20 top watch brands in India you can check out in 2020

top 20 watch brands in india

Among all fashion accessories that can instantly uplift even the most mundane of looks to a sophisticated one, watches are magnificiently effective. Watches not only complete your look, they also define you. Here are the 20 top watch brands in India you can check out in 2019-

List of 20 top watch brands in India:-

#1 Titan

top watch brands in India

A brand under the Tata Group, Titan as an indigenous watch manufacturer is not only one of the top watch brands in India but also the fifth largest watch manufacturer in the world.

Titan watches are known for being classy masterpieces of elegance and appeal and with seamless and easy transition between both functionality and style, it is no surprise that among the Indian watch brands Titan obviously rules the roost.

Specifically Titan watches under their different exclusive collections are unique beauties that you would want to own for the aesthetics itself, if not anything else. But anyway, with its reputation as a reliable name for the masses, Titan indeed is one of the best watch brands in India.

#2 Citizen


Japanese watch manufacturing giant Citizen with its stupendously innovative offerings is also among the top 20 watch brands in India. One of those brands that has incorporated technology immensely to deliver ultra advanced watches, Citizen is second to none when it comes to high end watches.

Citizen also produces watches that feature solar cells, which means they can function even without a battery. Perhaps no other watch brand has beautified technology the way Citizen does.

#3 Bulgari


Italian luxury watch manufacturing brand Bulgari has a collection of watches that are fine specimens of hand crafted precision and distinctively unique looks.

One of the best known luxury watch brands in India as also in the world, Bulgari stands synonymous to grandeur in style. A refreshingly contemporary feel infused with traditional elements lends Bulgari watches an irresistible charm. And with their stone embedded timepieces that are a splash of the most exotic colors, Bulgari watches are all things plush and majestic.

#4 Guess

top watch brands in India

The fifth most popular of wrist watch brands in India, American brand Guess is known for its stylish watches. If there’s one brand that defines style, sophistication and trends all in one, then Guess is the name for you.

Particularly for those who are die hard enthusiasts of fashion, Guess watches are immediately appealing. Because style is only fashionable when it’s classy and manufacturing ultra stylish watches is something Guess has always excelled in.

Guess watches sports unique craftsmanship which therefore comes accompanied by a higher price tag. But because of the hugely versatile and timeless watches it makes, Guess is a definite feature in the top watch brands in India list.

#5 Timex


Undoubtedly one of the most preferred watch brands in India for its affordability and sleek looking watches is the US brand Timex. Also revered for the quality of products it delivers, Timex is a fine fusion of intricate Italian design with the best of German engineering.

As the second most popular among wrist watch brands in India, Timex is also known for its durable and highly efficient watches.

#6 Casio

Casio watches

Iconic and popular through the ages, another Japanese brand that features prominently in the top watch brands in India list is Casio. Affordable in general though somewhat pricey when it comes to the highly technological ones, Casio watches are stylish and also one of the best in the market.

Casio is most famous for its digital watches. But the brand also offers analog watches and smart watches. In fact, Casio is reputed as the first company to launch a GPS atomic solar watch. Casio offers an unbeatable combination of looks and technology when it comes to watches.

#7 Fossil

top watch brands in India

American brand Fossil offers high end stylish watches that makes it oneof the top 20 watch brands in India. As with most other high end fashion brands, Fossil’s watches range around the same price figures. Sleek and sturdy, as well as sporty and splendid, Fossil watches are impeccable pieces of time keeping devices.

Fossil watches are as loved for their features as they are coveted for their timeless style. And with innovations and technological advancements accounting for Fossil smartwatches, this watch brand sets a standard of its own.

#8 Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger watch

With a largely affordable price tag if you consider the reputation that accompanies a world famous brand, Tommy Hilfiger watches are a rage all over India. Whether you want to sport a fresh,vibrant look or an elegant, classy one, Tommy Hilfiger watches have an array of options for you.

What makes Tommy Hilfiger one of the top watch brands in India is its timeless watches that just about elevates your personality. The cool American style embedded in class makes Tommy Hilfiger watches one of the most preferred among the people.

#9 Fastrack

Fastrack watches

Fastrack is a brand most young people in the country swear by when it comes to wrist watches. A sub brand of Titan, Fastrack watches can be as luxurious as they are casual.

The most casual of Fastrack watches sport funky designs and strike an immediate chord as everyday wear that also comes with highly affordable prices. Even then, they double up as nicely as elegant wear. No wonder, Fastrack occupies seventh position among the best top watch brands in India. This is even remarkable considering that the brand has been operating only for a decade now. And even in the face of stiff competition from other established and iconic brands, Fastrack has managed to make a market for itself.

#10 Tissot

top watch brands in India

Swiss watch manufacturing giant Tissot is one of the top watch brands in India, as it is in the world. As premium grade luxury Swiss watches that come in the mid price range (as far as luxury watches are concerned), Tissot watches are a definite fashion must have.

Also with the brand’s legacy as one that has been in existence for more than 160 years now, Tissot watches score on the reliability quotient as well. And with its striking design that attracts even through the simplicity, Tissot is one classic watch brand- time unbound and with an ageless appeal.

