The Wonder Material Dupatta Can Complement Any Outfit

Handmade Traditional Phulkari Dupatta
Source: Pinterest

The dupatta, or popularly called churni, is a must-have item in every women’s closet. A bright dupatta can make a dull outfit so beautiful and colourful. It can make a women look so elegant and chic sans any jewellery and make-up. This elegant piece of cloth was worn with much pride and grace in the ancient times. The word ‘dupatta’ originated from 2 words- ‘du’ meaning two and ‘patta’ meaning strip of cloth. This ethnic scarf is worn in a variety of styles by the Indian women. The most intriguing part is that this elegant piece of an Indian attire can be of diverse types. Let us take a look at the various types of dupattas.

Banarasi Silk Dupatta

Source: Peachmode

This dupatta of fine silk will surely make your attire go wow. Intricate patterns of design done by talented  craftsmen brings the glory of Indian culture alive in these dupattas. Moreover, this dupatta was in fashion among the royal women in ancient times.

Chanderi Dupatta

Source: Myntra

This dupatta is made by blending silk and zari in cotton in beautiful patterns. Though the craftmanship is from Madhya Pradesh, it is a very comfortable piece of garment which you can flaunt in style. So can every women.

Gota Patti Dupatta


A craftwork of Rajasthan, this dupatta is brought alive by sewing pretty zari, gold or silver ribbons and laces along the edges and also on the main piece of cloth in majestic patterns. It will surely jazz up your outfit.

Ikat Dupatta

Source : Indu Bindu

This dupatta features beautiful patterns of artworks to arouse your curiosity. The patterns are made by binding different colours of yarns or threads to come up with an amazing art on a piece of cloth. Before weaving, the yarns are subjected to resist dyeing.

Kalamkari Dupatta

Source : AdityaN Design

This dupatta will let you narrate our amazing Indian folktales in pride and style. In this dupatta, hand painting is done with a tamarind pen dipped in natural and colourful dyes. The process of painting is tedious and involves around 23 steps but is worth it.

Kantha Embroidered Dupatta

Source : Sweet Couch

This dupatta is generally made by stitching two or three pieces of cloth together.  The stitching technique is the main attraction though. It is done so prettily that it will leave you spellbound. This type of dupatta will come in handy for winter seasons . It can also serve as a kind of shawl for you.

Madhubani Dupatta

Source: Pinterest

It is a craftwork of the Mithila region of India and Nepal. If you favour colourful geometric patterns then you should surely own a Madhubani dupatta. The painting is done with twigs, matchsticks or fingers dipped in natural dyes.

Patachitra Painted Dupattas

Source: IndiaMART

Mythological folklore is brought alive in these dupattas in intricate details through amazing painting. So it is a must-have in your closet. This type of painting is generally done in Odisha and West Bengal.

Phulkari Dupattas

Source: IndiaMART

As the name suggests, Phulkari means flower work. A craftsmanship of Punjab and Haryana,  intricate flower patterns are painted in these dupattas. If you are a lover of flowers, then this dupatta is one for you to flaunt in style. It will surely add drama to your outfit.

Pom Pom Dupatta

Source: Zubix

In this dupatta, small decorative fibre balls are stitched along the edges. It will surely give your outfit a bright and cheery look.

With so many amazing types of dupattas available, it is true that India is a land of marvellous talents. This country provides exquisite handiwork of various types that are created by skillful hands. India has workers in the remotest corners of the country who works hard day and night to come up with magical creations.  So we should definitely flaunt our creations with pride everywhere.

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