42 chic and sleek summer outfits for you to try in 2020

cheek & sleek summer outfits 2019

Summer fashion isn’t particularly easy- you need to feel comfy and breathe easy while also looking your breezy best. Whether it be the hue or the shade, the flow or the cut, outfits of summer are tricky. But we still have got you sorted with these 42 chic and sleek summer outfits for you to surely try in 2019-


Sea Green & Yellow Printed Maxi Dress
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The breeziest thing about summer is pretty florals! Floral dresses cools down the heat wave in a way few other things can. This pretty blue and yellow and pink floral dress is so soothing to the eyes, while also letting you live the summer of your life to its fullest!


Source: Dresses this season

White is another element that is very crucial to bear the excruciating summer heat. And a pretty white dress splashed with even prettier florals is such an exotic refreshment in summers. The funky cold shoulder cut does even more to amp up the chic quotient of this white delight.


Summer is the season of every thing bright and sunny. And this yellow dress is the perfect epitome of this season of fruity fun and leisure. Add to it the flirty floral print and your friends’ summer- out is sorted.


Source: Lifestyle Magazine

Ruffles are everything summer can bring along- fun and boisterous, adventure and joy. This peachy ruffled sundress has summer vibes written all over it- the calmness of the peach hue, the joy of the ruffles and the thrill of the bright season. Definitely a summer outfit for you to try in 2019!


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Enough of cuteness now, time to get a bit more sexy! This co-ord crop top and summer shorts combo is your attire to pick if you want your summer days to be just the way you are- all things spicy and nice!


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Style comes with comfort, for you cannot be the diva you are if you have to sweat at it. This classic slit pant in a cool blue shade with a cool pattern teamed with a sheer white top is all things summer dreams are made of!


Blue Gingham Check Print Frill Trim Crop Top Teamed With ASOS Tailored Culottes with Large Fold Pleat Front And Heeled Lace Up Sandals
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Flared pants is another trend that’s not just super chic, they are tremendously ‘homely’ too. With (more than) enough breathing space for your legs, you don’t have to worry about those sweaty thighs. Try pairing ’em with a nice fitted crop top and you will realise that you have discovered a match made in heaven!


Source: Myntra

Uh, so you thought we were done with whites and florals? Sure, no. How can one ever be done with white, that too with all the flora? This super pretty ‘florawhite’ dress with that perfect slit is just the perfect compliment for your summer ready toned legs!


Source: Yoktravels.com

Dresses and suits are all sleek and fleek, but nothing beats the vibe of donning a cute little skirt! This breezy polka dotted set makes you look effortlessly chic and trendy. And oh that blouse! With the front tie- up detail in place, this is one outfit guaranteed to up your oomph!


Source: Glamour

Minimalistic and effortless, this loose fitted pair of short pants will definitely make you while away the days of summer at ease. The sleeveless brown top with lace detailing is as simple a thing you need to carry off this 2019 summer look with elan.


Summers are for pastels and whites, for florals and patterns. Sure. But they are also very much about everything you want to dazzle in. This asymmetrical bright yellow skirt does summer just right when paired with the plain white top. Cheerful, charming and indeed a class apart!


Source: StayGlam

If less is your idea of more, then this is one summer look that will appeal to you instantly. This short white dress in that quirky detailing of the print and the hem is so much a summer winner!


Summers need not always be bleary. This vibrant magenta colored dress with a splash of blue is just the outfit you need to rev up your mood against the dullness of those hot days.


perfect summer outfit
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This beige jumpsuit is another summer delight for you to try out this season. Breezy, as jumpsuits are meant to be and elegant, like you are destined to be!


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Skater skirts are made for summer, and vice- versa. The short, high-waisted circle skirt is light on your body and easy to the feel. Paired with a nude hued shirt and teamed with a slender belt, this is one combo that will not let you feel the heat any time!


Source: StylishList.com

Pastel pink and white- summers can’t get any more soothing when it comes to colors. This pretty off shoulder pinkie worn over a plain white skirt will make you look like a candy even in those sweltering summer days.


Source: StyleCaster

Embrace the traditional with your own touch of the west to go chic even in summers. This interestingly interpreted classic white kurti worn over a pair of jeans is one outfit that will let you unleash your charm, with or without the sun!


