. And despite the conjuring of their visions as flashy, even gawdy assertions of exaggeration or drama, sequins can be really subtle as well. Of course that’s not the purpose these items of all extravagance should be made to serve in their potential in evoking the awes and envies of the world. But the fact that they can be made to attend to pretty much every intention of however inordinate or restrained character validates further the indubitability of their versatileness.

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It isn’t also only the occasion of their wearing that sequins have managed to outshine. It also is the place and time of shining through their being that has broken free from the shackles of their stipulation. Even more freeing an unfurling of the essence that sequins harbour even in their holed happening would be disregarding also the conventions of what make them applauded in femininity and rejected in masculinity as ‘traditional’ notions in dressing even when sequins have through their many encounters in history been more stuck upon the male style.

Needless to say then, given the expansive range of their elementariness as assertion of the aesthetics, sequins can claim for their absolute conquering as easily such formal pieces of clothing as suits and shirts and even pants as they do in scattering charm across the dressier demands. And thus these supposedly over the top expressions of style today can also occur also to perks up your office wear for instance with of course proper and appropriate judgement as to how they are worked with.

With such experience gained in their musing over different contexts along the ages, sequins manipulate today more than only the radiating rays of light. The play with the gleams of the world is indeed the mechanism through which sequins strike as definite detailers of style and fashion, capturing attention and commanding gazes through their flashy assertion as such. Today they manipulate in no lesser consideration the ultimate reality as well, lending their iridescence of identity to any and every thing that features their little lives of luminosity.

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Beyond making fashion statements, sequins have also been shining in their making of social and cultural statements. In fact their very emergence upon the facades of fashion that was a direct effect entailing the discovery of King Tut’s Tomb revealing a trove of these treasure spurred at once a phenomenon in evoking definite identities of the flapper girls. And from thereon the prospects grew for sequins, so much so that they engross still with their flourish particularly flounced in the elaborate occurring of performances.

Why sequins work in making performances even more appealing in their nature as spectacles is a derivation upon the basicness of their reflective functioning. By drawing greater attention to the body of the performers- which to them is their very medium of performing, sequins endow an exact attention to the details in performing, as exquisitely as they do in their embellish capacity. Be it the art of fashion then or the fancies of the artistic, sequins have done well to fan and further our innate inclination for flamboyance.

Concern yourself with its embodying and expressing of much commonality and sequins still honor indeed the wearer in psychological validation. (Dis)regard it in all show and no substance or consider it an overt show of oneself but there is no denying the charms of sequin in what they afford for the human mind. There is something bright and sparkly about the very feeling in sporting some shimmer upon oneself which conveys essentially a spirited high in living. Buoyant and exuberant in their special wearing, these traits of the twinkly etched upon everything from dresses to shoes to accessories and utilities is sometimes all the glimmer of hope that one needs to find worth in their ordinary existence.

Which is all the more reason therefore to not tuck away your sequin pieces to the back of the closet yet- or ever. Even when it isn’t any promise of the festivities waiting to have you slip once again into that smiling fabric of all fashionable style or whether or not you would be taking the stage yet in unleashing the power of a performance, there is no way you cannot choose to shine in delivering that indelible impression of the look. One only needs to know how to style the sequins right to outshine even those circles of characteristic charm.

Pairing a sequined something with a plainer expression of style might be one of the most effective ways in making your favorite outfit workable all through the year, from day to night with no inconvenience whatsoever. Even accessorising in sequins can be quite the recipe for drama that one can desire for in making a fashion statement that does not rely on the outfit itself for curating style. Layering an entirely glittering ensemble with a more muted pick to tone down the overall glamour is also a foolproof way in not having to change out of that sequin strewn dress yet.

The other way around in sporting a jacket laid with sequins over a monochrome attire can do the job in attracting attention while not inciting the outlandishness of being extra. Even a sequin coat can be a safe way of making heads turn but not having them find shaking in disapproval.

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In a parallel stream of exploration, sequins can be made to rule the range of one’s wardrobe by occurring in sparse, somewhat dimmed or not so sparkly assertions of them. A single row of them charms can curate an entire look in all assertions of the catchy without being clamorous. Or opting for such pieces that are more conveniently sequined, such that the sparkles can be aroused or undone by a simple brush of them would be even genius a way in creating different intensities of sleek style.

All such deliberated ways in embracing sequins in fact endows yet another aspect of versatility upon this immensely functional already element of style. For this essential show hinging upon the scape of the spectacular to assume a character tending somewhat close to minimalism might come across as aberration. But that it does indeed find expression in this contrary realm of representation, and in so much impeccability as well only makes the case stronger in sewing strings of sequin upon our special style.