#11 Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein watches

Another watch brand that is a must feature on the top 20 list is Daniel Klein. Though not a brand that high end brand enthusiasts would swear by, Daniel Klein still offers some of the best watches in the market.

Affordability apart, Daniel Klein watches are simply stunning. With a wide array of designs to choose from at fairly decent prices, DK watches are truly a steal buy. Even when compared with other luxury brands, DK watches still retain their charisma. Striking colors, elegantly simple designs all under a highly affordable price bracket make it one of the top watch brands in India.

#12 Maxima

top watch brands in India

Among the best Indian watch brands is Maxima, which is the second largest brand in the country. Maxima watches are known for being one of the lowest in the price radar while also being highly durable. The brand produces some of the finest watches in India and is also the only Indian brand to manufacture water proof watches.

When it comes to designer formal watches, Maxima is the best Indian watch brand. And also with a range of watches for both men and women, as well as kids, Maxima is eighth among the top watch brands in India.

#13 Omega


One among the oldest watch manufacturers in the world, Swiss luxury watch manufacturing company Omega is also a preferred watch brand in India. Cutting edge technology and high precision make Omega watches a hit among people worldwide.

Omega watches are particularly famous for featuring exclusively in the thriller Hollywood movie franchisee James Bond. The brand draws much of its fame as being synonymous with the James Bond watches.

Interestingly, Omega’s resonance as a truly global brand also stems from it being the official timekeeper of the Olympics Games. Naturally, as a watch brand of repute, Omega watches tilt towards the pricier side.

Omega is also globally the leading producer of sports watches but appeals as much with their luxury watches. Omega watches feature exquisite designs and are capable of functioning even in zero gravity.

#14 Sonata


One of the most favorite brands when it comes to watches is another sub brand of industry major Titan- Sonata. As India’s largest selling watch brand that cashes mainly on the brand’s affordability, Sonata ranks high in the top 20 watch brands in India list.

Sonata’s appeal lies in its uber cool and contemporary looking watches that caters to every Indian mood and occasion. As an Indian brand, Sonata manufactures watches with themes that are in tandem with the sentiment of the country.

With their timeless grace and world class quality, Sonata’s beautiful watches have been the favorite of Indian people since long.

#15 Zenith

zenith watches

Swiss luxury watch brands are the most recurring occurrence when it comes to top watch brands in India. With a legacy spanning more than a century and a half, Zenith is one of those Swiss brands that churns out luxury watches.

Zenith as a brand however does not command an appeal native to a Rolex or an Omega. But as one of the most decorated Swiss watch brands, Zenith has its own pride to draw upon.

Zenith watches exhibit stunning upscale designs and are completely in house productions. Tested in the most grueling of situations, Zenith watches are the epitome of durability and its contemporary watches are a pretty good pick.

#16 Kenneth Cole

top watch brands in India

Kenneth Cole may be a brand that is more known for its clothing tan for the accessories. Yet one look at their watches and you will know why it is listed among the top 20 watch brands in India.

Kenneth Cole watches are classy and appealing even when they don’t do much details on the design. And as fashion watches that range in the mid range of affordability, the brand offers some pretty good picks.

A lifetime KC guarantee also covers all the watches under the brand, which is a definite plus. Whether yo want to carry of the cool and casual look or a slightly elevated one, you can do either with ease with Kenneth Cole watches.

#17 Rolex

rolex watch

Though not the most affordable of brands, Rolex is still one of the top watch brands in India. These Swiss luxury watches are coveted for being reliable and among the elite class of elegant watches.

What makes Rolex an iconic watch brand is their constant pioneering and innovation for more than a century now. Exquisite craftsmanship is exhibited in all of Rolex’s exclusive in house manufactured watches. Be it professional luxury watches or the more vintage classic ones, Rolex spells opulence in all of its stunning creations.

#18 Montblanc

Montblanc watch

Iconic German brand Montblanc that is known for its opulent luxury instruments is also a major player when it comes to the world of watch brands. Exceptional luxury watches that are beautifully hand crafted, Montblanc is now one of the top watch brands in India.

Montblanc manufactures traditional as well as modern watches that are stylish and functional. Their timepieces exude as much charm as a coveted item of luxury as their super fine pens. Montblanc produces some really elegant and quality watches despite not being a conventional watch manufacturer.

#19 Rado

Rado watch

Known for producing one of the most striking looking watches as far back in 1962, the name Rado speaks for itself. The luxury Swiss watch manufacturing giant, Rado caters mainly as a watch brand that prioritises looks over technicalities.

Like with most luxury watch brands, Rado watches are certainly pricey, if not totally unaffordable. Rado is also the name behind the first ever scratch resistant watch. As a brand with a whole lot of rave reputation, Rado is a fairly fine watch brand.

#20 Giordano

top watch brands in India

Giordano is a global watch brand based out of Hong Kong. The brand produces watches that are high on the style quotient, but are not so much durable.

Giordano still manages to make the cut when it comes to top 20 watch brands in India. Because of its affordability and appealing aesthetics that can easily pass off as high end, Giordano fashion watches are sported by the fashion enthusiastic people.