Top 5 Reasons to Study Fashion Photography Courses in Mumbai

Fashion is one thing that never goes out of fashion. It simply keeps on evolving. This is one reason why a career in the fashion industry will never feel stale: there is something fresh and exciting at every turn. And when it comes to India, no other city takes the fashion lead other than Mumbai. Then, is it any surprise that studying fashion courses, especially fashion photography from Mumbai is the sure ticket to a successful career in the field?

Here is why choose Mumbai as your fashion photography study zone.

  1. Hub of fashion

Besides being a veritable maze of neighbourhood, Mumbai is also the fashion capital and the major retail hub of our country. Naturally, the city houses are several leading fashion houses and brands. Not only that, but the city is also home to several ultra-talented fashion designers such as Tarun Tahiliani, Anita Dongre, Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, and Manish Arora.

Where such high-end brands rule the style choices of the elite, the city equally sports one-of-its-kind street style fashion. A fashion photographer can find plenty of opportunities and inspiration around Mumbai. 

  1. The right technical know-how

The city of Mumbai houses some of the best fashion institutes when compared to the rest of India. Institutions like the Pearl Academy offer a 360-degree comprehensive learning model for fashion photography courses in Mumbai wherein students get to acquire all the basic and advanced technical skills, including image-making tools, needed to establish a successful career as a fashion photographer, both commercial or editorial. And what’s more, students are mentored by industry experts, both domestic and overseas; those with decades of experience, with fashion literally running in their veins!

  1. Much-needed exposure

If there is one city in India that can offer the right exposure from the perspective of fashion, it has to be none other than Mumbai. After all, Mumbai Fashion Weeks are at par with their international counterparts such as Milan or New York Fashion Week.

As a result, the city is replete with professionals who either work in the field of fashion or those who can influence it. A fashion photography aspirant will find it easy to collaborate or simply network with brands, models, stylists, and designers; basically, people who can help kickstart or push their career to new heights.

  1. The Bollywood industry

It goes without saying that the city that is the seat of the Indian Cinema or the Bollywood industry is sure to be the one that influences the design and style choices of the rest of the country. After all, it is commonplace to see a celebrity sport a flashy attire one day, and a considerable chunk of the masses, especially teenagers, following in their footsteps shortly after. 

Style trends all across the nation find their origins in this magnificent city. Needless to say, fashion photography students from Mumbai will get direct access and knowledge of what’s trending, what’s so last-season, and what is expected to gain traction in the near future. They can develop their portfolio accordingly, to be up-to-date with a personal touch.

  1. Easy collaboration

Besides Mumbai, no other Indian city is as replete with people from the field of photography, especially fashion photography. What this means for a fashion photography student is easy and quick opportunities to meet and collaborate with like-minded professionals from the field. Having a wide network has direct and indirect benefits – not only does one’s career get the connections it needs to kickstart or move forward, but working with similar professionals will open wide the imagination and make creative juices flow better.

From mesmerizing landscapes to the magnificent shoreline to the influential Bollywood industry, Mumbai is rightfully known as the City of Dreams which welcomes fresh entrants with open arms and allows them to carve their own path out.