Tiny Bags Trend: the cutest on the spectrum that has us go all Aww

mini bag trend
Source: FASHION Magazine

Less is more. Adages never fail us, as we keep reverting to them time and again. There have been times when being all bold and large has been what has dominated fashion. Be it chunky accessories, over the top patterns, exquisite and loud visibles, the focus has been on being the crowd puller. But with the loud fad getting lost somewhere in the din, it’s time for the subtles to rule.

Hence the trend that has come to rule fashion is manifested in all things small. Tiny sunglasses is one such phenomenon that had taken the world by storm. Another much recent but equally catchy trend is the reemergence of tiny bags on the horizon. Ever since Simon Porte, the designer behind Jacquemus re- debuted tiny bags in his Fall 2017 collection, the barely- there presence made an indelible impression. The fad caught up pretty fast thereafter with leading brands hopping in on the minuscule baggy bandwagon.

As far as functionality goes, the verdict is immediately apparent. With their bare sizes, these bags are bags just for the mere sake of it. They can hold nothing more than a few coins, which celebrity enthusiasts of the trend would not be associated with. The micro minis, like the one by Jacquesmus at a mere 2 inches fits comfortably enough in your palm which means it can hold practically nothing but air. Then what is the logic behind this trend becoming uber popular among the cool fashionistaS of the world?

Firstly, because it is one of those fads that emerge every season, you need not really expect anything substantial out of it. And secondly, with a look so cute and endearing, you should not really care even if they don’t do much. Accessories as they are, they accentuate the look and really, really steal the show. And because it is a high- end trend, it would be sported by models and celebrities, for whom getting the look is all they care about. Naturally, the fad will thrive for it makes all the impression even when they are so tiny that might even skip the view. Needless to say, brands have jumped headlong into making bags as small as they can, with varied interpretations of design and pattern, color and texture, styles and trends. Check out the trendiest mini bags on the spectrum that had us go all Awww-




Dolce & Gabbana







Marc Jacobs



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