Source: Dash of Darling

A dress with a dash of orange, with sparring white motifs is the outfit to root for on your outing on the beach on a bright sunny day.


summer dress idea
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Short white dresses are never out of fashion. But instead of going plaid, do a contrast in some spunky color to shine out as the brightest star!


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Laces are eternally beautiful. And the world can sure do with its dose of lacy beauty even in summers. This ethereal baby pink lacy dress is the catch to woo your date with its fresh vibes and pretty aura.


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Ditch the denims once in a while to let your body not go greasy in summers. A pair of perfectly loose fitted trousers not only goads well for your comfort but is equally enthused with your appealing grace.


SASSAFRAS Sea Green & Red Floral Print A-Line Dress
Source: Jabong

Another floral outfit on the list, this blue colored dress however doesn’t work only with those flowers. It is also gorgeous in all its pinks and stunning in its uniquely cut out sleeves. If flirty fun is your idea of summer romance, this dress will surely help you get on board!


Source: Fashion is my Forte

Summers are all things simple- and sometimes it helps to go not so off road with your outfits. A bright, enticing crop top worn over a pair of comfortable denims can do wonders for you even in summer.


Vaak Black Tailored Dress
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Don’t black out the black just because it’s summer. Instead, don one of these figure defining black dresses and you would know just why blacks are all things shimmery and gorgeous.


Source: Find Your World

Whoever said florals are pure dress motifs sure hadn’t seen this cute flowery summer pants. Just don’t go overboard with the pairing and let the pair speak magic with its own vibe.


Tokyo Talkies Women Green Solid Fit and Flare Dress
Source: Myntra

Pastels aren’t always peaches. This pretty dress drenched in a beautiful pastel blue hue will sure melt all your summer blues away!


summer jumpsuit
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Another exotic peachy jumpsuit, this super comfy outfit would make summer feel like a breeze to you.


Source: Steal the Look

Summers aren’t only for short skirts. This knitted long skirt with a matching top and footwear is the way to go for a long day out on the streets.


Source: 1certifiedplumber.com

A free flowy shirt dress in one of the most calming of colors is another must have to tide over the heat of the summer days.


Source: theivorylane.com

Summer business days can be tricky, but you don’t need to feel over whelmed. This gorgeous black dress with intricate detailing and the perfect curvy hems will make business seem like a play to you!


Source: Outfits Mag

If black isn’t your preferred color for the summer, this equally enticing white dress is so much a beauty for those dreary days in office.


Source: Roberta Ferrante

Crop tops over shorts can never fail you in summers. This suave olive green pair lends you a vintage charm and renders you all the more attractive in all days of rain and sun.


Source: Outfits Mag

We spot lavender in here, so of course this one is the perfect summery dress to let you tra- la- la your way over those particularly hot days.


Source: We Heart It

This utterly simplistic outfit has all the summer vibes to it- a not very striking color complemented with a striking bow detailing to complete your look for a day out, never mind the radiant sun.



An all blue top and trousers outfit, enhanced by the little skin on show makes this one a classy, endearing pick for the summer season.


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This cute little monochrome outfit is one of your surest bets to beat the summer heat in style!


Source: Outfits Mag

Quirky and eye catching, even while being ordinary, this printed blue dress sure will make you stand out as the star of the summer picnic party.


Source: SistaCafe

We couldn’t find one reason why this dress should not be a must have in your summer wardrobe. From its delicate feel to its floral vibe, the exquisite lacy beauty to its feminine appeal, this another white dress on the list is sheer grace.


Don’t let the laziness of summers steal your spunk. Dazzle in this offbeat colorful block printed top paired with a nude bottom and have people swept off their feet with a cool statement in the scorching heat!


Source: outfitstrend.blogspot.com

Denim shorts and white tee is a summer staple all right but it might feel monotonous after some days. Just slip on a light, breezy shrug and witness the summer weariness transform into summer magic!


Source: Travel Channel

Short sleeved suits are a quirky summer staple that lets you go about your business in style and with ease as well. Team it with a hat and a colorful scarf and stomp around like the boss you are!


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Another floral white pick to beat the summer, this short dress has comfort written all over it to emerge as a winner for those hot as hell days!